Is king shepherd a dog breed?

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The King Shepherd is a dog breed developed from crossing the German Shepherd Dog with and the long-coated European lines of German Shepherd with the Alaskan Malamute and Great Pyrenees in the 1990s.

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As his name suggests, the King Shepherd is a king-sized Shepherd hybrid.

This large breed was developed by American's Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer.

The King Shepherd was initially bred from American and European German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes and Great Pyrenees.


King Shepherd Basics

These regal-looking canines are fiercely loyal to their owners, and while they are quite protective of them, they are not aggressive. Intelligent and sweet, King Shepherd is suitable for families with children, or other pets in the household- as long as they are socialized on time.
Health Issues: King Shepherds tend to have more and frequent health issues than other breeds. Hypoallergenic: King Shepherds don't do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reaction.
King Shepherds are protective of their families, but they're not aggressive dogs. The King Shepherd is a combination of several possible breeds but must include the German Shepherd… This highly intelligent dog can do a variety of jobs from sheep herding to child companion, police dog, rescue work, or guide dog.
The King Shepherd is more powerful… German Shepherds could be white, black, tan, grey, or have a sable saddle while King Shepherds can come in white and black colors and might also be a tan color with a hint of brown and black markings or they can be a grayish silver color with some hints of black on their coat.
King Shepherds are the largest of the shepherd class of dogs. German Shepherds stand 22 to 26 inches (55 to 65 cm) tall, while King Shepherd males tower at 27 – 31 inches (67 -79 cm) tall. Not only are King Shepherds bigger than German Shepherds but they are also more heavily muscled and stronger.

King Shepherd Puppies.

The typical price for a King Shepherd puppy typically ranges from $1500$2500 USD.

It is important to note that there is not a wide range of recognized breeders, therefore explaining the higher price.

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