Are there minature border collie?

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The miniature Border Collie is not an official breed. They are merely a smaller version of a standard Border Collie. Miniaturization can be achieved in several ways. The problem is, whichever way is used to make a dog smaller, there are negative effects too.
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Borders are very people-oriented and are wonderful family dogs.

Some Borders are not good with other dogs or cats, and some are great.

Border Collies are the best working breed in the world for sheepherding.

They also excel at performance activities such as agility, obedience, flyball, and freestyle, among others.


Most Border Terriers are good with children, but, as with all dogs, children must be taught to respect their pet, particularly when it is sleeping or eating.

Border Terriers are generally good with other breeds of dog, but need to be brought up with cats and other pets.

When it comes to cruise ships that allow pets, there's only one: Cunard's Queen Mary 2. On certain transatlantic sailings -- those between New York and Southampton, either direction -- you can bring your dog or cat, but that doesn't mean your fuzzy family members will be able to snuggle with you in your cabin.
The Border Collie, a medium-sized dog at 30 to 45 pounds, possesses a seemingly supernatural amount of energy and stamina — a hardiness that was developed when he was required to work all day in the hills and valleys of the rugged Scottish border country, sometimes running 50 miles or more a day.
Border Collie dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, as long as he is properly trained and raised by taking care of his/her essential requirements. As a family friendly breed, they get along with children, people and other dogs and are known to have a strong bond with their owners.

Your dog must be healthy and have a valid rabies vaccine certificate to enter the United States.

Rabies vaccination certificates must be up-to-date.

Just get your dog a booster shot before arriving at the border.

the first time, you must wait 30 days before bringing it into the United States.


Although as much as they possibly can should be the right answer, but at least 20-30 minutes of running everyday is ideal.

However, undoubtedly your Border Collie would definitely prefer a lot more.

There are several easy ways to make your dog exercises that it needs to stay fit and healthy.

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