Do bernese mountain dogs need much exercise?

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Bernese Mountain Dogs need at least an hour of exercise every day. You can split this into a number of walks with some off-lead time in secure areas. On top of this, your Bernese Mountain Dog will also need plenty of playtime, training and free time in a large, secure garden.
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In addition to yard play, they need a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day; three times that amount keeps this sturdy dog in top condition.

With their thick, handsome coat, the Berner is a natural fit for cold climates.

They love to play in the snow.

How Much Exercise a Bernese Mountain Puppy Needs. To keep your Bernese mountain dog in good shape, it requires at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. But since the breed has a tendency for weight gain, experts recommend 60-90 minutes of exercise to keep your pet in top condition.

Although Bernese Mountain Dogs do not need to be trimmed or clipped often, their shiny coats require frequent bathing and lots of brushing to retain their natural sheen.

To help manage the amount of hair he loses during this time, brush your Bernese Mountain Dog throughout the year.


The Bernese Mountain Dog price varies, depending on the location and breed.

On average, you can expect to pay between $800-$2,000.

According to NextDayPets, the median price for all Bernese Mountain Dogs sold is $1,147.50.


Männlich: 38–50 kg Weiblich: 36–48 kg

Young Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs need enough exercise to keep them lean and healthy, but not so much that their soft growing bones, joints, and ligaments become over-stressed and damaged. Adult Swissies need more exercise to keep them in shape, but not in hot or humid weather for fear of overheating.

Bernese Mountain Dog Activity Requirements.

Despite their appearance as big, cuddly bears, Bernese Mountain Dogs actually do require a lot of activity to be happy.

They love to nap and relax with their family as well, but would rather be outside playing, making them not the best dogs for living in apartments.

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