Can a italian greyhound live in turkey?

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Italian Greyhounds love spending time outside when the weather is pleasant. With their low body fat and thin coats, they require a dog jacket when it's cold or rainy. Iggys benefit from a well-secured yard in which to race around, but shouldn't be left alone outside.
The Italian Greyhound is amiable with other dogs and cats, but some have a high prey drive and will run squeaky creatures into the ground. IGs (pronounced eye-jees) or Iggies are mildly stubborn and very sensitive.
Even Italian Greyhound adults often feel overwhelmed by the loud voices and quick movements that children can't help making – and stress and shyness may be the result.
Italian Greyhounds, especially, love to be near their humans and love to find a lap to doze off in… Once they have expended some energy in short bursts, Italian Greyhounds and Whippets both can be rather lazy. Lazy enough that both breeds are included in our list of the laziest dog breeds!
What colors do Italian Greyhounds come in? Standard colors are black, seal, sable, cream, blue, red, fawn, red fawn, and blue fawn. Except for cream, these colors may be paired with white. However, all colors are considered acceptable and only two markings are disqualifications in the show ring.
Italian Greyhounds are teensy versions of their larger Greyhound cousins.

Best Ways To Exercise Your Italian Greyhound?

  1. Walking, Running And Jogging. Ok, it's the obvious one, but the most basic way to exercise your Italian Greyhound is to slip on their harness and take them for a good old dog walk…
  2. Fetch…
  3. Tug Of War…
  4. Find The Treat…
  5. Agility Training…
  6. How Tailster's Dog Walking Service Can Help.
Greyhounds should eat between 250-300 grams of meat per day, depending upon the size of the dog… Remove all bones from cooked meat. Fruit – some fruit is great for dogs and they love it as a treat. Apples, oranges, bananas and watermelon make very special healthy treats.
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