Is It OK to Call Your Dog Your Fur Baby?

Do you call your dog your fur baby? That's perfectly fine! A lot of people do! And the reason we do it is both physical and emotional....

Is It OK to Call Your Dog Your Fur Baby?

Do you call your dog your fur baby? That's perfectly fine! A lot of people do! And the reason we do it is both physical and emotional.

Cognitive Similarities Between Babies and Fur Babies There's a reason why many people call their dog their fur baby: there is actually a lot of similarities between dogs and their human counterparts -especially when that human is a little one that is still learning to walk, talk, and explore the world around them. Dogs, like babies, develop a strong attachment to their parents and are smart enough to understand commands as well as words of affection, they can make and respond to eye contact, are able to accurately judge good and bad behaviour, and understand the names and use of simple, everyday objects.

Dogs learn the same way babies do, too. That is to say, although both babies and dogs don't have an extensive vocabulary, they both learn through and use a process of elimination to determine what their parents are saying. Some dogs are even able to speak -and not just in the bark-on-command way we think about as part of puppy tricks, either! When offered buttons to push that do the speaking for them in ways humans can understand, dogs can learn to form simple sentences that express their wants and needs. Pretty cool, huh?

It's not just about cognition, though. Oh, no. Parents of fur babies can actually have the same emotional bond to their dogs as parents do to their children.

Emotional Similarities Between Babies and Fur Babies

The love between a parent and their child is never doubted and that same emotional connection is right on par with how many people feel about their dogs. Dogs, like babies, trigger oxytocin production in the brain, the hormone that's used to create that unbreakable physiological bond between parent and child.

And it's not just physiological, either. That bond you feel with your fur baby is the result of millennia of psychological training, too: that is to say, over time, domesticated dogs have evolved to have similar physical characteristics as babies (think chubby faces, big eyes, and soft fur) so that humans instinctively see them as immature and will be more likely to take care of them. Knowing that, it's no wonder you call your dog your fur baby!

But what does all this research into fur babies mean when you're on the hunt for doggy daycare?

Doggy Daycare For Your Fur Babies

When a parent is searching for a daycare for their child, a lot of time, effort, and research goes into finding the perfect one. A place where their child is welcomed, safe, and can be themselves. A place the parents can trust to have their child's best interests at heart. So of course those same principles should be applied to a doggy daycare for your fur baby! At Paws Doggy Daycare and doggy hotel in Estepona, we understand that and are always focused on providing the very best for you and your fur baby. Our team of dogoholics treat every dog at Paws as their own with genuine love and attention galore and all our facilities are purpose-built with dogs in mind so that your fur baby can have the best time here with you never having to worry about their safety. Everything is fully fenced so your fur baby can play, rest, and socialise as they wish and with 3,500m2 of orchard space plus additional hard surface play areas, shaded porch and a dedicated team that's always supervising all our indoor and outdoor areas, your fur baby is free to play where they like, socialise with dogs of similar size and temperament, take a nap in a comfortable doggy bed, have a dip in our full-sized, just-for-dogs pool or multiple paddling pools, join us for a stroll through the campo, or even brush up on their training with our team or get an indulgent grooming session by our UK qualified groomer. Trust us, your fur baby will be completely spoiled with love, attention, and choice while they're at Paws and will come home to you happy, healthy, and completely exhausted from all the fun they've had!

As dog lovers and parents of fur babies ourselves, we also know that no matter how perfect a doggy daycare is, it's tough being away from the ones we love. So here at Paws, we always send you photos and updates of your dog while they're with us so you can focus on your work, relax on your holiday, or do whatever you need to do while apart, knowing that your fur baby is in great hands and having a great time, too.

Does Paws sound like a great match for your fur baby? Give Daniel a call at +34 625 847 779 to discuss your needs and schedule your dog's initial temperament test so they can join us for the afternoon or have their own mini-holiday with an overnight stay. We can even arrange safe drop off and pick ups anywhere along the coast so you can spoil your fur baby with love and attention even when you have to be away.