Because we love our pet kitty and want to take care of its health at all times, we must know what food suits them and what does not. There could be times when they have accidently consumed something not favorable for their health but we must ensure not giving them access to any toxic or dangerous food. Here is a list that might help!More


The level of ‘pickiness’ in your cute little kitty can be likened to a ‘human drama queen.’ They love to pick their food and quite instinctively decide what best suits their wellbeing. They have specific needs when it comes to diet and they are hard core meat eaters. 
As they are our little investigating officers at home who love to explore, we may have to assist them with not finding and picking up edibles that do not suit them.

There are chances they may consume stuff out of curiosity. Keeping the toxic and dangerous food out of their reach is our responsibility. We have to ensure they eat a balanced diet.
Here is a list of edibles that must not be fed to kitty babies to ensure optimum health -

1.  Butter and Nuts –
Butter is high in fats which is not good for cat’s health. Also, butter contains lactose. Some cats aren’t tolerant to lactose that may give rise to allergic reactions. Nuts too are calorie dense. They may prove unhealthy for cats when served as treats alongside their regular meals. Nuts may cause other hazards too. They are difficult to chew for a kitty and may choke creating issues in the gut. While nuts aren’t toxic, they can lead to weight gain and thereby lead to many obesity related health issues.

2.  Raw fish -
Cats are a common sight at any local fish market but they must never be fed raw fish for several known reasons.

First, there are chances that bacteria may thrive in the raw fish meat and second it may not contain the required essential vitamins. Cats will generally prefer their fish grilled, boiled, or baked.

3.  Raw eggs or raw meat –
Feeding eggs and meat in raw state to our cats may prove equally harmful. They may lead to bacterial infection in the intestinal track and can be extremely painful. Raw eggs also have a typical enzyme that may cause harm to skin and fur coat.

4.  Onion and garlic –
The Allium family vegetables like onions, garlic, shallots, and scallions are better for human use and health. These veggies may adversely affect your kitty’s health by damaging their red blood cells.

5.  Dark chocolates –
Chocolates contain a compound called Methylxanthines which is unhealthy for the felines. Consumption of chocolates may result into elevated body temperature, increased heart pace and abdominal discomfort too.

Dark chocolates are considered more toxic than milk and white chocolate.

6.  Bones –
Simply put, raw or cooked bones, both may be chewed on and even enjoyed. But it may present your pet cat with the threat of choking or dental trauma.

7.  Caffeine & liquor –
How much ever you would long to celebrate with your little kitty, remember that drinks like coffee or alcohol can harm their bodies. Coffee also like dark chocolates include Methylxanthines which is toxic for your feline friends.

8.  Table trash –
We love our food with all sorts of spices and feel it is okay to offer some to our pet babies who keep staring at us in curiosity while we eat. Pity! We end up feeding them a little from the left overs later or even add a little to their kibble to make it delightful. Remember, this isn’t a single bit delighting for them. Spices and sugar aren’t meant for them. In fact research says that the felines aren’t programmed to taste sweet.

9.  Other food than cat’s own –
Some homes have pet cats and dogs both. There are times we may end up feeding our kitty friend with dog food or kebble when we are short of kitty’s food. Dog food do not have enough protein and vitamin A levels which is a challenge for cats. Dogs can also naturally produce Taurine and arachidonic acid through their food but cats cannot. Insufficient taurine levels may lead to vision, dental, and even heart problems in kitties.

10.  Grapes and citrusy fruits
Grapes, cherries, persimmons, grapefruit, lemons, and other citrus fruits are some really unhealthy fruits for cats. Raisins that are made with grapes also are toxic for our feline companions.

These fruits can make our cat sick. Some may develop vomiting and kidney failure even with a small amount of consumption. Other symptoms may include lethargy, listlessness, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, decreased appetite and urination. Citrus fruits may lead to an instant stomach upset.

Keeping your furry babies safe
The first step towards safeguarding your little furry kitties is feeding them their required nutrition. Keep your spiced up food away. If your kitty is super curious in nature, ensure your home is absolutely cat-proof with locked cabinets and portable gates fixed where required inside the house. Don't allow your cat on the kitchen counter when cooking and keep the trash bin safely shut.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet cat, its characteristics, and preferences. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.


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