French Brittany Spaniel

Are Brittany spaniels tails docked?

The Brittany is a breed of gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting. Brittany dog. Adult Brittany with a docked tailOther namesBrittany Spaniel Brittany Wiegref Epagneul Breton French BrittanyOriginBrittany, France3 autres lignes

What dogs are bird dogs?

These dogs are great companions but need exercise to satisfy their high activity level and sporting dog roots. Brittany. The Brittany is named for the French province in which he originated. Boykin Spaniel. Golden Retriever. Vizsla. English Springer Spaniel.

Are Brittany spaniels loyal?

Bred from French Spaniels and possibly English Pointers, Brittanys were prized for their versatility in the field, being able to do the work of up to four types of hunting dogs in one. The Brittany is a tireless and agile hunter, and a sweet and loyal family companion, ready to play, protect, or just run all day long.

What is the best versatile hunting dog?

Gun Dog Hall of Fame: The 20 Best Hunting Breeds to Hit the Field German Shorthaired Pointer. I'm not sure you could start this list off with any other dog. English Setter. Style, elegance and legacy are the words people associate with the English setter. Brittany Spaniel. German Wirehaired Pointer. Vizsla. English Pointer. Weimaraner. French Spaniel.