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It seems that they can. Since my wife has... Checkout our children's book based on Dunder & Munster! http://www.dunandmun.com/shop-new/Can dogs sense pregnancy?
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Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy? Introduction. Dogs are more observant than we give them credit for, picking up on our behaviors and body language. Signs Your Dog Knows You are Pregnant. It is suggested that dogs are able to sense pregnancies through behavioral... History of Dogs Sensing Pregnancy. ...
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A dogs sense of smell is substantially better than a humans. In fact, dogs can differentiate between anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 different scents and have 60 times more scent receptors than humans. But can dogs sense pregnancy in humans? Although there havent been any scientific studies that have examined specifically whether dogs can pick up the scent of a pregnant person, anecdotal evidence suggests that it may be possible.
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Change in odorWhen a woman becomes pregnant, her body chemistry changes.

This, in turn, can cause her distinct odor (an odor her dog knows intimately) to change.

So it seems only natural that dogs will sense the mood and behavior changes that the woman of the house undergoes when she is pregnant.

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Because a huge part of a dogs brain is devoted to analyzing odors, dogs are able to pick up on different scents resulting from chemical changes, cancer, insulin levels, bombs, drugs, a persons...
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We don't have scientific proof that pets sense their owners' pregnancies, but I've seen plenty of examples of this in my ten years as an animal trainer. Your pets probably don't understand that in nine months a new baby will be joining your family, but dogs and cats do detect differences in your mood, posture, behavior, and body chemistry that clue them in to the enormous changes you're going through.
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Dogs are observant and have strong senses of hearing and smell, so theres a good chance that your four-legged friend will pick up on a pregnancy  or at least know that somethings different.
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They have great senses of smell and vision, and it is no wonder that they can detect something is different when a woman is pregnant. Advertisement She noted that many dogs can tell something has shifted in a familiar human during pregnancy by detecting physical changes related to scent and appearance, as well as behavioral and emotional changes.
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Dogs have an astounding ability to sense change in the world around them, and that includes when their owner is pregnant. This shouldnt be surprising. After all, dogs are excellent at reading human body language and behavior, and there is even some evidence that dogs can detect when a person has cancer or is about to have an epileptic fit.
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While dogs may still be far from replacing an early pregnancy test, dogs may be capable of smelling hormones associated with pregnancy. Pregnant women experience dramatic increases in their estrogen and progesterone levels, the main hormones associated with pregnancy.


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