Can you replace lost dog tags?

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The military only issues dog tags to current servicemembers.

They do not issue them to veterans.

The National Archives also doesn't issue replacement dog tags if you make a military records request.

They will only send copies of your military records.

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Today, dog tags issued by the US military include the service member's Name, Branch of Service (all except Army), Serial Number (often Social Security Number, or DoD ID Number), Blood Type, and Religious Preference (if any).

This information is the most essential information needed on the battlefield.


Since dog tags are used for identification purposes, active duty soldiers are required to wear them at all times while in the field, on an airplane or overseas.

Dogs tags must be worn around the neck at those times.

However, it is generally considered in poor taste to keep dog tags visible in civilian clothes.


Today's identification tags identify vital information about the wearer: name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference.

During World War II there were only three religious categories that could be put on dog tags: P for Protestant, C for Catholic and H for Hebrew (Jewish).


Its function was to transfer the wounded soldier's identification information directly from his dog tags to his medical records (see above graphic).

The notch in the dog tag would align and hold the tag securely in the "Addressograph".

First the dog tag was inserted into the imprinting machine.


Because dog tags are issued to military members for identification purposes only, there is no provision for getting replacement dog tags from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.


Do they still issue dog tags in the U.S.

Navy? If yes, why Do sailors appear not to wear them? Yes they Do.

In theory they are to be worn 24x7.* In practice, they are worn pretty much all through boot camp and schools, then kept in a safe place for the rest of your career.


Then in 1906 a circular aluminum disc was presented and by 1913 identification tags were made mandatory.

During WWII the circular, engraved disk (shown above) was replaced by the rectangular shaped dog tag with a Notch.

The nickname "dog tags" was adopted during WWII.

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