How much chocolate will kill a dog?

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Dog owners often ask how much chocolate can kill a dog.

While there is no right or wrong answer to this, we know dogs show symptoms of poisoning when they eat 20mg of theobromine (the toxic chemical in chocolate) for every kilogram they weigh.

These symptoms become severe at 40 to 50mg per kg.


The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine.

Humans easily metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system.

A small amount of chocolate will probably only give your dog an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea.

Cardiac symptoms of chocolate toxicity occur around 40 to 50 mg/kg, and seizures occur at dosages greater than 60 mg/kg. In simpler terms, that means a very concerning dose of chocolate is approximately one ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight.

Rodrigo weighs 70 pounds, he ate what amounts to a cup (or 8 ounces) of chocolate cake.

The article I found went on to say that 20 ounces of milk chocolate, 10 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate, and 2.25 ounces of baking chocolate can potentially kill a 22 pound dog.


It will take just one ounce per pound of body weight of your dog to deadly poison it.

One pound of milk chocolate is poisonous enough for 20 pound dog.

While half pound is enough for a 10 pound dog.

From our study, we found that the average chocolate bar found in the market contains 2/3 ounces of milk chocolate.


1/3 pound can be poisonous for a 20 pound dog and 1/6 pound for a 10 pound dog.

Baking chocolate:1 ounce is lethal per pound of body weight.


Milk chocolate: 1 ounce per pound of body weight.

Approximately one pound of milk chocolate is poisonous to a 20-pound dog; one-half pound for a 10-pound dog.

The average chocolate bar contains 2 to 3 ounces of milk chocolate.

It would take 2-3 candy bars to poison a 10 pound dog.


Even a tiny amount can poison your pet.

Dogs cannot metabolize theobromine, a component of chocolate, so it quickly builds to toxic levels and can lead to death.

White chocolate has lower levels of theobromine, but is still dangerous in any amount.

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