20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

Your furry baby indeed eats different stuff than what you eat. However, still, there are quite a few human food items that you can safely serve to them. Take a peek at some category-wise edibles here.More

20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

Ever tried to know why do your fury babies run behind your food? Do you wonder the reason behind them flocking emotions around your meals even after finishing up their own? Well, the answer is the great aroma, taste and excitement you show around your edibles. They are meticulous about your expressions and body language.  

Why would they want to Let us look at some food items that you must not worry feeding your pet babies and some that do not go well with them at all.


Before serving cooked veggies to your little ones, know the proportion of spices such as cinnamon or condiments like salt that you must add to it. Too much salt isn’t recommended and sugar for your pets isn’t a good idea at all.

20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

1.   Pumpkin – Blessed are the dogs who are fed pumpkin, but in limitation. This cute, round vegetable is considered a super-food containing various micro-nutrients and fibre that eases the stomach and aids overall animal health in multiple ways. 

2.   Sweet Potato – This naturally sweet flavoured, safe root vegetable is a super fibre and Vitamin B6, C & A rich. Serve this cooked with other veggies or separate, your little angel is sure to love it. 

3.   Cucumber – Low calorie, crunchy snack as cucumbers are for us, they are super healthy for furry babies too. However, ensure feeding them just a couple of chunks and not more since too much of any veggies can lead to upsetting their tummies. 

4.   Carrots – The foremost thing that eating carrots does to dogs is ensuring dental hygiene and wellness. Of course carrots are known to be nutrient rich with Vitamin A & K, calcium and beta carotene. They are also fibre dense. With being flushed with nutrition, they may help your pets with healthy fur coat, skin and may even boost immunity. 

5.   French Beans – Being rich in Vitamin A, C, K, folic acid and fibre, beans are considered healthy with innumerable benefits to humans. Some parents also feed raw beans to their doggos but it is always better to serve them a combination of cooked veggies.


Fruits served as treatos must not be served beyond 10% of the total daily diet as recommended by the health experts.

20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

1.   Banana – Low in calorie, high in potassium, Vitamin B6, C, and Fibre, magnesium and manganese, banana can be a healthy treat for your dog. In fact, vets recommend treating these furry angels with banana instead of other fatty options. 

2.   Apple - An excellent source of vitamins A, C and fibre for your dog. Since they are low in protein & fat, they make a perfect snack for aging dogs. Ensure not feeding them the seeds. 

3.   Watermelon – Watermelons in control can be a great fruit treat for your doggo. However, the only issue that can be is the lot many seeds that need to be prudently removed first. Seeds can cause severe harm to your furry babies. 

4.   Peaches- The peach flesh without the skin, fuzz and pit can be an absolute delight for your baby angels. Any fruit, including peach, must be fed in portion control. 

5.   Cantaloupe – The fruit flesh, again served in moderation is a healthy treat for your little ones. The seeds too may not be as harmful as other fruit seeds. However, the seeds must not be fed to them intentionally as the delicate furry angels may choke.


Grains are generally not endorsed as safe for the furry angels but there are always exceptions. Listed below are a few that could be a part of your pet baby’s diet.

1.   Rice – Many pet household still make cooked rice mixed with either broth or tender cooked meat a primary meal for their pet babies. While not many grain-food is healthy for your doggos, rice is a chosen one that is also a part of many commercially sold food too. 

2.    Corn – It is believed to have many nutritional benefits including fibre. Your furry friends can be fed corn off the cob. Popcorn too is considered safe only if your pet baby likes it.

20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

3.   Barley – A super-food that is packed with a great deal of nutrition including antioxidants that may help keep your pooch happy and healthy. Powdered barley is mixed with dog wet food at times to make the meal healthier. 

4.    Oats – Oats are safest with Vitamin A and Linoleic acid – a type of omega-6 fatty acid in plenty, to be fed to your little sensitive furry babies. Pet parents love this ingredient in most of home-cooked meals. 

5.   Sorghum – A super-food with ample nutrition that’s gluten free, sorghum may be considered as a safe grain for your pooch. It is loaded with phosphorus, copper, magnesium and zinc in addition to being a great source of vitamins and minerals.


Protein is essential for a healthy growth and development of your pet babies. Meat may be loved and eaten by most, milk and yogurt made of milk may be fed on case to case basis.

1.   Fish – There are a number of fish that can be served to the pets at home. Many commercially sold food also incorporate fish as ingredient. Tuna, salmon, white fish offer a healthy nutrition base to pets. 

2.   Chicken – Dogs and cats both love chicken. Cooked chicken make a good part of pet meal and must always be cooked and served to them. 

3.   Egg – Eggs are generally preferred for pet meals since they are high in protein, vitamins and fatty acids. Also, they are the easiest to serve boiled. 

4.   Milk – A dairy product that may be given to your furry folks in very limited quantity. Some dogs are lactose intolerant while some love it. Depending on their choices, milk can be served to pets safely. 

20 Healthy Human Food for Pets

5.    Yoghurt – Although a few dogs may be able to digest yogurt, some are lactose intolerant and may not take it too well. Depending on how your pet responds to it you may serve it to them in small quantity. 

We hope the above information of pet-safe edibles in varied food categories helped you. If you have more ideas, do write back to us.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.

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