Can bulldogs be left alone?

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Bulldogs are inside dogs.

Additionally, Bulldogs are a popular breed, and leaving them outside may tempt thieves to make off with them.

However, they should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Despite their propensity for relaxing, they do need to be exercised and stimulated at regular intervals.

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How long can a puppy be left on their own? It depends on their age and whether they are toilet trained but a guideline is no longer than four hours at a time.

Younger puppies (from 8 weeks old) should only be left for 2 hours on their own initially and then gradually build up the duration.


Puppies between 10-12 weeks.

Your dog is getting bigger, but at this age may still be having accidents and cannot be left alone for hours.

Socialization is still something you need to address, and you will need to make sure your puppy is let out to use the washroom or has some place to go inside.


Help your dog stop crying when left alone

  1. Set a reliable daily ROUTINE.
  2. Give regular DAILY exercise.
  3. Leave the TV or radio on when you leave.
  4. Give him a "food puzzle" toy.
  5. Desensitize him to your leaving.
  6. Don't make a big deal about leaving.
  7. Don't make a big deal when you come home.
  8. Crate train.
Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, but like any dog, they can become aggressive when provoked… If a Bulldog has been improperly socialized, it is much more likely that he will bite as an adult. Although Bulldogs are completely gentle and calm with their owners, they tend to be wary of strangers and strange dogs.

Many pup parents feel guilty about a few hours spent away from their furbaby, let alone leaving them overnight.

If you take proper precautions ahead of time, though, leaving your pup through the night may be possible.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to leave your dog alone overnight.


3-6 months: At this point, consider the one hour per month rule.

Three-month-old puppies can wait for three hours, four-month-old puppies for four hours, and so on.

After 6 months: An older puppy, like most adult dogs, has the ability to hold it for up to six hours.

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