How big would a chiwawa shepherd dog be?

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Chihuahuas have a soft spot on their heads, like a human baby, that may or may not go away over time. This dog will weigh between eight to 60 pounds. The height of this mixed breed will likely be between seven to 45 inches at the shoulder.
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It is in their nature to be cautious around strangers, even to the point of aggression at times, and they do not take well to other dogs unless they have been properly socialized… Caucasian Shepherd Dogs may be best suited to homes with older children and no other pets.
The truth is, as long as they are fed responsibly, pig ears are a safe and healthy treat! Pig ears are a nutritious alternative to rawhide or other less than natural dog chews. Plus, they're a great source of protein and essential nutrients to compliment your dog's regular diet.

A German Shepherd puppy bought from a respected breeder will usually cost between $300 and $900 (or more), depending on whether she is a normal German Shepherd, show-dog or a working dog.

Adult German Shepherds who are proven show dogs or work dogs cost $6,000 to $7,000 or more.

In summary, for adult dogs, feeding German Shepherds about 2.5 to 3.5 cups of quality kibble per day, twice a day, is a good starting point. Modify amount fed as required based on your dogs size, weight, age and overall daily activity.
Dutch Shepherds are great with family, even children and other pets, and they are very affectionate and obedient. They will, however, need plenty of exercise, both mentally and physically, to keep from becoming bored and destructive.

Infections, tumors, spinal cord injuries, kidney disease and problems with the bladder can cause incontinence in dogs of any age and can lead to house-training accidents.

Diseases that cause increased drinking, such as diabetes, may result in increased urination and accidents.


For a dog with a healthy coat and skin, a bath is only really necessary once every 4-5 months.

Over-bathing the GSD coat strips the natural oils and leaves the skin dry.

3. German Shepherds "blow," or change, their coats twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

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