How do you avoid ambiguous sentences?

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4 Ways to Avoid Ambiguity in Your Writing
  1. Keep your sentences short.
  2. Start every sentence with the subject, follow closely with the verb, and end with the object.
  3. Place all adjectives close to the words they modify.

An Utterly Ambiguous Sentence

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When a sentence is ambiguous?

A locally ambiguous sentence is a sentence that contains an ambiguous phrase but has only one interpretation. The ambiguity in a locally ambiguous sentence briefly persists and is resolved, i.e., disambiguated, by the end of the utterance.

What is an example of ambiguous sentence?

However, sometimes ambiguity is used deliberately to add humor to a text. Examples of Ambiguity: The word "grave" has an ambiguous meaning: Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man. Sentence like- I saw a man on a hill with a telescope.

How do you overcome ambiguity?

As you read these consider how well you perform against these. Suppress your urge to control things. Learn to act without the complete picture. Understand that some of your decisions will be wrong. Work on your flexibility. Learn to deal with uncertainty. Realize there is not a defined plan you need to follow.

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How do you avoid jetlag?

Learn how to prevent jet lag with these 14 tips, for before, during and after the flight. Relax your schedule. Get a good night's sleep before you fly. Avoid arriving at night. Be plane savvy. Split up the trip. Avoid the bar. Sleeping pills are a no no. Say goodbye to coffee.

How do you avoid getting lice?

Here are some tips on how to prevent the spread of lice: Don't share items that touch the head like combs or towels. Avoid activities that lead to head-to-head contact. Keep belongings, especially upper body clothing, away from shared areas like coat closets.

How do you use pair in a sentence?

Pair Sentence Examples Carmen made a ball out of a pair of socks. You two make a fine pair, you know that? Bianca put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I saw a pair on your car out there. Slipping into a pair of tennis shoes, she headed for the kitchen. Molly smiled and the pair and dog left.

How do you use whom in a sentence?

Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”' or “'she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Who should be used to refer to the subject of a sentence.

How do you avoid puppy farms?

Do Always go to a reliable and reputable Kennel Club Assured Breeder. Ask to see the puppy's mother. See the puppy in its breeding environment and ask to look at the kennelling conditions if they were not raised within the breeder's house. Ask to see the relevant health test certificates for the puppy's parents.

Dangling modifiers | Syntax | Khan Academy

How is language ambiguous?

The lexical ambiguity of a word or phrase pertains to its having more than one meaning in the language to which the word belongs. "Meaning" here refers to whatever should be captured by a good dictionary. The context in which an ambiguous word is used often makes it evident which of the meanings is intended.

How do you avoid mistakes at work?

How To Avoid Mistakes At Work? Give Full Attention To What You're Doing. Always focus on your tasks and projects first. Avoid Distractions. Distractions make you prone to mistakes. Take Breaks. Ask Questions. Create a Checklist. Be Clear About Your Role. Review. Learn From Your Mistakes.

How do you avoid a beer hangover?

Here are 7 evidence-based ways to prevent hangovers, or at least make them significantly less severe. Avoid Drinks High in Congeners. Have a Drink the Morning After. Drink Plenty of Water. Get Enough Sleep. Eat a Hearty Breakfast. Consider Supplements. Drink in Moderation or Not at All.

How do you avoid answering a question?

How To Successfully Respond To A Question You Really Don't Want To Answer 1. Make Sure You Understand The Question. Take Time To Respond. Answer Part Of The Question. Postpone Your Answer. Turn Around the Pronouns. Divert The Question. Give The Asker Some Control. Watch Your Tone.

How do you use who in a sentence?

Steps Understand the difference between who and whom. Use who when referring to the subject of a sentence or clause. Use whom when referring to the object of a verb or preposition. Ask yourself if the answer to the question would be he/she or him/her.

Ambiguous (19 July 2011)

How do you use the word when in a sentence?

When Sentence Examples When she glanced at him, he was eyeing her, a wry smile twisting his lips. As always, he had been there when she needed him. That served another purpose when the conversation turned to the possibility of another child.

How do you use when in a sentence?

Sentence Examples When she glanced at him, he was eyeing her, a wry smile twisting his lips. As always, he had been there when she needed him. That served another purpose when the conversation turned to the possibility of another child.

How do you use whom in a sentence examples?

Steps Understand the difference between who and whom. Use who when referring to the subject of a sentence or clause. Use whom when referring to the object of a verb or preposition. Ask yourself if the answer to the question would be he/she or him/her.

How do you use won't in a sentence?

Sentence Examples They'll find our tracks, won't they? "I won't talk about it any more," she said cheerfully. I won't let anything hurt her. However, the company likely won't choose this outcome because the $10 cost of cleanup is not paid by the company but by society. You won't have any relief.

How do you use in the middle of a sentence?

We've compiled a list of all of the times when you need the mighty comma. Use a comma before any coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet) that links two independent clauses. Use a comma after a dependent clause that starts a sentence. Use commas to offset appositives from the rest of the sentence.

How do you use the word witch in a sentence?

Witch Sentence Examples Well, maybe it does for some people, but not a hard hearted old witch like me. Wow, I've never met a witch before. I didn't need a witch to tell me you are the love of my life. The Witch Hill used to be the place of execution of those poor wretches. Yes; a wicked witch enchanted her, so she could not rule her kingdom.

How do you use the word where in a sentence?

SUGGESTION: To test whether were is the correct word to use in a sentence, see if you can use are in its place, putting the sentence into the present tense. We're looks different from were: it has an apostrophe between the first e and the r. Pronunciation - We're rhymes with beer, fear, and pier.

How do you use pet peeve in a sentence?

Examples of pet peeve in a Sentence. One of my biggest pet peeves is people driving too slowly on the highway.

How do you use emphasis in a sentence?

Emphasis Sentence Examples There was an emphasis on student participation. The school had an emphasis on collaborative learning. His great emphasis is on the past. There was an emphasis on the importance of full cost recovery. It must not mislead by distortion, undue emphasis or omission. The summary showed an emphasis on sustainability.

How do you use else in a sentence?

Else Sentence Examples. Go brush your teeth - and whatever else you need to do. Almost everyone else had already left, so Katie and Mary volunteered to help.

How do you use the word who in a sentence?

Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”' or “'she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Who should be used to refer to the subject of a sentence.

How do you write a list in a sentence?

In a list with three or more items, separate items with commas. Use the word and only before the last item in the list, and always follow the last item with the proper punctuation when the list ends the sentence. Rule #7: Use a colon after a complete sentence that introduces a numbered or unnumbered horizontal list.

How do you use the word lovely in a sentence?

Lovely Sentence Examples You have a lovely smile. I looked my lovely future wife in the eye. There is a lovely beach that stretches miles along the blue Atlantic. I had many lovely things for Christmas. Father will buy me a lovely new watch. Sarah said, Your mother is lovely Elisabeth. Go back to your lovely bride.

What should you avoid eating when pregnant?

Foods You Shouldn't Eat While Pregnant Raw Meat: Uncooked seafood and rare or undercooked beef or poultry should be avoided because of the risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Fish with Mercury: Fish that contain high levels of mercury should be avoided.

Do sentences examples?

When the subject is he, she or it, we add DOES at the beginning to make the affirmative sentence a question.

Do not sentences examples?

Examples of Negative Sentences with Don't and Doesn't: You don't speak Russian. John doesn't speak French. We don't have time for a quick drink. It doesn't rain much in summer. They don't want to come with us. She doesn't like meat.

What is ambiguous grief?

Ambiguous loss is a loss that occurs without closure or understanding. This kind of loss leaves a person searching for answers, and thus complicates and delays the process of grieving, and often results in unresolved grief.

What is ambiguity poetry?

A word, statement, or situation with two or more possible meanings is said to be ambiguous. As poet and critic William Empson wrote in his influential book Seven Types of Ambiguity (1930), “The machinations of ambiguity are among the very roots of poetry.”

How do you avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders?

Help stop the suffering by taking these steps: Be a responsible, informed consumer-if you do buy from a breeder, go to a reputable one who: Adopt from a shelter or breed-specific rescue group near you-typically 25% of the animals in shelters are purebred.

What is ambiguity math?

An expression is said to be ambiguous (or poorly defined) if its definition does not assign it a unique interpretation or value. An expression which is not ambiguous is said to be well-defined. SEE ALSO: Ill-Defined, Well-Defined. CITE THIS AS: Weisstein, Eric W. "

What is ambiguity English?

Ambiguity means that what a thing is, is not clear. Literally, the word refers to a choice between two different things. In the proper sense it should mean “two different meanings” because “ambi” comes from the Greek word for “two”.

How can you avoid getting the plague?

Don't walk or camp near rodent burrows. Wear long pants tucked into socks or boot tops to prevent flea bites. Use insect repellent (containing the chemical DEET) on skin and clothing, especially socks and pant cuffs. Keep wild rodents out of homes, trailers, and outbuildings, and away from pets.

How do I avoid getting a cold?

We've consulted dozens of medical experts to bring you 14 ways to avoid colds and flu this season. Every time you shake someone's hand, wash yours. But don't stop there. Keep your hands off. Go to bed. Get your shot. Build up with healthy food. Work out. Stay away. Sanitize yourself.

Who's in a sentence?

Using Who's in a Sentence. When to use who's: Who's is a contraction of the pronoun who and either the verb is or has. For example: Who's that actor who always plays himself in films?

Can sentences example?

Could Sentence Examples What could he do about it but lose more sleep? I wish you could hear yourself talking. I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head. How could he find out? How could she blame him? I never thought I could do it.

Can you start a sentence with whom?

'Whom' vs. 'Who' at the Beginning of a Sentence. Technically, that "whom" is correct because it's the object of the verb "called." Yet almost no one would say it that way. It means that, when the pronoun's at the beginning of a sentence, even the most formal writing can use "who" as an object.

What does structural ambiguity mean?

Syntactic ambiguity, also called structural ambiguity, amphiboly or amphibology, is a situation where a sentence may be interpreted in more than one way due to ambiguous sentence structure.

What do vegans avoid?

Whole-food vegans: Vegans who favor a diet rich in whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Junk-food vegans: Vegans who rely heavily on processed vegan food, such as vegan meats, fries, vegan frozen dinners and vegan desserts, such as Oreo cookies and non-dairy ice cream.

Do rats avoid traps?

Make sure that you are catching rats and not mice. A typical mouse trap is not big enough to catch rats. Place rat traps in high-activity areas of the rat colony. Remember to place them touching a wall since rats like to run along walls to avoid detection.

What is ambiguity in Java?

The ambiguities are those issues that are not defined clearly in the Java language specification. The different results produced by different compilers on several example programs support our observations. KEY WORDS: Java; language design; language. definition; object-oriented programming; 1.

What does morally ambiguous mean?

5 Classic Examples of Moral Ambiguity in Literature. The term moral ambiguity means a situation that lacks clarity regarding the "correctness or wrongness" of a plot/person making the intentions of the author unclear. Thus, a morally ambiguous character cannot be aptly described as good or evil.

Can you start a sentence with Else?

2. You can't start a sentence with a conjunction. Another common grammar myth is the rule about starting sentences with conjunctions. The argument against using and or but to introduce a sentence is that such a sentence expresses an incomplete thought (or 'fragment') and is therefore incorrect.

Can you avoid knee replacement?

For many, weight loss is a basic but crucial way to help avoid knee surgery. And should you need arthritis knee surgery later, you'll decrease your risk of complications and reduce strain on your knees, which will make your rehabilitation go more smoothly. Physical activity.

Can sentences have been examples?

Here are some more examples: People could do so much more for their community. I couldn't have said it better myself. We could have left the party earlier. The girl was crying because she couldn't find her parents. You could have stopped by the grocery store. We need some milk. I couldn't have done it without you.

What should I avoid eating while breastfeeding?

Foods and Drinks to Avoid While Breastfeeding Fish. Fish are a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids and are okay to eat in moderation during breastfeeding. Coffee and Tea. Alcohol. Chocolate. Parsley, Peppermint and Sage. Garlic. “Gassy” Foods. Medicines to Avoid While Breastfeeding.

What should we avoid eating during periods?

Here's the list of foods to eat while on period: Salmon. Aside from being one of the healthiest foods in general, salmon helps ease period cramping. Bananas. Dark chocolate. Broccoli. Oranges. Watermelons, figs, and plums. Lemons. Eggs.

What should you avoid in dog food?

24 Bad Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid BHA/BHT. These chemical preservatives are used to preserve fats in human and pet foods. White Flour. White flour is a simple carbohydrate with most (if not all) of its nutrition stripped. Meat and Meat Meal. Meat is healthy for your pet. Artificial Colours. MSG. Gluten. Corn Syrup. Farmed Salmon.

Where should you avoid in Paris?

Forget fake news, these are the ten real 'no-go zones' in Paris The roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower on a Saturday afternoon in summer. Playground areas after school or on Sundays. The Metro (on a baking summer's day) The Gare du Nord train station after dark. Public toilets. Châtelet Metro station. The nightclubs around the Champs-Elysées.

Would a sentence?

When WOULD is used in conditionals with words such as if and what if, the main verb in these sentences is usually in the past tense. Here are some examples: If he found a better job, he would be so much happier.

What clothing do vegans avoid?

Clothing and furnishings. Vegans do not wear or use clothes, shoes or furnishings made with the skins, hair or feathers of other animals, including fur, leather, wool, feathers and silk. They can wear and use plant fabrics such as cotton, linen or hemp, and manmade materials such as polyester, acrylic or nylon.

What is ambiguous grammar explain with example?

In computer science, an ambiguous grammar is a context-free grammar for which there exists a string that can have more than one leftmost derivation or parse tree, while an unambiguous grammar is a context-free grammar for which every valid string has a unique leftmost derivation or parse tree.

How can I avoid miscarriage?

Preventing Miscarriage: Is There Anything You Can Do? If you're not already pregnant, schedule a pre-conception visit with your gynecologist. Eat a well-balanced diet. Exercise in moderation. Limit caffeine. Avoid drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Get a handle on stress. Get your blood sugar under control (if you have diabetes). Ask if you should take low-dose aspirin.

Can you avoid a root canal?

In addition, if you play contact sports, a mouthguard will help prevent trauma to the teeth. The best way to prevent a root canal is to prevent the cavity or trauma that may lead to a root canal in the first place. A root canal is needed when the pulp, or nerve, tissue inside the tooth begins to die.

Can you hatch a void egg?

A Void Egg can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest, or from Krobus in The Sewers. A Void Egg requires 4 days to incubate, including the day it is placed in the incubator. A Void Chicken matures 6 days after hatching, or 3 days after hatching with the Coopmaster Profession.

How can you avoid being bitten by a snake?

Snake Bite Prevention Do not try to handle any snake. Stay away from tall grass and piles of leaves when possible. Avoid climbing on rocks or piles of wood where a snake may be hiding. Be aware that snakes tend to be active at night and in warm weather. Wear boots and long pants when working outdoors.

What foods do vegetarians avoid?

Lacto-vegetarian diets exclude meat, fish, poultry and eggs, as well as foods that contain them. Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter, are included. Ovo-vegetarian diets exclude meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products, but allow eggs.

What plants do dogs avoid?

Other Flowers and Herbs. Dabbling your garden with marigolds also may help deter your dog from digging -- dogs tend to steer clear of them, finding their odor offensive. Other potential aromatics that dogs and cats usually avoid include the mustard plant, citronella, rosemary, lavender and lemon grass.

How can I avoid constipation?

Thirteen home remedies for constipation Drink more water. Eat more fiber, especially soluble, non-fermentable fiber. Exercise more. Drink coffee, especially caffeinated coffee. Take Senna, an herbal laxative. Eat probiotic foods or take probiotic supplements. Over-the-counter or prescription laxatives. Try a low-FODMAP diet.

Would a sentence example?

Here are some examples: If he found a better job, he would be so much happier. You would be healthier, if you did more exercise. If I had a lot of money, I would help build new schools in poor countries. What if I asked him for help, do you think he would help me? David would help you, if you asked him nicely.

How can I avoid tearing during delivery?

Here are six ways to reduce tearing: Perineal massage. Studies show that perineal massage reduces your chance of tearing during birth. The Epi-no. If you can't get the hang of perineal massage (and some women can't), try the Epi-no birthing trainer. Water baby. Warm, wet towels. Don't lie down. Keep calm and carry on.

How can I avoid sleeping instantly?

Try some of these 12 jitter-free tips to take the edge off sleepiness. Get Up and Move Around to Feel Awake. Take a Nap to Take the Edge Off Sleepiness. Give Your Eyes a Break to Avoid Fatigue. Eat a Healthy Snack to Boost Energy. Start a Conversation to Wake Up Your Mind. Turn Up the Lights to Ease Fatigue.

How can I avoid skin tags?

Preventing skin tags Work with your doctor and a dietitian to plan meals that are low in saturated fat and calories. Exercise at medium or high intensity for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Keep all skin folds dry to prevent friction. Don't wear clothing or jewelry that irritates your skin.

How can I avoid getting thrush?

Vaginal thrush prevention Change underwear daily and wash underwear in hot water (this destroys fungi). Candida likes moist, warm places. Avoid douching, or taking baths with bubble-bath, soap and bath salts, as these can upset the natural balance of the vagina. Don't clean the skin around your vagina more than once a day.

What should I avoid eating after gallbladder removal?

Avoid high-fat foods, fried and greasy foods, and fatty sauces and gravies for at least a week after surgery. Instead, choose fat-free or low-fat foods. Low-fat foods are those with no more than 3 grams of fat a serving. Eat smaller, more-frequent meals. Caffeine. Dairy products. Very sweet foods.

What should we avoid eating during pregnancy?

11 Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy High-Mercury Fish. Mercury is a highly toxic element. Undercooked or Raw Fish. Raw fish, especially shellfish, can cause several infections. Undercooked, Raw and Processed Meat. Raw Eggs. Organ Meat. Caffeine. Raw Sprouts. Unwashed Produce.

Did use sentence?

Did Sentence Examples "Where did you come from?" asked Dorothy, wonderingly. Did Alex think of her that way? Did you know that? And that was the way it did happen. Did I hurt you? Did he have reddish-brown hair, and did he ride a gray horse? "Why did you leave the surface of the earth?" enquired the Wizard. How did you know you loved him?

Will sentences examples?

Will Sentence Examples If the people of Boston must fight for their liberty, we will help them. If he does not take the inheritance, we will not have a home. There are the people who hope the future will be better. If you panic, she will be frightened. One day he will know. Will you buy it, my dear? he asked, addressing Dorothy.

Will future sentences examples?

Examples – Future Tense She'll write the e-mail after lunch. Don't lift that. You'll hurt yourself. You dropped your purse. I'll see you tomorrow. You'll get the answer by post. Dan's going to take the order over to the customer. The girls are going to sing 'Amazing Grace' now. I'll drive you to your lesson at 4 pm.

Would have been sentences?

Examples If it had rained, you would have gotten wet. You would have gotten wet if it had rained. You would have passed your exam if you had worked harder. If you had worked harder, you would have passed your exam. I would have believed you if you hadn't lied to me before.

What should you avoid before surgery?

Medications to Avoid Before and After Surgery Aspirin, enteric-coated, baby, and plain aspirin or any other product containing aspirin. Coumadin – discuss this with the prescriber as to the best time to stop this medication before surgery. Celebrex- stop 1 week prior to surgery. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) - stop 1 week prior to surgery.

Who vs whom examples sentences?

It's the same for the second example: “he deserves it” wins out. Rule #1: Substitute “he/him” or “she/her”: If it's either “he” or “she,” then it's “who;” if it's “him” or “her,” then it's “whom.” “he” (whoever) is the subject of the verb “called.”

Will have been sentences?

Future Perfect Continuous Tense. The activity will have begun sometime in the past, present, or in the future, and is expected to continue in the future. In November, I will have been working at my company for three years. At five o'clock, I will have been waiting for thirty minutes.

Should example sentence?

Should Sentence Examples She should wash them, but there wasn't time. It should be ready now. So, what should she pack? Connie should be here any minute. I should long ago have joined the archduke. Should he buy candy? I should have been with them tonight. I should have been checking it.

How can I avoid pooping during labor?

5 Tips to Avoid Pooping during Labor #1. Drink lots of fluids and eat tons of fiber throughout your pregnancy. #2. Go to the toilet when you can. #3. Eat lightly during early labor. #4. Take a suppository. #5. Get an Enema.

What foods should you avoid with vertigo?

Avoiding migraine triggers including foods that contain the amino acid tyramine. Examples of such foods include red wine, chicken liver, smoked meats, yogurt, chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits, figs, ripened cheeses (e.g., cheddar and Brie), and nuts.

What should you avoid in early pregnancy?

Foods to avoid in pregnancy Cheeses to avoid in pregnancy. Soft cheeses with white rinds. Avoid some raw or partially cooked eggs if you're pregnant. Pâté in pregnancy. Raw or undercooked meat is risky in pregnancy. Vitamin and fish oil supplements. Fish in pregnancy. Peanuts are safe in pregnancy. Milk and yoghurt in pregnancy.

What should you avoid during a thunderstorm?

Safety precautions indoors Avoid water during a thunderstorm. Lightning can travel through plumbing. Avoid electronic equipment of all types. Lightning can travel through electrical systems and radio and television reception systems. Avoid corded phones. Avoid concrete floors and walls.

How can I avoid tearing during childbirth?

Here are six ways to reduce tearing: Perineal massage. Studies show that perineal massage reduces your chance of tearing during birth. The Epi-no. If you can't get the hang of perineal massage (and some women can't), try the Epi-no birthing trainer. Water baby. Warm, wet towels. Don't lie down. Keep calm and carry on.

Shall and should Sentences examples?

Should is the past tense of shall We can use it as a personal opinion. Examples: You should go to the police. Use to express that we wish something had happened but it didn't. Example: You should have seen it, it was beautiful. Should used to ask for someone's opinion. Example: Used something expected or correct. Example:

Will used in a sentence?

Using “will” in the negative. If you have used “be” in a sentence where “will” is used positively, then you simply add the negative word, “not” after “will”. You do not use “not” after the additional verb. For example, in the positive form it would be written as “I will be coming for dinner.”

How can I avoid a girl?

Steps Talk to her. Give her a few days to let this information sink in. Avoid making eye contact. Nod whenever you pass casually in the hallway and don't smile, so that it's not a greeting, but an acknowledgment. Don't pick up that phone if she calls you! Resist having any conversations with her.

How can I avoid tearing during labor?

Here are six ways to reduce tearing: Perineal massage. Studies show that perineal massage reduces your chance of tearing during birth. The Epi-no. If you can't get the hang of perineal massage (and some women can't), try the Epi-no birthing trainer. Water baby. Warm, wet towels. Don't lie down. Keep calm and carry on.

How can I avoid tearing during birth?

Here are six ways to reduce tearing: Perineal massage. Studies show that perineal massage reduces your chance of tearing during birth. The Epi-no. If you can't get the hang of perineal massage (and some women can't), try the Epi-no birthing trainer. Water baby. Warm, wet towels. Don't lie down. Keep calm and carry on.

What foods should you avoid if you have breast cancer?

Studies have found that breast cancer survivors who eat diets high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, chicken, and fish tend to live longer than those who eat diets that have more refined sugars, fats, red meats (such as beef, pork, and lamb), and processed meats (such as bacon, sausage, luncheon meats, and hot dogs)

Is rabies a death sentence?

Without appropriate prevention and treatment, rabies is fatal. Therefore, the rabies bite was a potential death sentence for the family's young son who had not received any post-exposure treatment.

Could used in a sentence?

"Could" is a modal verb used to express possibility or past ability as well as to make suggestions and requests. "Could" is also commonly used in conditional sentences as the conditional form of "can." Examples: Extreme rain could cause the river to flood the city.

What are garden path sentences?

A garden-path sentence is a grammatically correct sentence that starts in such a way that a reader's most likely interpretation will be incorrect; the reader is lured into a parse that turns out to be a dead end or yields a clearly unintended meaning.

Can and could sentence examples?

Can and could are modal auxiliary verbs which express ability, permission, request, offer or possibility. Could is originally the past form of can, but it also has certain functions which can does not, for example, it is used in hypothetical conditions. Examples: She can speak English very well.

Do dogs know to avoid cars?

Methods to Teach a Dog to Avoid Cars. 1. Each time you reach a road, whether or not there is traffic, have your dog sit at your side and only release him to cross after giving him the okay. Some dogs learn, some dogs never will, and might die.

How can I avoid sleeping while studying?

By Gurmeet Kaur Here, in this article you will get some useful and lucrative tips that you can follow to avoid sleep while studying for long hours. Keep your study room well lighted. Sit on a chair not on bed. Avoid heavy meals. Drink lots of water. Follow 'Early to bed, early to rise' funda. Take a nap in the afternoon.

How can I avoid mastitis while breastfeeding?

To help prevent mastitis: Mothers and midwives should thoroughly wash their hands before touching the breasts after a nappy change. Make sure the baby is positioned and attached properly on the breast. Avoid long periods between feeds. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

How can I avoid paying high taxes?

Consider these five ways to avoid spiking into a higher tax bracket this year: Contribute to retirement plans. ... Avoid selling too many assets in one year. ... Plan the timing of income and business expenses. ... Pay deductible expenses and make contributions in high-income years. ... If you're a farmer or fisherman, use income averaging.

How can I use which in a sentence?

Use that for things and, informally, for people. Sometimes, you need a comma before which and who. The rule is this: If the information added by the who or which clause is just additional information (i.e., it's not essential to identify another word in the sentence), then you should offset the clause with commas.

Was were sentences in English?

Were Sentence Examples I don't know where they were planning to sit. I thought bananas were your favorite fruit. The kittens were incredibly cute. Knowing what they were looking like before the cooking made them less attractive to the diner. Were you going to eat dinner out before the dance? I know where you were last night.

Was sentences in English examples?

Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb. The train was late. Mary and Samantha took the bus. I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What vegans should avoid?

I'm vegan and CAN'T eat: Butter or cream. Eggs. Cheese from cows or goats. Milk from cows or goats. Meat, poultry, lamb, or beef. Fish, shellfish, shrimp, or lobster. Gelatin. Honey.

Why do some dogs avoid eye contact?

Though direct eye contact may not be natural for dogs, canines will often learn that eye contact with people can result in good things, like attention and food. One study found that dogs are able to track human eye movement, which helps them perceive a person's intent.