How To Choose The Best Dog Toys? What You Need To Know

So you want to know how to choose the best dog toys? Well, that depends on your dog’s interests and likes. There are so many options that often you would need to spend hours on end researching. We have made this easier for you by highlighting key factors which every buyer should know before making […]

How To Choose The Best Dog Toys? What You Need To Know

So you want to know how to choose the best dog toys? Well, that depends on your dog’s interests and likes. There are so many options that often you would need to spend hours on end researching. We have made this easier for you by highlighting key factors which every buyer should know before making a purchase. Don’t overthink it and choose the right toy for your dog.

If you have a dog, you know that choosing toys and treats is a very important job. However, will be a lot of information coming at you. In order to improve your knowledge on this topic, we have created this article with some useful tips to help you choose the best dog toys. This article will help you find the perfect one. Here are some tips on how to choose the best dog toys for your pup.

How To Choose The Best Dog Toys?

If you’re looking for the best dog toy, you might be asking yourself what makes a toy good. The simple answer is that it has to be interactive and engaging. You want the toy to play with your dog, not against him or her.

This means that if your dog likes to play fetch, you should make sure the toy is made out of a material that can withstand being thrown around and kept in one piece. If you have a small puppy who chews on everything, then you should look for a chew-resistant toy as well.

You also want your dog’s toys to keep them occupied for long periods of time. This can prevent boredom from setting in and possibly cause them to start chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on!

So how do you find the best dog toys? Here are some tips:

Dog’s Personality:

What kind of personality does your dog have? Is he a chewer? Does he like to play with other dogs? What kind of toy will match his personality?

You need to know your dog’s personality before you buy their toys. If they are hyper or aggressive, then you will want to avoid the toys that might result in a fight. You also need to know what type of toy is best for your pet.

If they are a chewer, then they may want something that they can break into smaller pieces. If they are more laid back, then maybe you should go with something that is more durable and not as likely to get destroyed so quickly.

Dog’s Age:

The age of your dog will determine the type of toy you should buy for them. If you have a young puppy, then choose soft toys that they can chew on or even balls that can be rolled around in the grass. As they grow older, you can get harder toys that are more suitable for older dogs but still soft enough to play with without hurting themselves too much.

You should also consider the type of toy that is most appropriate for your dog’s age and size. If your dog is still young and small, then an indestructible chew toy may be best for them because it will last longer than one made from a softer material like vinyl or rubber.


The most important factor when choosing a toy is size. Large toys are good for dogs who are older or want something to chew on for hours at a time, while small toys are better for puppies who need something to play with but don’t have much room in their mouths.


The material of the toy is also important. If it’s made of rubber, it will be bouncy and soft; if it’s made of plastic or rubber, it will be durable and long-lasting.

Some dogs like squeaky toys, while others prefer plush toys or wooden toys with rope handles for tugging games. Be sure to check out all of your options before making a selection!

The Perfect Shape:

The shape of your dog’s toy can have an impact on its ability to entertain. If your dog loves squeaky toys, try to get one that has a flat surface so they can’t chew it up. If you have a chewing dog, then a ball-shaped toy is a great choice. Chew toys will help keep your dog occupied for longer and will help prevent boredom.

The shape of your dog’s toy should be easy for them to get a hold of. It may be a ball, but if they can’t get it in their mouth, they’re not going to play with it!

It is also important to make sure that the toy is big enough for your dog’s needs. You do not want them chewing on a small piece of cloth or rubber just so they can have something to chew on.


It’s not only about the shape and size of the toy. Comfort is important because a dog will often choose a toy that he likes to chew on, even if it’s not the best toy for him.

For example, if you have a dog who gets very excited when playing with his toys, then it may be better to choose something that has more stuffing so that he can get his teeth into it, rather than something that is made from hard plastic or rubber.

Another thing to think about is whether your dog can tear up the toy quickly or slowly. If you have a chewer and he can easily tear up his toys in seconds, then maybe this isn’t the best purchase for him.


The design of your dog’s toy should be one that appeals to your dog’s senses. For example, some toys have squeaky sounds or bright colors that will appeal to their eyes and ears. Some toys even come in different shapes, such as balls and frisbees that resemble other objects in nature such as bones and leaves! These are all great ways of encouraging natural instincts in your pup.


The color of the toy will also affect its value and quality. While some dogs love bright colors and patterns, others prefer plain ones like black or brown (which helps them hide the toy).


Of course, this is an important factor as well because not all dog toys are created equal! Some brands cost more than others which means they may not last as long or have less durability than other types of toys.

Toy Types

Toys are a fun way to keep your dog entertained and engaged. There are different types of dog toys, from balls and squeaky toys to ropes and puzzle toys. Here’s a quick overview:

1- Squeaky Toys:

Squeaky toys are great for dogs who love the sound of squeaks. They’re also good for dogs who like to play fetch with their owners, as they can hold the ball in one place while you throw it. Squeaky toys have a wide variety of sounds so your dog can find one that suits his or her taste.

2- Rope Toys:

Rope toys are the best type of toy if you want something that will last a long time and still keep your dog interested in playing with it. Rope toys come in many shapes and sizes, some have bells inside them while others have knots, so they’re suitable for any age or size of a dog. The rope is knotted at various points around the toy so that when your dog bites down on it, he actually chews on something that’s not part of the toy itself! This makes it more challenging than other types of toys.

3- Toys for chewing:

Chew toys are great for dogs who love to chew on things. Some of them have squeakers in them which will keep your dog entertained and make him happy. Chew toys are also good for keeping teeth clean. If your dog has a tendency to put his teeth through objects, then this type of toy is ideal because it won’t cause problems with his gums or mouth if he’s not supposed to chew something.

4- Furniture Toys:

These are toys that are designed to be knocked over by your dog and make noise when they hit the ground. They can include small statues, boxes, balls, squeaky toys, and other items. Furniture toys are good for interactive play and are perfect for keeping your dog occupied while you attend to other things in the house.

5- Puzzle Toys:

These toys consist of several parts that must be put together before the toy will work. The most common type of puzzle toy is the ball with a chain attached to it that leads back to a hole or basket where treats or other rewards can be hidden. Puzzle toys are great for playing fetch because your dog does not know if he has caught anything until he returns with his prize!

6- Ball:

A ball is one of the most popular dog toys, and for good reason. Balls are easy to pick up, throw and catch. Plus, they’re fun for both you and your dog to play with together. The only problem with balls is that they can be expensive if you have a lot of dogs or are constantly buying them. That’s why we recommend investing in a good quality ball that will last a long time. It’s worth it!

7- Discs:

Discs are great for fetch games because they are easy to throw and catch. Some dogs like disc toys more than others, but all dogs love to chase them around. Discs are also great for tugging games because they’re lightweight and easy to carry around with you while you’re out walking or playing fetch with your dog.

how to choose the best dog toys

There are many dog toys out there, so you might want to consider factors like your dog’s age, size, and chewing habits. In addition to that, take a look at what kind of toy your dog enjoys playing with when you’re at home.

This will allow you to find ones that replicate that behavior. For example, dogs who love to bolt after their toys would enjoy an indestructible ball while those who like chewing on soft plush toys should be given those.

Using your judgment is the best way to pick out a toy for your dog. You can see whether or not they like it or if they have any reactions to it. When deciding on toys, it’s easier than you think to pick out the best ones for your pup.

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