Are you allowed to pet guide dogs?

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You can't pet Service Dogs because it's distracting, and if a working dog is distracted because of something You do and their handler gets sick or injured, it's your fault.

There are many different types of Service Dogs: Guide Dogs are their partner's eyes.

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Guide Dogs are also allowed into public places including restaurants, shopping centres, hotels, cinemas etc.

Is there anywhere Guide Dogs aren't allowed to go? They are also not allowed access into the zoo as this would cause disruption to the animals, and it is also not a good environment for a Guide Dog to work in.


If there is no food being prepared, handled or stored on the premises, then there is no restriction which prevents a dog entering the pub or shop.

If dogs are not allowed in that particular pub or shop then it is the owners own policy and not due to "health and safety" regulations.


Guide dogs are not allowed to enter areas that are off limits to the general public, e.g.

kitchens, food preparation areas and food storage areas.

Food business owners may allow other dogs i.e.not assistance animals) into outdoor dining areas of a café or restaurant under certain circumstances.


Working guide dogs are assistance animals and, by law, are allowed access to any public dining area in cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

The law even has a section directed specifically at taxi and private hire vehicles, stating that a driver must carry a disabled person and their dog also without any extra charge for the animal… Anyone with a private hire vehicle that refuses to accommodate a guide dog can also potentially have their license revoked.
In a nutshell, airlines shall permit dogs and other service animals used by people with disabilities to accompany them on a flight. Note that service animals do not need to perform a function for the passenger during the flight in order to fly in the cabin…

THOUSANDS of restaurants and pubs across Britain are breaking the law by refusing to accept guide dogs.

One in eight eateries contacted in a survey would not allow a guide dog on their premises, even though such a ban has been illegal since 1999 under the Disability Discrimination Act.

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