How to Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety this Firework Season

The past year has caused a rise in anxiety in our pets. We've spent a lot more time at home, which has caused a lot of separation anxiety when we do eventually leave the house as our pets aren't used to it. Here are Doghouse's top anti-anxiety pet products to help!More

How to Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety this Firework Season

How to Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety

 Here are Doghouse's top anti-anxiety pet products that have been proven to work

Great for firework season!




The past year has caused a rise in anxiety in our pets. We've spent a lot more time at home, which has caused a lot of separation anxiety when we do eventually leave the house as our pets aren't used to it. The products below should give you some help when reducing your pet's worries.

dog hiding behind sofa from fireworks

Here are our top 6 products for reducing anxiety in dogs and other pets. Some are specifically designed for reducing stress and others we’ve just found to be useful at distracting your dog and keeping them busy to forget about their anxieties!


Dorwest Calming Remedies

The specially selected ingredients in our Scullcap & Valerian Tablets work together to help tackle stress, fear and anxiety in your pet. There are no quick fixes when it comes to successfully helping your dog to manage their anxiety or fears for the long-term. Often, gentle and consistent behavioural work and training are required to help them to respond more positively to stressful situations, which takes time. However, these Scullcap & Valerian Tablets help to naturally relax your pet, with the active herbs naturally supporting the calming pathways within the nervous system, reducing anxiety without immobilising muscles or causing drowsiness. They don’t make pets dopey or wobbly – in fact they are widely used for agility and show dogs when they need to be alert and focussed, but calm. Scullcap & Valerian Tablets help tackle stress, fear and anxiety, whatever the cause, so you and your pet can relax, no matter what.

From £10.50.

scullcap and valerian dorwest for dogs


Calm Xtra

This is simply a fantastic product. Calm Xtra is an all natural herbal remedy that uses botanical extracts to ease anxiety and hyperactivity in pets. Can be given around half an hour before the stressful activity, such as travelling or loud noises like fireworks, are likely to occur, in their water or food, and it begins working very quickly. Liquid drops make this super easy to administer. We use Calm Xtra in our grooming salon if we know the dogs are likely to be stressed and we recommend it to all our customers whose dogs suffers anxiety.

From £8.

calm xtra remedy for dogs

Anti-Anxiety Snuggle Beds

This donut style Hem and Boo dog bed is designed specifically for dog's who love to curl up in comfort, while reducing their anxiety. The science behind it shows that the raised sides and snuggle soft shape reminds dogs of being curled up next to their mother when they were just a young puppy. Perfect for puppies who will appreciate the hug and warmth of the material around their body.

From £20.

anti anxiety dog beds


These brilliant toys are great at distracting your dog when smeared with pastes such as peanut butter or wet food. The varying ridges on the LickiMat each have a different effect on your dog, the “Soother” is particularly calming and often recommended for puppies but equally brilliant for older dogs at stressful times. We’ve created a fabulous video where we talk much more about these brilliant toys on our YouTube channel as shown below. They’re even great for freezing, so why not cover in some of our Organic Peanut Butter for Dogs as a ready-to-go soother whenever you need it.

From £7.00.

The Dog House Sleepy Snacks

These fantastic bone shaped treats were developed from a recipe crafted by Michel Roux and contain Flaxseed, Camomile and Pumpkin seed (an effective source of tryptophan, encouraging the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin). These sleep enhancing treats work perfectly as a regular treat for bedtime but can also be used to reduce anxiety. Plus, they come in a beautiful storage tin so what more could you need?!

From £11.

sleepy snacks bedtime biscuits the dog house

Plug-in Calming Diffuser by Pet Remedy

Specifically designed to reduce anxiety in pets, this plug-in diffuser is a long term solution to treating your pet’s stress. It can be left plugged in for 6-8 weeks and refills can easily top it up after this duration. Natural active ingredients from a blend of essential oils including Valerian will reduce stress levels in a wide range of pets, even in humans too!

From £20.

plug in diffuser from pet remedy to help your pet with stress and anxiety

Pet Blankets

A blanket can be a really simple way of reducing your pet’s stress. They can provide a safe place for your dog to hide from anything that is causing stress and if you wash with your laundry detergent then snuggle up with it on the sofa for a few nights, it should start to smell like you and therefore your dog will associate it with safety. Great for burying under and creating a warm space to hide in all evening, sounds great to us!

From £14.

 pet blankets for dogs and cats

We hope this blog post will help lots of you who are concerned about your pet's anxiety levels and hopefully by introducing them to more people and other dog's, this will slowly help with their anxiety and get them back to their happy selves!


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