Weiler Dane

How much does an 8 week old Great Dane puppy weigh?

Great Dane Growth Chart Depicting the Developmental Stages of This Dog AgeWeight (Pounds)Height (Inches)4 Weeks5 - 8NA6 Weeks10 - 20NA2 Months18 - 2613 - 183 Months30 - 4517 - 2312 weitere Zeilen • 21.02.2018

How much should a 50 lb dog eat per day?

How much should I feed my dog? Typical BreedWeight as an Adult DogDry FoodMiniature Poodle, Scottish Terrier10-25 pounds3/4 to 1 cupCocker Spaniel, Beagle, Springer Spaniel25-50 pounds1-2 cupsCollie, Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever50-75 pounds2-2 ½ cupsGreat Dane, Malamute, St. Bernard, MastiffOver 75 pounds2-4 cups1 weitere Zeile