How do rajapalayam hunt?

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Firstly it fulfils the functions of a bay dog as well as a catch dog, secondly the Rajapalayam can hunt by sight as well as track by scent. While hunting they can be relentless pursuers that are not intimidated by complex terrain or water bodies.
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An extremely handsome and graceful dog, the Rajapalayam has a gait similar to the trotting of a thoroughbred horse… They do not usually like to be touched or handled by strangers and are known to be one-person dogs. Rajapalayams are largely aggressive and hostile towards strangers, and will attack intruders.
The Rajapalayam is not a hypoallergenic breed. These canines are known to shed their fur all around the year and they also produce a decent amount of dander.
Rajapalayam dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day as an average dog and they're not considered as a lazy breed. Rajapalayam dogs have an average exercise need.
Piebald or black Rajapalayam dogs are not real. The number of breeders who breed these dogs has reduced. Spotted puppies: Another popular lie is that Rajapalayam dogs have black spots while they are puppies.
Rajapalayam Dogs do not bark a lot. They mostly bark when they want their owners' attention or when they are guarding their homes, but apart from that, they don't vocalize all that much.

Most Dangerous strong and deadly Indian dogs, Bully Kutta, Indian Mastiff and many other moolosar dogs like Alangu, Sindh and Gaddi mastiff and hounds like Rampur hound and, Rajapalayam, caravan Mudhole hound, Bhotia dog etc.


Temperament. The Rajapalayam was used predominantly for hunting wild boar and as a formidable guard dog.They are sight hounds by nature but it was proved that by a little training they can be also a Scent hound.

They usually do not get along well with other pets like cats, owing to their strong hunting instincts.

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