Are guide dogs allowed in supermarkets?

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Working guide dogs are assistance animals and, by law, are allowed access to any public dining area in cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

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No Dogs Allowed.

The Food and Drug Administration's Food Guide lays down the law: with few exceptions, live animals of any kind are not permitted on the premises of a grocery store, a restaurant or other food establishment.

The prohibition applies to dogs, cats, birds and other animals.


Nevertheless, pets are more widely tolerated than in many other countries.

French hotels usually quote a rate for pets e.g.€8 per night), and most restaurants allow dogs and many provide food and water (some even allow owners to seat their pets at the table!).

There are even exclusive dog restaurants.

“As per Australian law, customers who have a guide dog or registered companion pets are welcome in our stores… The supermarket's clarification came after people responded to the Facebook post initially criticising Woolworths for allowing dogs in the store.
Except as provided in paragraph II, no person shall bring any animal into any restaurant or any store that sells food; and no person shall allow any animal to enter in any store that sells food, except for service animals as provided in RSA 167-D… Such dogs shall not be allowed in food preparation or production areas.

Dogs in Restaurants.

You can bring a non-service dog into a restaurant only if you are sitting in an outdoor seating area.

Restaurants may allow dogs in outdoor areas, but they are not required to do so.

You may not feed a dog using pet dishes you brought from home.

The Food Act 2014 set out new rules on permitting pets in stores. Where previously animals were not permitted in food premises, food and beverage manager at New Zealand Food Safety, Sally Johnston, said the new act has no rules against pets where there is no affect on the safety of food.

Note: due to regulations, supermarkets aren't dog-friendly and most establishments which serve food don't allow dogs indoors.

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