10 Winter Wellness Tips for Your Pet Bunnies

Bunnies are delicate and they surely need some good care during winters. Here is all you can do for your fluff buddies when it’s chilly and you want to be a great bunny parent.More

10 Winter Wellness Tips for Your Pet Bunnies

Rabbits as pets

Rabbits can make great pets if you love fluffy, cute pets. They aren’t as fussy and can be quite independent, provided you allow them an appropriate living space, scope of exercising, time for socialisation and the kind of diet that can keep them well off.

The hygiene routine of your pet rabbit will never stress you since they themselves spend quality time every day in to cleaning themselves up. This is exactly why your pet bunny will not stink much. However, if there is anything at all about the foul smell around them, it may arise from their unclean and unkempt hutch or living corner.

Do Rabbits like winters?

Rabbits are too specific of their needs and it is such even with the kind of temperature they may feel comfortable at. An atmosphere between 10-20°C is pleasant for them. Since their fur coat is heavy they can handle cold and even enjoy it but not the extreme and harsh ones.

Therefore, if you are based out of any place that experiences extreme cold winters, you may have to take care of your furry buns. 

Here are 10 key winter healthcare tips for your pet rabbit –

1.   Hutch height –

For all good reasons your bunny hutch must be at a certain height, a few feet away from the ground level so as to protect your fluff balls from any predators. Nonetheless, this will also help them save from the cold ground during winters.

2.   Relocate –

Bunnies cannot handle extreme climatic conditions too well.  If you you’re your pet can feel too cold where it’s placed, simply relocate. Allow them a warm and cosy place and not anywhere near the main doors or windows or the outside lobby.

3.   Snuggle & sleep –

10 Winter Wellness Tips for Your Pet Bunnies

If you are comfortable with having your bunny sleep in the same bed as yours, do so. Only be prepared for some sleepless nights in case they are moving around, trying to get that perfect snuggle angle beside you and you do not want to crush them. Ensure you do not change this habit since rabbits do not welcome change very easily.

4.   Feed them good –

10 Winter Wellness Tips for Your Pet Bunnies

Eating a little extra during winters comes naturally to bunnies. According to some studies, they may tend to believe food is scarce, thus eating more. This however may help them with fat insulation. So it is okay if they eat some extra but ensure they aren’t eating far beyond their capacity. Feed them some nutritious food and that should help them even grow better fur-coat during winters. There is a wide variety of food for rabbits. Check them all here.  

Ensure their water bowl hasn’t frozen or the water hasn’t become too cold for them to drink. Offer fresh water all the time.

5.   Gift them softies –

Yes, it is not new that bunnies love soft fleecy stuff and love to keep warm burrowing into these. You may buy small fleece towels that is quite sufficient for them or soft blankets designed especially for them. Winters call for some extra comfort and cosiness. Make sure you have their toilet area away from where they rest and they do not wet their blanket. They cannot withstand damp and wetness can harm their health.

You can also prefer soft Maissen Pet Dry Sheets that are washable and reusable. You may line their beddings with this sheet and avoid the bedding to get wet or dirty. You may use rabbit mat litter too if that suits.

6.   Hay for your bae

Some pet parents make extra layers on their beddings with newspapers, straws or hay. Hay is the most commonly used however, it is believed that straw is warmer since it is hollow and offers more insulation than any other option. Make sure that the straws are good quality that aren’t spiky or dusty. If hay is your convenience, check out here.

7.   Get a mate

Rabbits are said to feel too lonely all by themselves. Keeping them in pair is advisable so they have a friend who they can snuggle with and keep themselves entertained too.

8.   Work them up

10 Winter Wellness Tips for Your Pet Bunnies

Have your rabbits outside to play, binky or just indulge in some activities when it’s pleasantly warm during the day. Avoid this too early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Lawns, gardens, terrace or balconies are a great place where they can enjoy themselves. If it is too cold, leave them free inside the house to move around. To exercise is must for them.

9.   Digging

These fluff balls love to dig. You can have some shredded paper, magazines – not the heavy ones of course, straws and extra hay so they can enjoy their digging activity.

10.   Safety

Bunnies are known to keep themselves engaged doing their activities. They are independent too and their fluffy, soft fur-coat can protect them from freezing. However, the fact is that these softies do need your care. You have to keep a watch on them and still get them things that can safeguard them from chilly climate. See a vet if your rabbit seems to show any behavioural changes or become too inactive since they do not hibernate. 

Last but most important, every rabbit is distinctive and have exclusive needs and wants. Pet parents may need to keep a close watch on their pet bunnies and respond to their necessities accordingly.

If you have happy, cute rabbits home who do binky as you take best winter care of them, let us know all your secrets!

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.