Is Purina good for dogs?

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Pet owners have sued Blue Buffalo and Nutro - as well as Purina - in years past.

Purina, Candey says, is actually a well-respected brand.

"Purina has a really good track record of science behind their food, they are not fly-by-night," Candey explains.

The FDA has not issued a recall on Purina Beneful.


Steak is good, but by-products aren't good.

Alpo dog food contains both.

Meat and bone meal is one of the top five ingredients in some Alpo dog food formulas.

Alpo dog food might be good for an occasional treat, but it shouldn't be part of a dog's daily diet.

Based on its ingredients alone, Purina Bella Natural Bites Dog Food looks like a below-average dry product… Purina Bella Natural Bites is a grain-inclusive dry dog food that uses a modest amount of named meat as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 2.5 stars. Not recommended.

while Beneful has been proven to be safe for dogs, it is still important to do your own research and make your own justifications! Beneful Purina Dog Food has been around for many years and will continue to be around and serve pet owners as a budget-friendly and safe dog food choice!


Judging by its ingredients alone, Purina Beyond Grain Free Dog Food looks like an average dry product.

Purina Beyond Grain Free is a dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meal as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3.5 stars.


These Greenies dental sticks for dogs help fight plaque and tartar build-up to keep your dog's oral hygiene in check.

If she loves to give you lots of kisses you'll like these too since they help with bad breath.

These natural dog chews are low-fat and include vitamins to keep your pup healthy.


Purina Pro Plan Dry Food is excellent and comes in formulas for every age including Focus for Mature Pets and Puppy Food.

Beniful Dry dogfood is not not not good Dog Food and neither is Friskies Dry cat food good to feed exclusively.

Lower priced Purina; like Dog Chow etc contain more grains and less meat protein.


Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Large Breed Adult Formula is arguably one of the best dog foods you can buy in the grocery store.

However, compared to other premium dog foods sold in pet stores, it is only mediocre in terms of ingredients.

And yet, it's not a bad food.

It's not a great food but it's not a bad food.

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