Wire Toy Fox Terrier

What dog was best in show today?

Westminster Dog Show 2019: See the best in show, group winners Best in show: King, wire fox terrier. The 143rd #WKCDogShow Best in Show is King the Wire Fox Terrier! Sporting group: Bean, Sussex spaniel. Herding group: Baby Lars, bouvier des Flandres. Nonsporting group: Colton, schipperke. Toy group: Bono, Havanese. Hound group: Burns, dachshund.

How old are dog breeds?

Lifespans for certain small dog breeds: Chihuahua (15-17 years) Chinese Crested (15-17 years) Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier (13-15 years) English Toy Spaniel (13-15 years) Pomeranian (14-16 years) Rat Terrier (13-15 years) Russell Terrier (12-14 years) Lakeland Terrier (12-14 years)