How to Choose a Doggy Day Care or Dog Hotel

Choosing a doggy daycare is a crucial decision and with thousands of privately owned

How to Choose a Doggy Day Care or Dog Hotel

Choosing a doggy daycare is a crucial decision and with thousands of privately owned dog daycare facilities, making the right choice can be a bit difficult. See our top 6 tips on what to do and look out for when choosing the right facility for your dog!

1. Visit the Facility

When looking for a doggy daycare facility, you will need to assess the surroundings to see if your dog will be comfortable and feel at home. Take the time to tour the facility of your choice before boarding your dog. The best dog boarding facility is undoubtedly a home away from home for your dog. Here are some top considerations when choosing the best doggy hotel for your pet.

Check Temperature Control 

The best dog boarding hotel for your dog should have the right temperature to ensure that your pet is comfortable. Uncomfortable surroundings and temperatures can make your dog feel instantly homesick. This can continue then for the full duration that your dog is there. 

Assess the Indoor and Outdoor Space 

If the facility has little space for your dogs to enjoy, run and walk around as much as they need to, this can cause an uncomfortable environment. You should assess how much space per volume of dogs the facility takes on for daycare and boarding. If there’s more space but equally more dogs, it narrows down the land and freedom your dog will have there. Our Heronswood Canine Retreat is considered the best dog boarding facility area for your pets due to the vast acres of surrounding land and both concreted and grassy areas for your dog to enjoy. 

Clean Beds and Kitchen Areas

Where your dog sleeps and eats can significantly affect its health. Therefore, when boarding your pet at a doggy hotel, check to see how clean the beds and kitchen areas are.

The beds should be regularly changed and washed to ensure the comfort of your dog. The kitchen should also be clean and well-maintained. A clean facility means a pest-free facility and a healthy environment. Walking around, you will also be able to get a general feel for how well-maintained the facility is. 

2. Ask for the Facility’s Safety Certifications

The safety of your dog is crucial, and it is important to know your doggy daycare choice has the correct certifications and accreditations. Therefore, one of the first things to check is the safety certifications of the facility.

Of course, the daycare is technically not a vet, but the professionals at work should understand the basics of responding to health emergencies. Dog daycare facilities should have at least one professional on duty that is CPR and first aid certified.

3. Check the Screening Process

It is good to ask questions about if the facility has a dog screening process for their daycare and hotel services. You will get an idea of the types of dogs your dog will be socialising with during their stay and ensure they will be comfortable and happy playing with other dogs. 

This could be pre-screening questions or a temperament test, for example. Not every dog is suitable to stay in different environments, and it’s important to assess or seek guidance if you have any behavioural concerns beforehand. 

4. Get an Idea of What a Regular Day at the Doggy Daycare is Like

Dog daycare facilities have different schedules. We recommend choosing a doggy daycare that has a standard routine and timeline that you know is suitable for your dog. Check the timeframe for relaxation and play. Dogs get quickly tired, so it should not all be play – a suitable structure should be in place. 

The facility should make ample time for relaxation also. One of the goals of taking your dog to daycare is to be physically and mentally groomed. Therefore, a good facility should encourage dogs to play together under supervision.

5. Check the Cleaning Protocols at the Facility

Having many pets together increases the risk of your dog getting ill. Therefore, you should ensure that your daycare of choice has strict cleaning routines each day. The playrooms should be spotless throughout the day.

When one of the dogs is sick, the attendants must take extra precautions to ensure it does not spread to other dogs. 

6. Take Time to Ask Questions 

When searching for a doggy daycare facility, it is important to ask any questions you may have. The staff should offer full transparency with every aspect of their services

Ensure you also ask about what is included in the fees. There are sometimes charges for individual activities, such as taking your dog for a walk or petting your dog. Take the time to ask questions before choosing a daycare.

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