Do squirrels mess with dogs?

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Dogs and squirrels mostly play together.

They tease and chase after each other because it's fun.

It depends on the species of dog, of course.

Some Dogs will slow down if they get too close to the squirrel (so the game can continue), while other Dogs will kill the squirrel in their enthusiasm.


Bed-scratching is a natural instinct.

Your dog's wild ancestors scratched at piles of leaves, dirt and pine needles to create a comfortable mound of bedding.

Dogs have glands in their paws that leave a distinctive scent on bedding or other objects whenever they scratch.


Woodchucks, chipmunks, prairie dogs, and marmots are all ground squirrels! Tree squirrels and ground squirrels are active in the day.

Some species in this family, like prairie dogs, live in colonies, other species are solitary.


A dog's keen sense of smell is the key issue.

Dogs have a sense of smell that is between 1000 to 10,000 times more powerful than ours.

Some Dogs, like Beagles, are incredibly scent driven.

dogs also have a large olfactory center in their brain where they can store all the information about smells they know.


5. Squirrels: Though innocent looking, the damage that a squirrel can inflict may require a trip to the vet.

Most squirrel attacks arise when a dog or a cat attempts to catch it, and while your pet will likely win the battle, the squirrel does have sharp teeth and claws that can damage soft tissue.


As such, it is entirely normal for a dog to chase and kill smaller animals.

That doesn't mean your dog is aggressive and will proceed to murdering you or your children in your sleep.

You are family. The squirrel is prey.


Many dogs do indeed chase squirrels on sight.

But such dogs likely won't pursue a little squirrel anymore than any other small animal.

dogs are indeed carnivores which share a good chunk of their DNA with wolves.

Chasing little animals for them is practically instinct.


The moral of the story here is that squirrels rarely attack humans, but they will if defenseless or attacked themselves.

Dogs and cats, for example, will get too close to a squirrel from time to time and can be met by a nasty bite.

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