My Dog Is My Valentine: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pooch

If you want to pamper your pooch this Valentine’s Day and strengthen the bond between you both even further, read on for some creative ideas!More

My Dog Is My Valentine: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pooch

We all love our dogs, but are you ready to show them some extra love on the most romantic day of the year? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of us already know how we’re going to show our furry little friends just how much we love and appreciate them. Dogs shower us with unconditional love, so it’s only fair we return the favor and make Valentine’s Day all about them.

If you have a canine Valentine and you’re not sure how to spend the upcoming holiday together, here are some really fun ideas to inspire you on this day of love.

Make Some Delicious Pet Safe Treats Together

Nothing says “I love you” like a tasty treat. Every canine loves treats, so be sure to surprise yours with something new and delicious that they will love. Luckily, we have already put together a blog with the best recipes and recommendations for the occasion. If you don’t feel like baking, we suggest looking into a local dog bakery or pet shop that has fresh, all natural ingredients in their treats.

girl baking dog treats with dog

Get Your Pooch Some New Toys

There isn’t a dog in the world that doesn’t love their toys. This Valentine’s Day, how about treating your pooch to some new ones? To spice things up a bit, gift some Valentine’s dog toys with hearts and love quotes. Be sure to wrap them and make opening them a huge deal so that your furry little friend gets very excited. Once the gifts are out, take the time to play with your dog and introduce the toy. They will love you for it even more!

Our pick is the Dogiva Box of Chocolates toy set by fabdog!  
dog playing with toy

Go For a Nice Walk Together

What better way to get some much-needed exercise than to take your best friend for a nice long walk! A trip to the park or any of your dog’s favorite neighborhood spots will be a special treat that your pup will definitely appreciate. If you walk your dog first thing in the morning, treat them to an extra outing for the holiday that they won’t expect. Their happiness will surely light your day!
boy walking a dog

A Nice Spa Day Experience

Dogs feel great when they are cleaned, coiffed, and feeling fresh. Of course we know that most dogs would choose to forgo a bath, however, there’s no worse feeling than having knots or mats in their fur, or a stinky odor that hasn’t been taken care of for quite a while. Why not get them freshened up and looking/feeling their best?
Our pick is all-natural Pride+Groom’s dog grooming products!

dog at spa

Playdate Time!

Think about how excited your pup will be when they see their best bud unexpectedly. The pure joy that a dog gets when they are playing with friends is too pure for words. It’s also a great time for you to bond with your friends and fellow pet parents.
dogs playing together

Nothing Says Romance Like a Massage

Unfortunately your dog can’t return the favor, but they would be absolutely thrilled if you gave them a massage. Luckily we have some very detailed information on dog massage and the perfect techniques to make your dog purr. Yes, you heard that right!
Check out our dog massage blog

dog enjoying the massage

Our pick for dog massage is



Make Their Favorite Meal And Dine Together

Does your pooch have a favorite meal? A special meat that they don’t have often? Or maybe there is a meal the two of you can share. Including your pet in the cooking and plating process can be very inclusive and fun for them. They will really appreciate being part of the meal from start to finish!
dog dining with family

Have a Snuggle Session

Spend quality time lounging on the couch together, snuggling up for an extra long nap, or letting your large breed pretend they're a lap dog for a little bit. To take your celebration to the next level, grab a fluffy blanket and cozy up for a movie night on the couch. Cuddling with a pet is never a bad idea!
dog on the couch with human

If your Valentine has sweet eyes, likes long walks on the beach and is the best cuddler ever, you’re already on track to having the best Valentine’s Day ever! After all, nothing beats puppy love! Our dogs have proven that they will always give us the most enthusiastic welcome home, help us relieve stress, and keep a smile on our faces. We think they're the most deserving of a little extra love with Valentine's Day.