Dog-Free Easter Holidays Made Easy with Paws Dog Hotel

Dreaming about an Easter holiday away this year? We don't blame you! With so many restrictions in place for the past few years, travel...

Dog-Free Easter Holidays Made Easy with Paws Dog Hotel

Dreaming about an Easter holiday away this year? We don't blame you! With so many restrictions in place for the past few years, travel -even locally within Andalucia, has been a bit of a pipe dream for many. But Spring has sprung here in Marbella and with it an easing of restrictions that give us all the chance to travel both close to home as well as further afield. But if you're taking a much- needed (and well-deserved!) holiday this spring, what will you do about your four-legged fur baby?

Travelling With Your Dog Sometimes we just can't stand to be away from our dogs, even when we go on holiday. They are, after all, a real part of the family! And for short, local trips, bringing your dog with you is a definite possibility. There are a number of dog-friendly hotels and resorts that will happily accommodate a well-behaved dog and plenty of outdoor venues like parks, beaches, and even restaurants welcome canine companions so you don't have to be apart. Just make sure you check with them in advance before showing up with your dog so they can make any preparations they need to in order to make both you, your dog, and other guests feel safe and welcome! For longer trips, trips abroad, or even shorter trips where you plan to be in attractions that cannot accept dogs or require your full attention like indoor venues, weddings, or work-related trips, taking your dog with you can be both cumbersome for you and less-than-ideal for your dog. In these cases, giving your dog their own dog-centric holiday at a local dog hotel can be the best solution for you both!

Doggy Stay-Cations At Paws Doggy Daycare in Estepona not far from Marbella, we love hosting dogs at our made-for- dogs doggy hotel! From overnight stays to long weekends and week-long (or longer!) stays, all our doggy guests are welcomed with open arms and treated like family! And with all the facilities and amenities we offer, you can get away knowing that your dog will be having a tail-waggingly fun holiday themself in a safe, secure, dog-centric doggy hotel right here in the Estepona campo.

While staying with us at Paws Doggy Daycare and Dog Hotel, your dog will have the chance to run and play to their heart's content, all while being well looked after by our dog-loving team. We boast a fully-fenced 3,500 m2 orchard with lots of sun and shade to run about, explore, and rest, hard play surface, shaded terraces, full-sized dogs-only swimming pool, plus lots of paddling pools to splash about in and stay cool as we enter warmer springtime weather here on the Costa del Sol. At night our dog hotel guests are offered a soft, warm, relaxing dog bed indoors in our purpose-built dog hotel.

To keep all the dogs we host at Paws happy and healthy, we interview all dogs coming to stay with us beforehand, getting to know their likes, dislikes, temperament, health, and more. This lets us spend real quality time with your dog while they're with us and ensures quality socialization with other dogs, an essential part of your dog's well-being. If your dog is undergoing training, our dog handlers are also more than happy to help continue it while you're away, so that you and your dog don't miss a beat while you're both having a spring holiday. We can offer personalised diets or administer medication, if required, and can even offer bathing and grooming options from our on- site UK-qualified dog groomer too, so you can really treat your dog to the best holiday, complete with spa-like pampering! Safe and secure chauffeur services to and from our dog centre is also available so you can take your Easter holidays without stress knowing that your dog will be enjoying their own holiday and will be waiting for you tired, happy, and healthy when you return.

We welcome tours of our doggy hotel and like to meet all our guests in as far in advance as possible so please give us a call now, even if you haven't finalized your own holiday plans so we can ensure space, availability, and the easiest-possible transition for you both when booking a hotel stay at Paws.

Call Dan on +34 625 847 779 today to start your doggy holiday planning with Paws Doggy Daycare and Dog Hotel in Estepona.