How much is a Borador puppy?

Costs involved in owning a Borador. The Borador is a fairly common mixed breed and can be found at prices ranging from $200 to $500.

How big do Boradors get?

Size: The Borador is about 17 inches tall at the shoulders with an overall body length of around 29 inches from the tip-of-nose to the tail. They will weigh between 34 to 88 pounds when fully grown. Companionship: The Borador makes an excellent companion dog.

Are Boradors aggressive?

Personality: The Borador is an intelligent, sweet, happy, friendly and loyal dog that can be extremely excitable and extroverted but does not typically show aggression. Please be advised that some Boradors depending on their history may not get along with smaller dogs or pets.

How big will a Borador get?

Size: The Borador is about 17 inches tall at the shoulders with an overall body length of around 29 inches from the tip-of-nose to the tail. They will weigh between 34 to 88 pounds when fully grown. Companionship: The Borador makes an excellent companion dog.

How much does a Borador cost?

How Much Do Border Collie Lab Mix Cost? On average, a Borador puppy costs between $200-$500.

How much should I feed my Borador?

As a medium-sized dog, you can expect the Borador to weigh anywhere between 35-45 pounds once fully grown.

Is a border collie lab mix a good family dog?

The Border Collie Lab mix is a wonderful cross-breed that combines two of the most popular dogs in the world. If you're looking for an adventure-loving, intelligent, and fantastic family dog, then look no further than the Borador.

Is Boxador a breed?

A Boxador is cross breed between a Labrador Retriever and a Boxer (both purebred dog breeds) and sibling to the Borador. The resulting designer mix is a dog known for its intelligence and devotion. Since this dog is a hybrid, it is not recognised by: The American Kennel Club.

Do Lab collie mixes shed?

Do Lab Collie Mixes Shed? Since their fur is not as long as the Border Collie, the Borador doesn't shed as much. However, there still will be some shedding, so plan for that. They are not a hypoallergenic breed.

What is the best border collie mix?

Border Jack (Border Collie + Jack Russell Terrier) Border Collie Pit (Border Collie + Pit Bull Terrier) Bordoodle (Border Collie + Poodle) Golden Border Retriever (Golden Retriever + Border Collie) Borador (Border Collie + Labrador Retriever) Border Point (Border Collie + Pointer)

Are Boxadors good family dogs?

They are extremely friendly and sociable, making them great family pets and happy to mingle as part of a pack. Boxers are athletic dogs that love games and fun. They are graceful and boisterous, with plenty of energy. Though recently, some concerns have been raised over conformational problems in the Boxer breed.

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How much do Boxadors cost?

Boxador Price. Unlike some designer dog breeds, the Boxador price does not seem to have gone to extremes. This is possibly because, due to their size, they have fewer potential appropriate homes to go to. In the US, you can expect to pay somewhere between $300 – $700 for a Boxer Lab mix puppy.

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How big will my Boxador get?

Appearance. Size, Height & Weight: The Boxador usually gets its large size from its Labrador parent, weighing somewhere between a very heavy 50-110 pounds (with males tending to be on the higher end of the scale and females tending to be on the lower end) and standing somewhere between 23-25 inches tall.

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