Mini Fox Pinscher

What dogs are the cheapest to own?

10 cheapest dog breeds to own RAT TERRIER. The short hair on this cutie means very little grooming is needed, other than an occasional washing and brushing. TOY FOX TERRIER. CHIHUAHUA. DACHSHUND. MINI PINSCHER. BASSET HOUND.

What dogs get along with dachshunds?

Breeds of Dogs That Can Live With Mini Dachshunds Toy Group. Breeds in the toy group that make good companions for a miniature dachshund include the chihuahua, Italian greyhound, Manchester terrier, miniature pinscher, pug and toy fox terrier. Hounds. If you like dachshunds, you may be partial to hounds. Sporting Group. Terriers. Herding. Other Considerations.