Male or female labrador?

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👉 How to identify male and female labrador?

The AKC breed standard shows that there is a definite size difference between male and female show Labradors. The standard expects male Labradors to grow to a height of between 22.5 inches and 24.5 inches at the withers (this is the highest part of the Lab's back, lying at the base of the neck above the shoulders).

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👉 Which is better labrador male or female?

The only difference between the genders is that males are somewhat larger than females, and males have a thicker coat.

Unless, you are planning on using the dog for hunting neither of those two factors really matter.

The females are going to be smaller and easier to control.

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👉 Which is better male or female labrador?

Female Labrador Retrievers are generally quicker to train and housebreak, stick close by your side, and gentle around children. On the other hand, male Labrador Retrievers are more playful and goofy, more demanding of attention, and more social with other pets and people. Deciding on the breed of dog that you want to get is easy.

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A female Labrador is a bit more strong-willed and will be happy to have its humans in the same room or house/yard, whereas the male Labrador sometimes shows a desire …

Sizewise, female and male Labrador retrievers are comparable, with females slightly smaller, but both are sturdy, muscular, and athletic with the male a bit more …

The most accurate answer is “it depends.”. For example, if you are adding a new dog to your family and you already have one or more pet dogs, the gender of the new …

A female Labrador is usually around 15% smaller than a male Labrador. Female Labradors sometimes have a reputation for being more stubborn than males, but there is …

THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES. The phone rings and the voice on the other end says "I'm looking for a Labrador as a pet. It hasto be a female because they are more …

Just like people, Labradors come in a range of healthy sizes. The AKC breed standard allows for male Labs to be 22 to 25 inches tall at the withers, and 65 to 80 …

Its early maturity gives it an advantage when it comes to training. This does not mean that the female dog is more intelligent than the male dog. It only means that …

Female dogs are often less physical than males, less "in your face" than male dogs. Females are affectionate, absolutely, but often on their own terms. They may …

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Female Akitas are widely known to be more serious and intense in everything they do. They're easier to housebreak and train early than their male counterparts. Unlike male Akitas, female Akitas are said to be less aggressive. However, they can be very aggressive towards other female dogs and pets.

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How donu neuter male labrador?

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Traditionally, male dogs were neutered by a small and simple surgical procedure during which the testicles are removed through a small incision in the scrotum. This is still a common procedure. Recovery time is quite rapid and the dog becomes infertile within a couple of months as no more sperm are produced.

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Choosing male or female bichon?


Choosing Male or Female Bichon In the small breeds, there is usually no difference in their appearance or size that can be generalized by sex. The personality traits that may vary between males and females are specific to each breed. Many people think that a male dog will mark their territory in the house.

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Guard dog : male vs female?

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It is claimed that female dogs tend to make better personal guardians than males, due to maternal instincts, but males are considered better for guarding property because of their greater territorial instinct. That may be true in general, but all dogs are individuals.

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Male or female scottish terrier?

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Males are heavier, taller and stronger than female dogs, although this may be particularly of concern more in the larger breed dogs. Usually the size difference will only be a few inches in height, but it may be more substantial in weight… Male Scotties may be more aggressive and independent than female dogs.

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Papillon puppy: male or female?

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The main distinction between male and female Papillons lies in their temperament and behavior. Male Papillons are considered to be the better companion because of their affectionate and clingy attitude. On the other hand, female Papillons are more independent and more self-sufficient.

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Was laika male or female?


2 Laika strapped into the capsule in which she would soon orbit Earth.

Due to the cramped conditions, female dogs were chosen over males because they didn't need to lift their legs to pee.

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How to breed your male labrador?

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Mate your dogs between the 10th and 14th day of the heat cycle. Labradors enter the heat cycle twice a year. The cycle lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. Your female Labrador will be most fertile between the 10th and 14th day of the heat cycle. After the 10th day, allow your dogs to mate every other day for four to six days.

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When to neuter my male labrador?

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According to the American Kennel Club's Canine Health Foundation, large-breed dogs like Labradors should be spayed or neutered after puberty. This is typically when he or she is more than 45 pounds and between 9 to 15 months old.

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A male or a female dog?

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Some people actually believe that one sex is better than the other sex. The battle of the sexes is not limited to humans after all. Some believe that the male dog is more affectionate and easier to train, while the female dog is more aggressive and protective of its owners and puppies.

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Are dogwood trees male and female?

North American dogwoods, Cornus species, are all hermaphroditic with both male (stamens and anthers) and female (stigma, style and ovary) flower parts.

You can see the Cornus species that occur in North America on the USDA Plants Database.

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Are female or male dachshunds better?


Male or female: which sex is best for you? There's a common opinion that female dachshunds are more affectionate and loyal, and males are easier to keep.

The best determination for which sex would be better for your home is to disregard the dogs sex entirely.

Dogs are generally thought to have descended from wolves.

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Are female or male huskies better?

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Females also housetrain easier, mature sooner and are less dominant than the males. Female Huskies are not as strong as their brothers, and while more independent by nature, they also won't challenge your authority as much.

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Are female or male yorkies better?

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Male Yorkies are just as affectionate, lively and attentive as females… The Yorkshire Terrier is a very affectionate, loving dog that craves attention. One thing to keep in mind is that a female Yorkie may be more upfront in order to get her own way.

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Are guide dogs male or female?

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Both male and female dogs are used.

There may be reasons why a person receives one rather than the other, such as client preference or the need for a small or large dog.

With the exception of Breeding Dogs, all Guide Dogs are desexed.

Both male and female puppies are desexed at approximately six months of age.

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Are k dogs male or female?

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Most K9 dogs that are used are male dogs. However female dogs are more and more used as K9 dogs as well. Where male dogs are often more aggressive and stronger, female dogs can be used as service dogs as well. Female dogs are often used as single purpose dogs.

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Are k9 dogs male or female?

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Most K9 dogs that are used are male dogs. However female dogs are more and more used as K9 dogs as well. Where male dogs are often more aggressive and stronger, female dogs can be used as service dogs as well. Female dogs are often used as single purpose dogs.

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Are male huskies bigger than female?

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There is not a considerable difference in height between both genders. Both of them have a wolf-like appearance; however, looks can be deceptive. Male Huskies look much bigger than females… The male Huskies can be as high as 54 to 60 cm, and female Huskies are usually around 50 to 56 cm.

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Are male or female beagles better?


In general, if males are neutered before 5 months, they will never lift their legs to urinate, for example.

Male dogs are supposedly more playful/energetic than females, according to most references on the 'net.

However, we have found this to be the opposite of the truth with our beagles.

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Are male or female bulldogs healthier?

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The differences between male and female bulldogs are their size and temperament. On average, male adult bulldogs grow to about 50 lbs, while females grow to about 40. Some say male bulldogs are more aggressive, others say females are more territorial. One thing is for sure, both sexes are stubborn!

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Are male or female chihuahuas better?


Once they grow older, however, you will see certain characteristics associated with each gender.

Male Chihuahua puppies tend are typically more loyal and affectionate than their female counterpart.

If you are looking for a loyal, loving family dog, there's no better choice than a male.

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Are male or female corgis better?


It's mainly the size difference, though.

She the one who gets bossed around with dogs bigger than her.

When I was researching male and females Corgis, everyone said that males tend to stay in "Puppy" mode for most of their lives and may be harder to train, while females act a little more mature and train more easily.

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Are male or female dachshunds better?


Males are somewhat larger and taller than females, but there is not a significant difference in size.

All dachshunds are classified as either miniature (11 pounds and under) or standard (16 pounds or more).

dachshunds falling between those two categories are often called tweenies.

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