Different people have different perceptions about having a pet at home. It is a great responsibility and needs a whole lot of commitment to look after a pet. Here are 8 common beliefs people have towards owning one.More


 International Family Day Special

A pet brings unwavering love in the family. No matter where one is, at the end of the day, pets make everyone in the family feel strongly attached to home. Love, loyalty & affection - these small pet babies are always willing to give us everything they have without expecting anything in return. Their primary goal could be to bring us happiness but in reality, our kids and we have so many values to learn from them. Pets bring in great transformations for kids.

Most families who have owned pets before have a positive outlook about having them around their growing up children. Similarly the ones who have had no expertise may say a ‘no’ to having them.

Here is a list of different beliefs families have with raising a child alongside a pet –

Companionship –

1.  Most Pet-positive families believe that pets are a great companion. It’s undoubtedly true that one who has a pet at home could never feel lonely ever. They prove to be a wonderful addition to our lives. Whether a small hamster, parrot, cat or a dog.

2.  They will not only fit in but also improve our kid’s social life. Children end up interacting with others, sometimes telling them funny stories and experiences with pets. This makes them more open and expressive. Children may go out more often running and walking with pets, make acquaintances with random people of different age groups who love animals.

3.  The kind of loving companion that they are, kids will want to rush back home every day to spend time with the little friend. It is wonderful how pets also gaze emotions and stick by your side, especially when you feel low.

Responsibility –

1.  Some families are of the opinion that pets have the ability to imbibe the true sense of responsibility in their children. Kids who stayed with pets since a baby feel a sense of achievement as pets depend on them for food and water.

This is how children learn to take responsibility and become capable of expressing compassion towards others too.

2.  It is studied that kids who foster pets express confidence too in most areas of their lives. They may take lead at school and take initiatives otherwise as well. There are other values too that the youngsters can learn – trust, patience, discipline while they are dealing with pets in daily life.

Happy State of mind-

1.  Researchers and family experiences tell us that there is an instant rise in the feel-good hormone called oxytocin when we pet our dogs or cats. This happy hormone is the same hormone that binds mothers to their little babies. Interacting with dogs in any form may lower our stress hormone.

2.  We are able to relieve anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and sadness. This may further help us boost our overall happiness and health.


1.  Aren’t we proud of our military dogs who protect our nation? We have always associated these furry friends with security and protection. Whether military, security or sniffing dogs at the airport, these furry folks simply make this world a safer place.

2.  Since dogs have a strong pack drive, they naturally feel protective about the small babies around. They even form a special bond with small kids. We can be rest assured about our baby’s safety around pets. Of course, in some cases the dogs and the babies both need to be trained to deal with each other and, one it is successfully done there is no looking back.

3.  Because we rely on them for safety, unconditional love, companionship; we automatically build a bond worth a lifetime with them. Some studies also reveal that these small buddies can foresee problems that may arise in their master’s life.


1.  Some families may feel burdened even at the thought of bringing a pet home. Even if they love animals, they may not be up for having a pet at home. It takes one to be absolutely ready and willing to nurture a life along with involving in one’s own daily chores. They are entirely dependent on us for everything.

2.  Whether a small fish tank or dog pet, we need to be dedicated, and give them a lot of time. Not everyone can handle the responsibilities that pets bring to us. Seeing a vet, grooming, walks – every duty is about making that extra effort.

Allergies & infections

1.  There are families who discover much later that they are allergic to their new furry family member after they have bought or adopted them. This is the reason many pets are abandoned on roads. In some cases, the family is helpless and both, the pet and family members feel devastated by having to give the furry friend away.

2.  Also, in other cases if pets develop allergies and the family doesn’t know to deal with it, they let the furry kid go astray.

3.  Until the family owns a pet they are unaware that the saliva, dander, and even urine of their new pet may potentially cause them allergies. This may even result in them parting gradually from visitors and guests at home.


1.  It all starts at that initial price we pay to get a wonderful life home. But this beginning is all it takes to create more expenses as days and month pass by.

2.  Doesn’t matter which or what size your pet is, there are unavoidable costs attached. Medical expenses, training, grooming, food and other supplies, toys, cages or tanks, are a few basic ones. Additionally, we as parents end up buying fancy and cute gifts for them most of the times.

3.  Since there has been a rise in the number of families owning pets, there has also been a significant rise in the fees charged by quality pet related services. Hostels and pet boarding, walkers, grooming centres, hospitals and specialists come too expensive.

Irresponsibility of kids

1.  Some kids may not associate with pets while some readily may. Most families who have never owned pets before may have no clue how to deal with them. In such cases, teaching kids the dos and don’ts for the wellbeing of pets is a far –fetched story.

2.  Kids who are irresponsible towards their pets may cause pets harm or even physical and mental damage by not treating them well.

3.  Some kids instinctively treat animals like toys only to knead and play with them without understanding that the lovely fury beings are meant to be great companions.

Tell us what you feel about having pets in a household with fast growing kids.


Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.