How to Adopt a Pet and Take Care of Its Well-Being?

Pets are great companions for humans. They are non-judgmental, and loving, stay with us no matter what happens, and offer unwavering emotional support to us. Several studies have concluded that The post How to Adopt a Pet and Take Care of Its Well-Being? appeared first on Pet Services at your doorstep.

How to Adopt a Pet and Take Care of Its Well-Being?

Pets are great companions for humans. They are non-judgmental, and loving, stay with us no matter what happens, and offer unwavering emotional support to us. Several studies have concluded that having a pet can help parents relieve stress, control blood pressure and reduce the chances of getting heart attacks. Further, pets can be a ray of hope for people dealing with depression and loneliness.

A wagging tail, slobbery kiss, or a friendly headbutt from your furry friend, even on the hardest of days, can melt your heart and make you forget all your worries.

If you’re willing to bring your bundle of happiness home, you’re in the right spot!
Read on to know how you can adopt a pet in India and take care of his well-being!

How to Adopt a Pet in India?

You might have seen a variety of pet parents out there, the ones who spend a fortune in buying and grooming their pets, ones who haggle for the cheapest deal and abandon them when they get old and sick and ones who melt after seeing a dog or cat on the road and they bring them home.
That raises an important question; whether pets should be bought and sold or should they be adopted?

Well, there’s no harm in “buying” a pet (as long as it’s done legally). It’s a matter of choice whether you want to spend on getting a pet as per your desire. If you’re taking this route it’s better to do some research and select the best as per your needs and preferences.

However, adopting a pet is not only cost-effective but also gives a chance to the pets in the shelter (who have already had a hard time) to be loved and to have a family.

Agreed, the pets in shelters are not always a ball of wool or “pretty” by societal standards. They’re the ones for whom life has been difficult. They have been banished by vendors, pebbled by children, overlooked by pedestrians, slept on the roadsides in every season and searched for food in bins and garbage bags.

Some are rescued, some are left out and none have got the love and care from our society that they deserved. But, more than our pity, they need our support, our love and care. In return, they’ll offer unconditional love and support to us too.

Thankfully, the trend of adopting pets has been picking up pace. In fact, nowadays adopting pets has become easier than ever.

Willing to adopt a pet but don’t know how to proceed? Worry no more! Check out the following steps to get a clear idea of how you can adopt a pet in India!

Step 1

Decide the Pet that You Want- Before you decide to adopt a pet, it’s better to make a note of your lifestyle, home space, budget, family and more. For instance, if you have senior citizens at home, getting an aged canine would be a good choice as he will be a good companion without demanding to go out for a stroll or play in the park. Similarly, if you have children at home, kittens might be a good choice as they can have fun while playing with her.

Also, make sure that the pet you choose does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. For instance, if you adopt a big and rather aggressive dog to live in a small apartment with you, he’s very likely to be uncomfortable and cause disturbance to others.

That’s why being clear about what you want as a pet as well as what you want from a pet is important.

Step 2 

Locate the Nearby Shelters- Once you’ve decided what animal you want for a pet, it’s time to browse through the nearby shelters in your locality. You can take help from Google and reach out to the shelters.

Here are a few examples of shelters in some major cities:

Mumbai: Save Our Strays (SOS), BSPCA, World For All, YODA, Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD), and Animals Matter To Me.

Pune: Bodhisattva NGO, Mission Possible Pet Adoptions, ResQ Charitable Trust, and Karma Foundation.

Delhi: Red Paws Rescue, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC), PAWS, and Friendicoes SECA.

Bangalore: Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre, Bangalore Cat Squad, CUPA, The Cat Studio @CARE, and

Step 3 

Visit the Shelter- Once you’ve shortlisted some nearby shelters, pay a visit to them. While visiting, interact with the staff, play with pets, understand their temperament, how they behave with other pets, etc.

Ideally, you must visit the shelter a couple of times before making a decision.

Step 4

Ask for the Medical Records- While visiting the shelters, you might have come across your coveted one. Ask for his health records, and understand whether he has any past medical history, allergies, vaccination given to him and more.

Step 5 

Follow the Adoption Procedure of the Shelter- The adoption procedure might differ from one shelter to another shelter. However, most of them may require you to submit a few photocopies of your identity and address proofs.

Further, you’ll be asked to fill out an adoption form and they’ll offer you details as to when to schedule a vet visit, how to take care of your pet, etc.

Step 6: 

It’s Time to Take them Home! – After a background check, the shelter may allow you to take the pet to your home.
Remember, that it might be difficult for the pet to get adjusted to the new social environments. That’s why, give him time, play with him, understand his needs, and be patient while dealing with him.

Brought the pet home? Congratulations! But, it doesn’t end here! You’ve to learn to take care of your pets to get the most enriching experience! Read on to know how you can do this!


How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Well-Being?

Vaccinate Your Pet- Pets love to roam and play outdoors, don’t they? But, this might also expose them to various viruses and bacteria present outside. Even if your pet mostly stays indoors, vaccinating is a must. Why? Because they might get in contact with bacteria while travelling or boarding, interacting with fellow pets, or through human clothing.

To prevent them from falling ill, it’s crucial to administer necessary shots to them on a regular basis.  Vaccinating your pet regularly can strengthen its immune system to defend itself from any disease-causing organism. Further, it ensures the safety of both the owner as well as the pet and allows the pets to live long and healthy life.

Although several state laws require you to vaccinate your pet against rabies, there are some other vaccines too that can boost your pet’s preventive wellness care. To know more about the same, check out our blog on puppy vaccination schedules

Falling short of time to take your pet for vaccination? Don’t worry! Check out our expert vet services and get your pet vaccinated in the comfort of your home!

Train Your Pet- Some pets easily get adjusted to new environments however, others may not.

For instance, after being brought from the shelter to home, some dogs become restless, they might bark excessively, bite, try to escape or engage in destructive activities like chewing anything in their proximity. But, this doesn’t mean there is any problem with them. They just need a bit of training to get calm and accustomed to the new home.

Professional training can be really helpful in such a scenario.

Trainers with experience and expertise in managing pets will help you build a good relationship with your pet. They can assist you in making your pet follow your commands and further advise you on how to engage with them, how to calm them and more. Training can also help in making your dog learn certain manners and etiquette that will make him likeable in public as well as at home.

So, if you’re having a difficult time while handling your pet, calm down and reach out to our expert trainers!

Groom Your Pet – Grooming your pet regularly may not only make your pet look fresh and appealing but also offers tons of health benefits in the long run.

For instance, brushing your dog’s coat can help remove tangles, dead skin, and old and damaged hair. It can further ensure that your dog’s skin can breathe by removing excessive grease from it. Similarly, regular massages, baths, brushing, and cleaning their ears are all ways to keep your pet fresh and healthy.

Further, grooming is the time to bond with your pets, to care for and show your love towards them. However, some pets may not cooperate while grooming and their anxiety may reflect in their behaviour.

If that’s the case, visiting a professional groomer might be the right choice. Professional groomers are well-trained in handling pets and are equipped with the right set of equipment to make the grooming experience more enriching. Further, they can advise you on which products to use, which equipment to choose and how to calm your dog while grooming at home.

So, if you’re looking for a professional groomer to groom your furbaby to perfection, reach out to us without second thoughts!

Socialise Your Pet- As you adopt a pet, the change in environment from shelter to your home can cause anxiety in them. At times, it is also possible that they might react aggressively. Being a pet parent, it is your responsibility to handle them calmly, make them comfortable around strangers and teach them certain manners and etiquette. If needed, you must take professional help for the same.

Socialising your pet has amazing benefits: it lessens fear (of strangers or of fellow pets), builds confidence, and improves your bonding with them. Moreover, a well-behaved pet can also give you an easy time during boarding, travelling, vet visits, and grooming sessions.

Adopting a pet is indeed a good deed. But your journey as a pet parent begins from this point. If taken proper care of, your pet may shower you with unconditional love and offer undaunting emotional support.

Although it’s a trial-and-error journey, you may need help in handling your pet, and in making him well-behaved to fit in a social environment. If that’s the case, our expert pet services are just one click away! We, at PawPurrfect, have a dedicated team of professionals that bring exceptional grooming, boarding, training and vet services to your doorstep! Book your appointment today!

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