Are merle pitbulls rare?

Karli Jacobson asked a question: Are merle pitbulls rare?
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Meet aftermath: the 130lb superstar merle bully

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Anyone selling "merle pit bulls" as papered, purebred animals must be considered suspect.

They are a classic example of fad breeders attempting to dupe the public into thinking they are getting something "rare".

It's rare for a reason - its not a pit bull! The above is a "blue merle" catahoula dog.


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🐶 Are merle dogs rare?

The chances of having puppies that develop health issues increase when two merles are bred together.

It is recommended that a merle dog only be bred to a non-merle/non-cryptic merle dog.

Cryptic merle dogs do not appear to be merle, but contain the merle gene.

🐶 Are merle english bulldogs rare?

Merle English Bulldogs are pretty rare.

While there are many dog breeds that are known to carry the gene, each one doesn't have many merle specimens. One reason for this is because merle is a recessive gene, meaning the odds are stacked against its spreading.

🐶 Are black pitbulls rare?

Not to be mistaken for the blue pitbulls, which boast a unique shade of black, true black pitbulls are among the most common of the breed.

There are myths about black pit bulls being more aggressive or protective, but there is no truth to that.

The fact is that pits are pits, regardless of the color.

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What is a merle pitbull?

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Are blue eyed pitbulls rare?

Therefore, blue eyes are considered undesirable in pit bull type breeds because they usually indicate mixed-breeding, genetics associated with health problems, or both.

Why are grey pitbulls with blue eyes rare?

How much do merle pitbulls go for?

For those who are eyeing to get a merle Pitbull, make sure that you choose a reputable and honest breeder. On average, top of the line merle Pitbulls can cost from $15,000 to $30,000. They cost double and even triple the usual price of non-merle Pitbulls. Usually, kennels sell their puppies by picks.

Is a red merle border collie rare?

They're are not rare as such. Merle Border Collies can carry what's know as the Double Merle gene (where two dogs with the Merle gene bread). But don't let that put you off getting a Merle Border Collie, we have a deaf Red Merle Border Collie (for about 8 years), and he is a lovely dog

Why are merle american bully coats so rare?
  • The reason for this rare coat, at this time, is unknown. This type of merle American Bully is known as a cryptic merle. This means that it is confusing, mysterious or hard to understand why they have the merle gene but don’t show it.
Are merle bulldogs purebred?

Merle French Bulldogs Aren't Purebred

This is because to create a merle French bulldog, sometimes different dog breeds are needed. To be considered a purebred, the dog must have parents of the same breed.

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Merle pitbull puppy Are merle bulldogs unhealthy?

Merle French Bulldogs Have Health Issues

One of the most common problems is genetic deformities. Because this dog has a unique genetic condition, it could result in stunted limbs, blindness, or deafness. Are merle dog bad?

Aside from these auditory and visual problems, double-merles are otherwise healthy… Never breed two merles. But here's where breeding can be tricky. Many breeds with merle also have other genes (at the s locus) that cause white on dogs, and this white isn't associated with problems caused by being a double-merle.

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Rare exotic pitbull leopard merle....must see!!!! Are merle dogs bad?

ARE MERLE DOGS UNHEALTHY? It is a common misconception that a dog with a merle coat must have hearing and seeing issues. The only time the merle gene causes a concern for health is when a dog is homozygous for merle, meaning "double merle." The only way to get a homozygeous merle dog is to breed two merles together.

Are merle dogs healthy?

Yes – merle dogs can be just as healthy as dogs that have a solid color. They have the same life expectancy, they are just as strong and athletic and smart as their counterparts without the merle gene.

Are merle dogs unhealthy?

Phaeomelanin (red) is not affected at all and will appear as normal.

The merle gene is known to cause a number of health problems, mostly deafness and blindness, and also sun sensitivity and skin cancer.

These problems are unusual in heterozygous merles (Mm) but unfortunately common in double merles (MM).

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Top 10 amazing merle dog breeds Are merle poodles hypoallergenic?

Does Being Merle Affect The Hypoallergenic Trait? Good news for all you guys suffering from allergies: merle poodles are hypoallergenic! Still, some dog experts might claim that the merle poodle isn't hypoallergenic because of its coat color; it's because the poodles, in general, don't usually trigger allergies.

Are merle poodles purebred?

These multicolored poodles are just as purebred as the solid color and many of these multi colors have been around since the inception of the poodle.

After investigations done by AKC it was found that these "Merle" poodles were produced by mixing breeds and that the Merle gene does NOT exist in poodles today.

Can poodles be merle?

The Merle gene can NOT be carried, it is a semi dominate gene Not a recessive.

It is not a natural pattern in poodles.

That means that the Merle gene had to be introduced into the poodle via another breed of dog.

Whereas these dogs are very striking in color, they are not poodles.

Do merle poodles shed?

Springerdoodle Breed Maintenance

The Poodle is hypoallergenic and doesn't shed much at all while the English Springer Spaniel has a double coat which can be wavy and have feathering.

What is merle poodle?

Merle is a pattern in a dog's coat.

Merle comes in different colors and patterns.

The Merle gene creates mottled patches of color in a solid or piebald coat, blue or odd-colored eyes, and can affect skin pigment as well.

Can pitbulls live with other pitbulls?

Yes they can unless they are bred to fight from.

Is breeding a double merle dog to a non-merle dog safe assuming the double merle has no defects?

My concern would be that it is very difficult if not virtually impossible to know if the "non-merle" dog has absolutely no merling background in its genes. For that reason, I personally would not breed a double merle dog.

Are english shepherd blue merle?

It is red or blue merle colored (like many Australian shepherds and some collies) It has a short coat (like a German shepherd or shorter) — note that puppies will sometimes seem to have a short coat. It has long hair growing on the face (like an Old English sheepdog)

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Rare #blue #merle #pitbull #americanbully #puppy… Are merle french bulldogs healthy?

Merle dogs can confront health problems that range from a bunch of structural defects and eye anomalies, deafness, blindness along with increased fetal mortality rates. Until it's officially recognized, deliberate introduction of merle, a gene that may blind, kill or impair is dangerous to the breed.

Are merle french bulldogs purebred?

It's impossible for a Merle French Bulldogs to be purebred. Inventive breeders are crossing into other strains that do carry Merle, typically Chihuahuas, to create Merle French Bulldogs… Until it's officially recognized, deliberate introduction of merle, a gene that may blind, kill or impair is dangerous to the breed.

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The $75,000 micro pit bull