How to Keep Pets Safe at Home While You are Away

Are you one of those pet parents who has to leave your furry baby alone quite frequently whether going to work or short official trips ? If you want more ideas to keep them safe while you are away, read this! Do let us know if you have more exciting ways, tips to deal with this situation.More

How to Keep Pets Safe at Home While You are Away

You belong to this defiled age and want to relieve yourself from the anxieties of work, relationship and other ongoing events in life? Of course the best way getting past anxiousness and bringing in endless joys in life, according to experts is by having a pet at home. But, what does your baby pet do while you are away to work, on a short trip or a vacay? How do you promise your furry baby safety and care in your absence?

Here are some incredible ways that can make you a great pet parent even while you have to be away from home! 

1.   Leave them in a good mood –

Ensure you are leaving behind your poets in a good mood. Exercise them, work them up and try to have them utilise their energies into good before you have to leave them alone for long. If they are exhausted they may want to quietly relax throughout the day without missing you too much. Remember to keep them leashed while you are on a high energy activities. 

2.   Clear up –

Your little furry friend’s wellness doesn’t always come from feeding them right. It also comes from staying cautious and keeping them out of crisis, especially when they have to be left alone. Keep away the unhealthy human food, risky electrical items or active lose wires from the places accessible to them. Anything that has not been given to them in your presence may tempt them. This is a good way to keep your home clean and sorted all the time.

3.   Set fire alarms –

Fire alarms are the most definite SOS both for you and your alone-pets. In case there is a short circuit or someone else’s house is on fire that could likely affect your home too, you have the sirens to alert the surroundings.  

4.   Set up a Camera –

There are a lot many varieties of cameras available in the market today. You do not really have to make it an expensive affair. Install the camera application on your mobile phone or tablet. You can keep a track on what your pet is up to while you are not around. This enables you to take the necessary quick action in case of any emergency. 

5.   Arrange for carers -

How to keep pets safe at home while you are away

Love thy neighbours or arrange for a visitor, whatever suits, it is of great importance. You may also arrange for a trusted pet-walker who can do the needful at least twice a day in your absence. You may even request the walker to stay back and feed your pet since it is evident your baby is comfortable with who walks it up. This is an add on and encourages you to maintain cordial relationship with the neighbours, house-help and others who may come to rescue when you truly need.

 6.   Stock up essentials –

Again, irrespective of your presence or absence, you must always have your pet essentials like food, treats etc. stocked well. In case you have arranged for someone to come by and feed your baby at the time, ensuring the right food is available is so much important. Healthy Treats that can occupy your pets for longer than usual can also be a great help. Alongside being healthy some treats can also relieve boredom. A bored pooch may develop many behavioural disorders, stay alert. 

7.   Pet hostels and boarding –

How to keep pets safe at home while you are away

These places are a great relief but only when you have fully known them and are able to trust them basis your own or other pet parents past pet keeping experiences. You cannot trust everyone or every place with your ets since every pet is unique and need different things at different times. You never know, your pet might just be comfortable staying back home.

Alternatively, pet hostels or boarding can be sold-out or unhygienic. You may not be sure about who’s taking what kind of care of your pets. 

8.   Ambience –

A neat and clean ambience that can keep your pet comfortable without you must be maintained at all times. Make sure you have left at least one of the pathway lights turned on and the home temperature is under control. Have just one fan functioning on low or have the air conditioning at a comfortable temperature, not too harsh. 

9.   Set up a comfortable space –

How to keep pets safe at home while you are away

A space for your baby pet is exclusive. You may need to put together everything they are comfortable around. Right from a clean lovely bedding to the favourite toys. Setting up their comfort zone will ease them out for the day while you are away. If your doggo may like, spray an essential oil lightly on the curtains around that relaxes them. 

10.   Pet pee training aid –

This is so crucial in order to maintain the level of hygiene around the house and your pets, even while you are away. To pee train or cue train the furry babies right from their pup-hood days is an advantage and all pet parents must do it. Using washable and reusable Pet Dry Sheets is a saviour. It helps hygiene and in the most economical way. Spread one close to the toilet of the house. 

11.   Traceable

Have your pet child traceable. It will protect them if lost and save you too from looking around. A chip enabled collar can help. If you live in a place where inserting a chip into your pet is possible, and you are comfortable with that, feel free to get it done since it can play a guardian angel for you and your pets both.

If you are a pet parent who is constantly on the move and have to leave behind your furry angel more than often, do share with us your tips.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.

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