5 Tips and Tricks for Pet Safety on Halloween

Excited about Halloween with your pets ?? We absolutely are. Here are a few ways you can take care of your pets on D day !!More

5 Tips and Tricks for Pet Safety on Halloween

The Indian advent of Halloween

The western world and Indian Society have been serving as an inspiration to each other. Where the various art forms, rich culture, tradition and heritage of our mother country are undoubtedly sensationalising to the west, we Indians have also adopted innumerable belief and values from them.

Halloween as a celebration is just one of the marks of those many influences we have had from the faraway lands. It’s origin is known to have happened in the States and it is celebrated 3 days before All Souls Day i.e. the 31st of October every year.  In India more and more people, especially youngsters are taking up to honouring this spooky yet comical fete. However, with the scary makeup, deadly costumes and horrifying body language one must realize that it gets exceptionally furr’raising for our furry folks.

10 reasons you need to be attentive towards your furry baby on Halloween –

1.   Stirred up anxiety – It’s a fact that dogs have sensitive hearing. They have the capacity to hear multiple times more intensely than us humans. Eerie noises and sounds coming from humans who enact ghosts may be quite unpleasant to their ears.

Keep them away from loud noises to keep them away from anxiety and fear. 

2.   Stress in disguise – This refers to the irrelevant and distinguished clothing that your furry baby may not be able to relate with. They may even fail to recognise you inside those bewildering costumes, especially if you have makeup or masks on. Disguising as a ghost is anyway not so cool an idea. If they aren’t able to recognise their parents amongst a pool of strangely & spookily dressed people, they may stress and feel threatened.

Allow them to sniff your costumes so they know it’s you before you have worn your mask or done your makeup. 

3.   Fluky escape – It is exceptionally easy for our little pet babies to flee away without you noticing it. The number of run-away doggos during festivities is on a rise as shared by some shelters. We give them many reasons to feel threatened and the easiest they can do is escape. Many pets are never found back.

Make sure your little one has a name tag with your contact details. You may also put them on leash with a comfy collar, harness or comfort them at a nice corner where they can have access to you

4.   Unhealthy edibles – Remember that the Halloween candies, snacks, appetizers and refreshments you may love to indulge in may be toxic for your furry pal! They may undergo an upset stomach, bloat or even puke.

You may offer them their healthy treats that last long and you wouldn’t have to worry about them picking up any fallen piece of edibles on the floor.

5.   Panic attacks and behavioural disorders – Small unusual events may strain them. Ensure they are not exposed too sudden to many new things of the new culture for too long. Scary noises, ghostly behaviour, elaborate dressing – all of these could be atypical. Mostly in the case of new pups who can develop trust issues. Also, if they are panicking for too long, it may lead to behavioural issues.

You may want to engage them with other pets. Call for their very own party with the pets of your friends or neighbourhood furry babies. You may also request your neighbour to look after your baby until you get done with your spooky party.


6.   Compulsive biting – The first reaction to scare or threat is that they may indulge into biting and chewing on wrong stuff. It could be your shoe, furniture, wires or just about anything that’s not right for them.

Keep them occupied with the right chew or dental toys that alongside impart health. If they already have the right chewing stuff, you can be worry-free.

 7.   Worrisome decorations – Halloween is all about decorations – the spookier the better. One can’t get away without having Halloweenish décor. If it’s a pumpkin it is good fun for your fur buddies however, the thermocol balls, candles, lights and their active wires cause major threat for them. They may, out of scarcity of your attention, end up chewing on these unwantedly. Also, curiosity can lead them into wanting to explore these fancy stuff.


Have safe decoration. Keep them out of reach of your baby pet, may be at a greater height and ensure there aren’t any loose wires around that are accessible to them on floor. 

8.   Pumpkin – Great for your pooch and there is no doubt you might want to later feed the excess of this cute veggie pulp, after having the outer pumpkin layer as Halloween décor, to your little one. But also do not overlook the fact that too much of pumpkin and their seeds can lead to an upset stomach in them.

While emptying the pumpkin, make sure you haven’t dropped any seeds around that your pet may gulp down. Don’t drop the scraped out pumpkin meat too.

9.   Halloween photo-shoot props – Stay careful with the props that you put on them. The glairs, hats, the makeup that could be toxic to their skin.

Play safe and stick around during the shoot. Remove the props immediately after the photos are taken.

10.   Excited people – Any physical closeness from the people, excited kids, and unknown folks in costumes who you may also fail to recognise can become a cause of stress for your little furry baby. Refrain from having strangers around who would want to cuddle and pounce on your pets.


Keep the innocent paw buds out of this festivity zeal and zest, especially when you want to take them out on lively streets or a friend’s party, stay vigilant. Have them leashed outside all the time.

If you would like to share more ideas to make this Halloween a fun yet careful experience around pets, do share with us.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.


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