Do yorkies ever calm down?

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There are several things you can do to help your dog calm down.

Yorkies don't need as much exercise as many other dog breeds, but well-exercised dogs are less hyper and more trainable, so exercise should be the starting point for any training program.

Reward your dog for calm behavior.


Beagles like to be active.

They love to trot, run, play and jump.

There are 2 pieces of good news: 1) Most Beagles will indeed calm down as they mature and 2) There are steps you can take to help a hyper Beagle mellow out a bit, no matter his age.


Stages of activity levels to expect with Boxers: 8 weeks to 4 months old: This is the "new" puppy stage.

Boxer puppies can be very hyper but owners often do not need to help them calm down because they'll plop down when they tire out, which is quite often.


Although small, Chihuahuas need plenty of physical activity.

Many times it is the best solution to calming down a hyper Chihuahua who misbehaves because he has no outlet for all of his energy.

Exercise also improves a Chihuahua's health, which in turn improves his mental well-being and behavior.


But they all grow up, and calm down.

For dogs, this can be between one and two years, although a cockapoo can start getting their adult coat as early as eight months.


also, dobermans are generally a very energetic breed.

but they are also highly Intelligent and loyal which is great…because this means you can teach the puppy to calm down.

dobermans are a working breed, and are naturally energetic.

However, they start to mellow around age 2-1/2 or so.


Yes, they are very hyper dogs.

But they DO calm down eventually.

I have no suggestions, other than to say that pugs are usually very good with kids, and they eventually DO calm down!


As a general rule, dogs mature to full-size around 12 to 18 months, with some large breeds taking up to two years.

When a dog matures does factor into when the dog begins to calm down - but dogs of many breeds don't calm down when they become adults.

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