What does a railroad hostler do?


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What Does A Yard Hostler Do.

Workers in railroad occupations ensure that passenger and freight trains run on time and travel safely.

Some workers drive trains, some coordinate the activities of the trains, and others operate signals and switches in the rail yard.

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What's a yard hostler?

According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, a hostler in motor transportation is a type of truck driver who directs trucks or tractors at vehicle parking or docking areas to move, position, or park trucks or trailers.

Why can't railroads strike?

If they can't come to terms, either party can exercise “self help” — the unions can strike and the railroads can implement a lock-out. Since World War II, there hasn't been a national railroad strike that's lasted more than a few days because “Congress will just not permit it to happen,” Wilner says.

Can railroaders strike?

If they can't come to terms, either party can exercise “self help” — the unions can strike and the railroads can implement a lock-out. Since World War II, there hasn't been a national railroad strike that's lasted more than a few days because “Congress will just not permit it to happen,” Wilner says.

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When was the last railroad strike?

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began on July 17, 1877, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Workers for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad went on strike, because the company had reduced workers' wages twice over the previous year.

What does a blanket do?

A blanket is a piece of soft cloth large enough either to cover or to enfold a great portion of the user's body, usually when sleeping or otherwise at rest, thereby trapping radiant bodily heat that otherwise would be lost through convection, and so keeping the body warm.

What does a watchdog do?

A watchdog timer (sometimes called a computer operating properly or COP timer, or simply a watchdog) is an electronic timer that is used to detect and recover from computer malfunctions. During normal operation, the computer regularly resets the watchdog timer to prevent it from elapsing, or "timing out".

What does a FURminator do?

The FURminator deShedding Tool you should use in the direction of hair growth, typically starting at the base of the neck and brushing to the tail. The FURminator deShedding Tool is fine to use on the ears and tail. It is non-abrasive to the skin and removes the undercoat and loose hair.

What does a ESA do?

ESA is short for Emotional Support Animal. An Emotional Support Animal is an animal that provides therapeutic support to its owner and is protected by the Air Carriers Access Act (ACAA) and by the Fair Housing Authority (FHA). How do I get an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

A day as a locomotive Hostler

What does a submissive do?

For example, the submissive person might serve the dominant one food, or give them a massage; the dominant person might order the submissive one around or restrain them or punish them in some way; people might act out particular power-based role-plays such as teacher and student, cop and robber, or pirate and captive.

What does a switcher do?

A vision mixer (also called video switcher, video mixer or production switcher) is a device used to select between several different video sources and, in some cases, compositing video sources together to create special effects.

What does a sitter do?

A Hospital Sitter is a caregiver who provides patients in need of supervision with companionship and care. Hospital Sitters provide a compassionate substitute for restraints, seclusion rooms and other measures to deal with challenging patients. Also known as Patient Sitter or Patient Companion.

What does a Halti do?

What is a Halti? If you are familiar with the use of a halter on horses, the Halti for dogs is an approximate equivalent. The Halti is worn over the head of the dog with one loop passing around the neck and another going over the muzzle, ensuring a close but comfortable fit.

What does a zoologist do?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists study animals and other wildlife and how they interact with their ecosystems. They study the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats.

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What does a transmission do?

A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of the power. Often the term transmission refers simply to the gearbox that uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.

What does a Felinologist do?

Felinology is the study of cats. The term is of Latin-Greek origin and comes from the Latin word felinus (of cats, feline) and the Greek -logos (science). Felinology is concerned with studying the anatomy, genetics, physiology, and breeding of domestic and wild cats.

What does a martingale do?

Martingale (tack) The two most common types of martingale, the standing and the running, are used to control the horse's head height, and to prevent the horse from throwing its head so high that the rider gets hit in the face by the horse's poll or upper neck.

What does a closer do?

Mortgage loan closers work for banks and other lending institutions. Duties and responsibilities of a mortgage loan closer include collecting, organizing, preparing and confirming the accuracy of all data in closing documents during the purchase of a home.

What does a ligament do?

"Ligament" most commonly refers to a band of dense regular connective tissue bundles made of collagenous fibers, with bundles protected by dense irregular connective tissue sheaths. Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form joints, while tendons connect bone to muscle.

What does a cornerman do?

In combat sports, a cornerman, or second, is a coach or trainer assisting a fighter during a bout. The cornerman may perform cutman duties such as applying ice or adrenaline to reduce swelling and stop bleeding. The cornerman may also be responsible for throwing in the towel when necessary.

What does a Fitbark do?

FitBark devices are research-grade dog activity and sleep monitors. They collect physical activity and rest levels 24/7, providing you and your family with unprecedented insights into dog health and behavior. Made in the shape of a tiny, stylish dog-bone, FitBark devices fit dogs of any size.

What does Cinnamon do for a dog?

Benefits of Cinnamon for Dogs. For older or obese/overweight dogs who are at risk of contracting diabetes, as little as a half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can help regulate blood sugar and raise insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon can fight the fungus that causes yeast infections.

What does a bail bond agent do?

Bail bondsman. A bail bondsman, bail bond agent or bond dealer is any person, agency or corporation that will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a defendant in court.

What does embalming do to a body?

Embalming is the art and science of preserving human or animal remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals) to forestall decomposition. Embalming preserves the human body intact, whereas taxidermy is the recreation of an animal's form often using only the creature's skin mounted on an anatomical form.

What does salt do to a dog?

Excess salt and salty foods are not recommended for dogs. Furthermore, salt in large quantities (called “salt poisoning”) can cause dehydration, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Dogs naturally need sodium as part of an electrolyte balance, so small amounts of salt aren't bad for your dog.

What does pumpkin do for a dog?

Good for both diarrhea and constipation, canned pumpkin (not raw, not the sugary, spicy pie filling) is loaded with fiber and beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Don't give Buddy a lot of it—too much A is highly toxic to dogs—but a couple of teaspoons a day for little pups, or a couple of tablespoons

What does a dog bather do?

What Does A Dog Bather Do. Animal care and service workers provide care for animals. They feed, groom, bathe, and exercise pets and other nonfarm animals. Job tasks vary by position and place of work.

What does a cording foot do?

The Cording Foot can also be used to gather fabrics. Because the gathering cord is thicker than normal gathering stitches, there is less chance for the thread to break while drawing the fabric to gather it. Select a narrow zig-zag stitch that is just wide enough to sew over the cord, but not sew into the cord.

What does a seizure dog do?

A seizure dog is a dog that has been trained (or has learned) to respond to a seizure in someone who has epilepsy. Service dogs can be trained to do a variety of tasks, including barking to alert caregivers when a seizure occurs, moving in a way to protect the person having a seizure, or activating an alarm.

What does a concession stand worker do?

Resume samples for Concession Stand Workers mention duties like welcoming guests at the concession stand, taking orders for food or beverage, presenting prices and packing options, processing cash payments, operating food preparation equipment, and maintaining the stand clean and sanitized.

What does a flushing dog do?

A flushing dog is a gun dog trained to flush game, especially birds, by first finding the game then driving it from its hiding place for a hunter to shoot or capture. Some types of dogs have been specially bred for flushing ability, such as Springer, Cocker and other spaniels.

What does neutering do to a dog?

Spaying or neutering can lead to a reduction in certain health risks for both female and male dogs. Neutering a male dog prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of other problems, such as prostate disease. A neutered male dog might also have less desire to roam. May help with certain behavior issues.

What does a pet sitter do?

Dog walking is also a form of pet sitting since it involves coming to the pet's home to provide exercise and companionship. As the definition above indicates, pet sitters care for your pets in your home. Pet sitters often offer more than one pet-sitting visit per day, and some pet sitters offer overnight stays as well.

What exactly does a dog groomer do?

Pet groomers work with dogs and other animals in pet stores and pet grooming boutiques to make pets pretty. They shampoo trim and shape fur, clip nails, generally make the pet look good. Pet groomers must also keep their work area clean, which, when working with dog hair, means lots and lots of sweeping.

What does resetting a sim do?

Resetting a Sim drops every action/ animation his currently doing and puts him back to his own lot. His skills, relations etc are untouched by this action. Reset a lot Go to Edit Town mode. Choose the lot you want to reset. Change into Build or Buy mode. All Sims on that lot will be transfered home.

What does rabies do to a dog?

How Would My Dog Get Rabies? Since animals who have rabies secrete large amounts of virus in their saliva, the disease is primarily passed to dogs through a bite from an infected animal. It can also be transmitted through a scratch or when infected saliva makes contact with mucous membranes or an open, fresh wound.

What does a seizure response dog do?

PAWS Seizure Response Dogs are custom-trained to assist people who have epilepsy with tasks such as activating a life-alert system, finding someone to help, retrieving a phone or stimulating a person during a seizure. PAWS Seizure Response Dogs are NOT trained to protect or predict seizure activity.

What does lymphoma do to a dog?

Lymphoma is a blanket term used to diagnose cancers that stem from white blood cells called lymphocytes. These white blood cells help the dog's immune system to effectively fight off infections. Lymphocytes are found in high volumes in areas of the body such as the lymph nodes, the spleen, and within the bone marrow.

What does a pet rock do?

Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico's Rosarito Beach. They were marketed like live pets, in custom cardboard boxes, complete with straw and breathing holes. Although by February 1976 they were discounted due to lower sales, Dahl sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks for $4 each, and became a millionaire.

What does a food taster do?

A food taster is a person who ingests food that was prepared for someone else, to confirm it is safe to eat.

What does yeast do to a dog?

Yeast rises in warm & moist environments, so when a dog ingests yeast it causes their stomach to expand. Dogs can get alcohol poisoning from eating yeast. During the fermentation process yeast produces ethanol which gets absorbed into their bloodstream.

What does anxiety do to a dog?

In most cases, dogs suffering from anxiety will develop behavioral issues or bodily reactions to a particular stimulus that is causing their panic and anxiety. The most common form of anxiety is separation anxiety in dogs, which can occur when a dog is left alone for any period of time.

What does garlic do to a dog?

Toxic doses of garlic can cause damage to the red blood cells (making them more likely to rupture) leading to anemia. Signs of garlic poisoning can be delayed and not apparent for several days. While tiny amounts of these foods in some pets, especially dogs, may be safe, large amounts can be very toxic.

What does a dog behaviourist do?

Animal behaviorists are people who love animals and study them to learn and understand animal behavior – why they do things and act in certain ways. One mistaken belief some pet owners have is that a good dog trainer is also an animal behaviorist and vice versa.

What does a dog daycare attendant do?

The Canine Attendant is responsible for the supervision, control and management of daycare dogs and ensuring the safety of the playgroup. Employee is also responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playrooms as well as other areas of the facility as assigned.

What does pack a punch do?

The Pack-A-Punch Machine is a special machine found on many Zombie maps. Once you have access to it you can upgrade any one of your weapons to a more powerful version for 5000 Points. Once a weapon is upgraded you can buy upgraded ammo for 4500 Points, but only if the weapon was taken off the wall.

What does aspirin do to a dog?

Aspirin Toxicity in Dogs. Aspirin, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, has beneficial effects including anti-platelet, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. However, it can also be toxic. Dog owners must therefore follow their veterinarian's orders strictly if they use aspirin for any reason.

What does a standard stock do apex?

Standard Stock (Common) Improves handling and reduces aim drift. ( Raising/lowering weapon is 15% faster) Standard Stock (Rare)

What does a dog license do?

A dog licence is required in some jurisdictions to be the keeper of a dog. Licensing a dog might require additional actions on the owner's part, such as ensuring that the dog has a current rabies vaccination. In many jurisdictions a fee, which is usually small, must be paid.

What does Bobrisky do for a living?

Entrepreneur Célébrité sur internet

What does a rescue dog do?

The use of dogs in search and rescue (SAR) is a valuable component in wilderness tracking, natural disasters, mass casualty events, and in locating missing people. Dedicated handlers and well-trained dogs are required for the use of dogs to be effective in search efforts.

What does a pet stylist do?

Pet stylists, or groomers, bathe animals and trim their hair and nails. They might work in pet stores, styling salons, boarding kennels, animal clinics and animal rescue organizations or be self-employed.

What does a therapy dog do?

A therapy dog is a dog that might be trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with anxiety disorders or autism.

What does Benadryl do for a dog?

Scientifically speaking, Benadryl is an antihistamine. The drug blocks the H-1 receptors on the blood vessels and smooth muscle which reduces symptoms of allergic reactions. Additionally, Benadryl has been used to treat motion sickness in dogs and also acts as a mild sedative.

What does a dog walker do?

Duties. Dog walkers are responsible for providing exercise for their client's dogs each day. Walks usually run in half-hour or one-hour increments. Dog walkers often are also responsible for checking the dog's food and water supply to make sure basic needs are met after their exercise.

What does calcium do for a dog?

Calcium is known for its role in building strong bones, but it also performs several other functions in your dog's body. Calcium helps keep your dog's nails, teeth, and coat healthy. Calcium is required for digestion, blood clotting, squeezing and relaxing muscles, releasing hormones, and proper nerve function.

What does a quilting foot do?

A Quilting Foot is a MUST HAVE. The purpose of a quilting foot (usually called a walking foot) is to evenly feed all three layers of your quilt sandwich through your sewing machine during quilting. This presser foot is used by quilters for straight or gently curving stitching lines or for ditch quilting.

What does gabapentin do for a dog?

Gabapentin is used in both dogs and cats to treat chronic pain, particularly of neuropathic origin. It appears to be most effective when combined with other types of analgesic agents, for example NSAIDs, permitting the use of lower doses. It also is used in chronic arthritic pain and pain associated with malignancy.

What does Tylenol do to a dog?

Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol and some other related medications that are used to treat pain and fever in people. Unfortunately, this drug can be extremely toxic (poisonous) to cats and dogs. Acetaminophen is mostly metabolized (broken down and eliminated from the body) by the liver.

What does rabies do to a human?

Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans and other mammals. Early symptoms can include fever and tingling at the site of exposure. Saliva from an infected animal can also transmit rabies if the saliva comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose.

What does aspirin do for a dog?

Vets usually prescribe aspirin for dogs with osteoarthritis or musculoskeletal inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with these conditions and can offer your dog relief from symptoms.

What does a dog muzzle do?

A muzzle will only prevent your dog being able to bite; but a dog wearing a muzzle can still cause injury. Muzzles should NOT be used for things like stopping your dog from barking, chewing, or eating things off the ground or for a puppy who is play biting.

What does a Zoll Life Vest do?

It is lightweight and easy to wear, allowing patients to return to most of their daily activities with peace of mind that they have protection from SCD. LifeVest is designed to detect a life-threatening rapid heart rhythm and automatically deliver a treatment shock to save a patient's life.

What does a yard jockey do?

What Does A Yard Jockey Do. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. Most tractor-trailer drivers are long-haul drivers and operate trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity of more than 26,000 pounds.

What does Benadryl do to a dog?

Scientifically speaking, Benadryl is an antihistamine. The drug blocks the H-1 receptors on the blood vessels and smooth muscle which reduces symptoms of allergic reactions. Additionally, Benadryl has been used to treat motion sickness in dogs and also acts as a mild sedative.

What does a dog whistle do?

A dog whistle (also known as silent whistle or Galton's whistle) is a type of whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range, which people cannot hear but some other animals can, including dogs and domestic cats, and is used in their training. To human ears, a dog whistle makes only a quiet hissing sound.

What does a dog grooming assistant do?

In other words, whether they're shampooing their fur and cleaning their ears, or clipping their nails and trimming their coat – a Dog Groomer's job is to make dogs look (and smell) clean and presentable. Typical tasks and duties for Dog Groomer could include: Greeting owners and discussing preferred grooming.

What does ibuprofen do to a dog?

Ibuprofen and naproxen are widely used to treat pain, fever, and inflammation in people. Unfortunately, these drugs can be extremely toxic (poisonous) to cats and dogs. Toxicity occurs when a cat or dog eats enough of one of these drugs to cause damaging effects in the body.

What does Sudafed do to a dog?

Pseudoephedrine is found in certain cold, allergy, and sinus medications used in humans. As little as one tablet containing 30 mg of pseudoephedrine can induce clinical signs in a 20-pound dog, including nervousness, hyperactivity, and other behavioral changes; panting; fast heart rate; and high blood pressure.

What does rabies do to a person?

Rabies is caused by the rabies virus. Infected animals have the virus in their saliva. The virus enters the body through broken skin or the eyes, nose, or mouth, and travels through nerves to the brain. There it multiplies and causes inflammation and damage.

What does a cheese sprayer do?

Cheese Sprayer: Tends equipment that coats popcorn or similar food product with melted cheese: Dumps salt into hopper of salt-sprinkling device. Starts drum rotating and pump that forces melted cheese through spray nozzle onto popcorn.

What does a dog neurologist do?

Veterinary neurology pertains to conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves of animals. The most important skill a board-certified veterinary neurologist possesses is the ability to perform a detailed neurological exam.

What does a dog's third eyelid do?

The third eyelid serves a few functions: It protects the eye the way the other eyelids do and can wipe debris off the surface of the eye. It has a gland that produces 1/3 of tears for the eye. It has some limpid tissue in the glad that helps fight off infection.

What does a life vest do?

The LifeVest™ is a personal defibrillator worn by a patient at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It monitors the patient's heart continuously, and if the patient goes into a life-threatening arrhythmia, the LifeVest delivers a shock treatment to restore the patient's heart to normal rhythm.

What does neutering a male dog do?

Spaying or neutering can lead to a reduction in certain health risks for both female and male dogs. Neutering a male dog prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of other problems, such as prostate disease. A neutered male dog might also have less desire to roam. May help with certain behavior issues.

What does a dog clicker do?

Clicker training is a method that uses a unique sound, a click, to tell a dog that he has done something right. Because the click sound is hard to replicate in daily life it is a distinct sound that can be used to mark any action or behavior a dog does. The sound is made using a 'clicker'.

What does the pack a punch do?

The Pack-A-Punch Machine is a special machine found on many Zombie maps. Once you have access to it you can upgrade any one of your weapons to a more powerful version for 5000 Points. Once a weapon is upgraded you can buy upgraded ammo for 4500 Points, but only if the weapon was taken off the wall.

What does a kennel technician do?

As a kennel technician, your duties include cleaning and maintaining the kennels, giving pets their food and medication, walking dogs, and providing grooming and bathing services. You may work with veterinarians and veterinary technicians, who oversee the animal's health while they are boarding.

What does a protein coat do?

Function. Fundamentally, the viral coat protein functions as protection for the genetic material inside the virus, and as an aid to infecting the host cell with virus DNA. Essentially, the coat protein (CP) is a link between the genetic material and infecting the host.

What does a dog do at night?

Dogs see a lot better than humans do at night. Dogs have many adaptations for low-light vision. A larger pupil lets in more light. The center of the retina has more of the light-sensitive cells (rods), which work better in dim light than the color-detecting cones.

What does a night nanny do?

Night nannies, or maternity nurses, will come to your house in the evening to spend all night looking after the baby – feeding and winding, changing nappies and soothing them to sleep – allowing frazzled parents some respite. Typically a night nanny will arrive at 9pm and stay until 7am at a cost of £155.

What does a hunting dog do?

Gun dogs are best at tracking, pointing and retrieving different types of fowl and small game. Breeds include spaniels, pointers, retrievers, setters and water dogs. Hounds are great at tracking large game and can be good for deer hunting and bear hunting.

What does a dog do to survive?

Wild dogs survive by eating meat, meaning they have to hunt for their food. Many of the adaptations dogs have developed make them better hunters. For example, dogs have a very good sense of smell. In fact, a dog's sense of smell is about 1 million times more sensitive than that of humans!

What does a herding dog do?

Herding dogs are used to manage sheep. They are also called stockdogs or working dogs. Guardian dogs are used to protect sheep from predators. A well-trained herding dog works in partnership with its handler and obeys commands to perform its job.

What does a dog catcher do?

Patrolling the streets of an assigned area, Dog Wardens capture stray animals and, when possible, return them safely to their owners. Also, in an effort to protect the animals themselves, they interview owners who don't provide adequate care for their pets.

What does a presser foot do?

A presser foot is an attachment used with sewing machines to hold fabric flat as it is fed through the machine and stitched. Presser feet have two toes, one to hold the fabric down on either side of the needle.

What does a balance wheel do?

A balance wheel, or balance, is the timekeeping device used in mechanical watches and some clocks, analogous to the pendulum in a pendulum clock. It is a weighted wheel that rotates back and forth, being returned toward its center position by a spiral torsion spring, the balance spring or hairspring.

What does a psychiatric service dog do?

A psychiatric service dog (PSD) is specifically trained to assist an individual or perform tasks for someone who has been disabled by severe mental health issues. A psychiatric service dog can assist their person by providing a safe presence that grounds them. They remind their owner to take their medication on time.

What does a kennel assistant do?

Duties. Kennel attendants provide daily care for the dogs that are boarded in their kennel. They are involved with scheduling boarding appointments, cleaning cages and runs, bathing, grooming, exercising, feeding, administering medication, and monitoring the behavior of boarded dogs.

What does a 24 hour fast do?

A weekly 24-hour fast. On a 24-hour diet, a person can have teas and calorie-free drinks. Fasting completely for 1 or 2 days a week, known as the Eat-Stop-Eat diet, involves eating no food for 24 hours at a time.

What does a no pull harness do?

A no-pull dog harness helps end the leash battle between you and your dog so that you can have more peaceful walks.

What does a skip tooth blade do?

The Finish Cut blades leave a nicer "finish" look to the coat, so that is why Andis' Official Blade Guide sometimes recommends that you use both a Skip Tooth and Finish Cut blade of the same size--the Skip Tooth to do the main cutting and the Finish Cut at the end to give the smoother finish look.

What does prednisone do for a dog?

Prednisone Directions: Prednisone is a prescription corticosteroid used in dogs and cats to treat various conditions such as Addison's disease, inflammation from arthritis, allergies, and certain autoimmune diseases.

What does steroids do to a dog?

Pain Relief Medications (Steroids) for Dogs and Cats. Steroids are medications that relieve pain and inflammation. Steroids are given to pets for emergencies, inflammation, allergic reactions, and cancer. Steroids help control inflammationand allergic reactions, and help reduce pain.

What does a cat sitter do?

What does a pet sitter do? As the definition above indicates, pet sitters care for clients' pets in the clients' homes. Pet owners often use pet sitters when they go on a vacation, travel for business, work long hours or when they are too sick or injured to care for their pet(s).

What does corn do to a dog?

Corn in dog food meets several key nutritional needs that dogs have, including: Carbohydrates-Whole corn or corn meal provides easily digestible carbohydrates, which serves as a key energy source for your dog. Linoleic acid- This omega-6 fatty acid is something dogs cannot produce on their own.

What does a mast cell do?

Although best known for their role in allergy and anaphylaxis, mast cells play an important protective role as well, being intimately involved in wound healing, angiogenesis, immune tolerance, defense against pathogens, and blood–brain barrier function.

What does a neurologist do for dogs?

Paralysis, tremors or seizures are a few symptoms that something is amiss in a dog's nervous system — the network of cells that carry signals to and from the brain and the body. To give your dog the best chance at recovery from a neurological disorder, it's important for you to recognize signs.

What does a grooming assistant do?

The Pet Grooming Assistant is responsible for checking in animals, bathing, clipping/grinding nails, cleaning ears and assisting the Pet Groomers in the care of each animal. If you love working with

What does a shunt truck driver do?

The shunt truck driver is responsible for performing safe and efficient moves of containers or chassis between different locations within the terminal in order to contribute to optimal operations.

What does a canine specialist do?

Canine specialists assist dog owners in countless ways. They serve as advisors for all matters related to nutrition, grooming, exercise, breeding, training, temperament and behavior.