Mudhol Hound

Which is the best Indian breed dog?

Here is a list of 9 breeds that belong to India: Indian Pariah Dog. Mudhol/Caravan Hound. Rampur Hound. Indian Mastiff. Rajapalayam. Kombai. Gaddi. Kanni. Kanni is a rare indigenous breed of sighthound also bred in Tamil Nadu.

Is Rajapalayam dog dangerous?

Most Dangerous strong and deadly Indian dogs , Bully Kutta, Indian Mastiff and many other moolosar dogs like Alangu , Sindh and Gaddi mastiff and hounds like Rampur hound and, Rajapalayam, caravan Mudhole hound, Bhotia dog etc.

Which is the most dangerous dog in India?

11 Most Dangerous Indian Dogs 4: Indian Gaddi Kutta or Pahari Leopard Hound. 5: Kombai or Combai Dog. 6: Rajapalayam. 7: Bakharwal dog (Kashmir Sheepdog or Bakharwal Mastiffs) 8: Rampur Hound. Source. 9: Kanni. Kanni Dog | Source. 10: Dhole (Indian Wild Dog Or Indian Red Dog) Source. 11: Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound. Source.