What ex girlfriend means?

What does ex-girlfriend mean?

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Ex (relationship) In social relationships, an ex (plural is exes) is someone with whom a person was once associated, in a relationship or marriage.

As a prefix, ex- can refer to a variety of different relationships; for example, one might refer to a music group's ex-guitarist, or someone's ex-friend.

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What does ex mean in school?

a prefix meaning “out of,” “from,” and hence “utterly,” “thoroughly,” and sometimes meaning “not” or “without” or indicating a former title, status, etc.; freely used as an English formative: exstipulate; exterritorial; ex-president (former president); ex-member; ex-wife .

Does ex mean example?

It's not common to use ex. as a short for example. eg. is the correct literal short for exempli gratia , the Latin phrase that means for example. Most classical students of English are taught to use eg. to abbreviate example. So although it's really uncommon, sometimes example is abbreviated as ex.

What is the meaning ex boyfriend?

Noun. 1. ex-boyfriend - a man who is no longer a woman's boyfriend. adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus" Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

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What is the meaning of boyfriend and girlfriend relationship?

A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom one is platonic, romantically or sexually involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles (e.g., husband, partner) are more commonly used for long-term committed relationships.

What words end in ex?

5-letter words that end in ex index. annex. latex. telex. codex. culex. silex. murex.

What is an ex breeding dog?

Dogs are pack animals, they can adapt really easily to living with people as they will think of themselves as one of the people pack (the family). It can go quickly or take months before you see a happy settled dog. IF YOU WANT A READY MADE DOG AN EX BREEDING OR FRIGHTENED DOG IS NOT THE DOG FOR YOU.

What is Snoopy's girlfriend's name?

Snoopy's fiancée is a minor unseen dog character, in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. She has never been given a name. Snoopy meets her and falls in love with her in a series of strips which originally ran between July 25 and August 30, 1977.

What should I call my girlfriend?

Here are some nicknames inspired by food that you could call your girlfriend: Marshmallow – For an adorable girlfriend. Cookie – For a sweet girlfriend. Cupcake – A sweetheart! Ginger – A popular nickname for red-heads. Honey – A classic pet name for a girl you love.

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What is Crash Bandicoot's girlfriends name?

Coco Bandicoot is the younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. Coco was designed by Charles Zembillas and Naughty Dog as a counterbalance to Tawna (Crash's girlfriend in the first game) that would appease Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, who were not comfortable with a "super sexy" character being alongside Crash.

What kind of dog is Benji's girlfriend?

By the way, the 2018 Benji's background is really similar to the original Benji from 1974. The original Benji (named Higgins) was found in a Burbank animal shelter as a puppy. He was labeled a Border Terrier, but his trainer believed he was a mix of Miniature Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and Schnauzer.

What is a girlfriend boyfriend relationship?

A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom one is platonic, romantically or sexually involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles (e.g., husband, partner) are more commonly used for long-term committed relationships.

What's the difference between girlfriend and lover?

There can be two possibilities either she is your friend who is a girl or your girlfriend that is someone you are dating. If she is someone you are dating then there is no difference between a lover and a girlfriend. It means she does not feel for you as a life partner but only as a friend.

Is ex a word in Scrabble?

EX is a valid scrabble word.

X Girlfriend X army X sarpanch X Boyfriend ka matlab kya hota h | What is the meaning of ex

Who is Pitbull's girlfriend?

Barbara Alba is the baby mama and ex-girlfriend of Pitbull. The American Rapper had kept his dating life with Baraba till 2011. In 2011, he separated with his then-girlfriend Barbara.

Is Misty Ash's girlfriend?

So Serena could be Ash's girlfriend. She's the first female companion who has a confirmed crush on Ash (Misty and others are a bit more ambiguous in terms of their feelings). And she is the only female companion thus far to have romantically kissed him.

Who was Goofy's girlfriend?

Klarabella Kuh Glory-Bee Sylvia Marpole: the Head College Librarian

Who is Crash Bandicoot's girlfriend?

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. Crash Twinsanity. Crash Mind Over Mutant. Crash Boom Bang. Trivia. [Expand] Crash Bandicoot Party Series Playable CharactersCrash Boom BangCoco Bandicoot | Crash Bandicoot | Crunch Bandicoot | Doctor Neo Cortex | Fake Crash | Pinstripe Potoroo | Pura | Tawna1 weitere Zeile

Do BTS members have girlfriends?

BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hope's are all currently single, but there have been plenty of dating and girlfriend rumours surrounding them. When it comes to BTS, there are various rumours about the guys having girlfriends.

What do you do when your girlfriend loses a pet?

10 Ways To Help Your Partner Cope With Loss Let Them Cry. No one likes to watch the person they love break down. Be Honest. Your partner needs genuine support. Give Them Room To Grieve In Unique Ways. Be Comfortable With Silence. Offer Practical Help. Don't Say Any Of These Things. Let Them Talk About Things Over And Over. Be A Spokesperson.

What is the best pet name for girlfriend?

Cute Pet Names for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Go Awww! A-B-C-D. ♦ Adorable ♦ Baby Doll ♦ Baby Girl ♦ Babykins ♦ Bambi ♦ Beautiful ♦ Boo Boo ♦ Booberry ♦ Bunny ♦ Buttercup ♦ Bubbly ♦ Candy ♦ Chica ♦ Cookie Wookie ♦ Creme Brulee ♦ Cuddly Bear ♦ Cutesy Pie ♦ Cutie ♦ Dear ♦ Daisy ♦ Darling ♦ E-F-G-H-J. K-L-M-N. P-Q-R. S-T-W-Z.

Can girlfriends live on a military base?

It is true that you will not be allowed to live on post as an Army girlfriend. Until you are married, your soldier will not be authorized to have on post housing. However, there is nothing that stops you from moving to the area where he is stationed.

Do ex show dogs make good pets?

At that point, some breeders will keep the dog as a pet and others will try to sell the dog. This may be a good opportunity for you. In my experience, ex-show dogs can make excellent, loving family pets once they adjust to their new lifestyle, so I don't think you should worry about that.

Do ex breeding dogs make good pets?

Dogs are pack animals, they can adapt really easily to living with people as they will think of themselves as one of the people pack (the family). However, many ex-breeding dogs only know their own kind. It can go quickly or take months before you see a happy settled dog.

What can I do with my girlfriend at home?

Here are 36 stay-at-home date ideas to do with your significant other. Have a board-game night. Host a wine tasting with various cheeses. Have a cooking competition. Create a home-workout routine. Build a fort in your living room. Have a video-game marathon. Create a memory book/photo album.

Can you adopt ex guide dogs?

When no known person is able to take on a four-legged family member, there is one last option for adoption. Because of how well-behaved assistance dogs are, there is a four- to six-year waiting list to adopt a retired guide dog. Candidates must adhere to strict criteria in order to be eligible pet owners.

Can you adopt ex military dogs?

There is no cost for the dog, but any Law Enforcement Agency or person approved to adopt one of our retired Military Working Dogs is completely responsible for all costs associated with transportation of the MWD from the military installation to any final destination.7.

What should I name my girlfriend in my phone?

List of Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend Doll- If she is as perfect as a doll in your eyes. Queen- If she is the queen of your heart. Juliet- If she is the heroine to your tale. Daisy- If she is delicate like a flower. Happiness- If she is the reason of your happiness. Kitten- If she is adorable like a kitten.

Can my girlfriend use my care credit?

According to the CareCredit website, a CareCredit cardholder can use it to pay expenses for him, family members and even pets. Girlfriends and other nonfamily members are not on that list. It may seem harsh that your boyfriend can pay for his dog's trip to the doctor with his card, but he can't pay for yours.

Who is Woody's girlfriend in Toy Story?

Originally, Woody's girlfriend in the first Toy Story was supposed to be a Barbie doll instead of Bo Peep, but Mattel refused to license the character to Disney.

Do cats get jealous of girlfriends?

Your Cat Isn't Jealous. This may come as a shock to you but your cat isn't reacting this way because she's upset at the fact that you're spending more time with someone else. It's actually confusion and fear that have her being less than hospitable to your spouse. The cat parent almost forces the two together.

Do dogs get jealous of girlfriends?

In particular, dogs hate to see their owners offering affection to other dogs and can suffer badly when a new boyfriend or girlfriend is brought home. But the new research suggests that dogs and some other animals can experience so-called secondary emotions such as embarrassment, jealousy, empathy or guilt.

Why does my girlfriend smell like metal?

She tells Romper, "The most common reason your vagina may have an iron-y or metallic odor is because of your period. It's because there's a lot of iron in the blood, and that's a strong scent." She says that another cause might be slightly more nefarious, like a bacterial or yeast infection.

Can you call your girlfriend babe?

If you've been dating a girl for a year or more, you can probably get away with using 'babe' as a term of endearment. But if you're casually dating, you really better think twice before calling her 'babe.'

Does PewDiePie still have a girlfriend?

Felix Kjellberg, known by his millions of YouTube subscribers as PewDiePie, just proposed to his long-time girlfriend Marzia Bisognin, formerly known as CutiePieMarzia, according to their recent social posts. The two YouTube stars have been dating since 2011, and they currently live together in Brighton, UK.

How do I stop being a controlling girlfriend?

Read my tips below to become a NON-controlling girlfriend! Don't give him grief when he wants to go out with his friends. Encourage his time away from you. Leave the past in the past. Stop cyber stalking him and/or checking his phone. Live a life outside of the relationship. Respect his choices. Tell him you're proud of him.

Who plays Conrad's ex fiance on the resident?

Check out the photos below and hit the comments with your thoughts! 1. Former Love - The Resident Season 1 Episode 9 On The Resident Season 1 Episode 9, Joanne Kelly guest stars as Catherine, Conrad's ex-fiancee.

How do you gain your girlfriends trust back?

Building Trust After Cheating Communication should be open. Healthy communication is important in any relationship, but especially after trust has been broken. Be on the same team. Stay “present-oriented.” Trust yourself. If You're the One Who Cheated. Take responsibility. Keep promises. Give your partner space.

How do I get out of trouble with my girlfriend?

Method 1 Getting Out of Trouble With Your Parents Act honest and sincere. Avoid stress signals. Start sentences with “Yes, I agree that….” Do not lie. Put your feelings into words. Speak empathetically. Compliment them. Offer something you can do to make up for it.

How can I make my girlfriend love me again?

Method 2 Making Her Want You Again Let her see that you're doing just fine without her. Make her friends see that she needs you. Slowly approach her when the time is right. Show her you've changed. Play hard to get. Make sure she wants you back. Tell her how you feel.

How can I get my girlfriend's respect back?

So, here are 10 ways to make your girlfriend respect you. Respect yourself. Respect must come from yourself first. Be more independent. Keep your word. Respect her even when she's not around. Tell the truth, always. Stand up for yourself- and for your relationship also. Respect her if you want to be respected.

Is dating the same thing as boyfriend and girlfriend?

There is no commitment in dating. The word dating does NOT mean to have sex with someone in American English. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: this is a committed relationship where they have said "lets not see other people, lets just date each other". (Again, don't assume this means they are having sex.

Can I use my girlfriends car for Lyft?

The short answer is yes, you can drive for Lyft and Uber using a friend's car as long as your name is added onto their insurance policy for the car. And of course, your friend's car needs to be eligible to drive for a rideshare company as well.

How do you get a girlfriend in Sims 4?

First they need to be boyfriend and girlfriend, as described in this article, then you'll need to get him to propose (under the "Romance" section). After that, go into one of their phones, click "Social event" and then click "Wedding." Are same-sex relationships possible in the Sims 4?

Why does my girlfriend lose so much hair?

Just as pregnancy hormone changes can cause hair loss, so can switching or going off birth-control pills. This can also cause telogen effluvium, and it may be more likely if you have a family history of hair loss. The change in the hormonal balance that occurs at menopause may also have the same result.

Can I use my pregnant girlfriends urine for a drug test?

Yes, you can use a man or woman's urine for a drug screening. No, it doesn't matter, because they don't test for that. No, it doesn't matter if she's pregnant, because labs don't test for human chorionic gonadotropin in a drug screen.

What does Chicago mean?

Word History: The name Chicago is first recorded in 1688 in a French document, where it appears as Chigagou, an Algonquian word meaning “onion field.” In explanation of this name, the document states that wild onion or garlic grew profusely in the area.

What does Excommunicado mean?

excommunication. The noun excommunication is a formal way of describing what happens when someone gets kicked out of his or her church, for good. The Latin root is excommunicare, meaning "put out of the community," which is just what happens when a person is excommunicated.

What does Yeontan mean?

Yeontan (Korean: 연탄, yeontan) is the name for large coal briquettes used in South Korea for cooking and home heating. The standard yeontan has 22 holes drilled into its top to facilitate steady, efficient burning, and a household typically used one to three briquettes per day in the winter.

What does Astrophile mean?

astrophile. a person strongly attracted to knowledge about the stars. — astrophilic, adj.

What does B * * * * mean?

B is an affectionate term for a loved one. It is often times used to address a homie, ya girl, or ya moms.

What does Xenoblast mean?

Definition of xenoblast. : a crystal in metamorphic rock that is not bounded by its own faces but has its outlines impressed upon it by neighboring crystals —contrasted with idioblast.

What does CKC mean?

The Canadian Kennel Club (or CKC) is the national kennel club of Canada. The Canadian Kennel Club maintains breed registries services for all purebred dogs it officially recognizes and provides governance for all CKC approved dog conformation shows, dog trials and canine events.

What means chasing tail?

Verb. chase tail. (idiomatic, slang, somewhat vulgar) To be on the hunt for a (usually sexual) partner. Let's go out clubbing tonight and chase some tail.

What does OC mean?

The acronym OC can stand for all kinds of things: Orange County (California), original character, OxyContin, of course, offensive coordinator, officer commanding, and original content you name it, OC stands for it.

What does Halakhah mean?

Halakha (/hɑːˈlɔːxə/; Hebrew: הֲלָכָה, Sephardic: [halaˈχa]; also transliterated as halacha, halakhah, halachah, or halocho) (Ashkenazic: [haˈloχo]) is the collective body of Jewish religious laws derived from the written and Oral Torah.

What does Nico mean?

Origin of the name Nico: Short form of Nikodemos, a Greek compound name composed of the elements nikē (victory) and dēmos (people, population): hence, "victory of the people."

What mean special education?

Special education (also known as special-needs education, aided education, exceptional education, special ed. or SPED) is the practice of educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs.

What does Tucson mean?

The Spanish name of the city, Tucsón [tukˈson], is derived from the O'odham Cuk Ṣon [tʃʊk ʂɔːn], meaning "(at the) base of the black [hill]", a reference to a basalt-covered hill now known as Sentinel Peak, also known as "A" Mountain. Tucson is sometimes referred to as "The Old Pueblo".

What poop means?

Poop, also known as stool or feces, is a normal part of the digestive process. Poop consists of waste products that are being eliminated from the body. It may include undigested food particles, bacteria, salts, and other substances. Other times, however, changes in poop indicate a more serious condition.

What does meditatively mean?

The adjective meditative is good for describing something that's reflective or deeply thoughtful. The root of meditative is the Latin word meditat, or "contemplated," which in turn comes from a Proto-Indo-European root that means "to measure, consider, or advise."

What does Compups mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a young dog also : one of the young of various animals (such as a seal or rat) 2 : offset sense 2a. pup.

What does Zoomies mean?

They call it FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods). Or maybe it was a FRAP before it was a zoomie, but never the less, Zoomies is a more descriptive term. “Frenetic” is a good word, though. Frenetic means: “fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way”.

What idiom means?

An idiom is a common word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning but can be understood because of their popular use. Because idioms can mean something different from what the words mean it is difficult for someone not very good at speaking the language to use them properly.

What palm lines mean?

Palm reading is often dismissed as a parlor trick or a fortune-teller's cash cow. But palmistry, to use the practice's official term, is actually a very old form of divination. For our purposes today, we're sticking to the basics, which means the palm's major and minor lines.

What dog days mean?

The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck.

What means spoiled brat?

A spoiled child or spoiled brat is a derogatory term aimed at children who exhibit behavioral problems from being overindulged by their parents. Children and teens who are perceived as spoiled may be described as "overindulged", "grandiose", "narcissistic" or "egocentric-regressed".

What does Butkus mean?

Butkus is the masculine form of a Lithuanian family name. Its feminine forms are: Butkienė or Butkuvienė (married woman or widow) and Butkutė (unmarried woman). The surname may refer to: Carl Butkus (1922–1978), a Lithuanian-American football player.

What does Midwest mean?

Indianapolis. Detroit. Milwaukee. The Midwestern United States, also referred to as the American Midwest, Middle West, or simply the Midwest, is one of four census regions of the United States Census Bureau (also known as "Region 2"). It occupies the northern central part of the United States.

What does Playalinda mean?

Playalinda Beach (Playa Linda - Spanish for "beautiful beach") is a beach located on Florida's east coast in Canaveral National Seashore.

What names mean red?

Best names for red-haired boys Clancy: Is of Irish origin and means 'red-haired warrior.' Corcoran: Of Irish origin meaning 'ruddy-faced.' Flynn: Of Irish origin meaning 'son of the red-haired one.' Rowan: Of Gaelic origin meaning 'little red one.' Jasper: Of English origin meaning 'gemstone.'

What does Multnomah mean?

Multnomah may refer to: The Multnomah people, a Chinookan people who lived in the area of modern Portland, Oregon, United States. Multnomah, the middle Chinookan dialect of the Multnomah people Places, vessels, and institutions whose name is derived from the name of the tribe.

What does androgyny mean?

Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics into an ambiguous form. When androgyny refers to mixed biological sex characteristics in humans, it often refers to intersex people. As a gender identity, androgynous individuals may refer to themselves as genderqueer, nonbinary, or gender neutral.

What mean constipation?

Constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass. The stool is often hard and dry. Constipation has many causes. Common causes include slow movement of stool within the colon, irritable bowel syndrome, and pelvic floor disorders.

What do meows mean?

Meowing however is a language developed exclusively for humans. The only meowing done amongst cats is done between a mother and her kittens. Kittens use their tiny meows to get attention from their mother, which is why once they're grown, the meows stop. Cats meow to people for similar reasons.

What does Yappie mean?

Noun. yappie (plural yappies) (slang) A young affluent parent. (slang) A young Asian professional.

What does Sam mean?

Related names. Lemuel, Sam, Sammy, Samantha, Sameth, Samberg, Séamus, Shmuel. Samuel (sometimes spelled Samual) is a male given name and a surname of Hebrew origin meaning either "name of God" or "God heard" (שם האלוהים Shem HaElohim) (שמע אלוהים Sh'ma Elohim).

What does sentience mean?

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively. In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations (known in philosophy of mind as "qualia"). In Eastern philosophy, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that require respect and care.

What does dorkie mean?

noun. Slang. a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others; a social misfit: If you make me wear that, I'll look like a total dork!

What have you meaning?

phrase. You say what have you at the end of a list in order to refer generally to other things of the same kind. [vagueness] So many things are unsafe these days–milk, cranberry sauce, what have you. My great-grandfather made horseshoes and nails and what have you.

What does Bungo mean?

Definition of bungo. : a large canoe or dugout of the southwestern U.S. and parts of Central and South America.

What k9 means?

A police dog, known in some English-speaking countries as a "K-9" or "K9" (a homophone of "canine"), is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel.

What your pee means?

Congrats, your pee is normal! Typically, if you're well-hydrated, your urine will be a pale yellow hue. If it's not on the pale side of yellow, it's not something to be concerned about, it just means you might want to drink a little more water throughout the day.

What means pet animal?

A pet or companion animal is an animal kept primarily for a person's company, entertainment, or as an act of compassion such as taking in and protecting a hungry stray cat, rather than as a working animal, livestock, or laboratory animal. Two of the most popular pets are dogs and cats.

What does Broadway mean?

Broadway theatre, commonly known as Broadway, refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theatres, each with 500 or more seats located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The majority of Broadway shows are musicals.

What dog eyes mean?

If your dog's eyes are wide open, it means your dog feels ready to play. When a dog breaks eye contact it means a dog is avoiding confrontation and being polite. If your dog has wide, upturned eyes it's a signal that the dog is feeling nervous or unsure. Narrowed eyes usually mean your dog is feeling aggressive.

What does € mean?

The euro sign (€) is the currency sign used for the euro, the official currency of the European Union (EU) and some non-EU countries (Kosovo and Montenegro). The design was presented to the public by the European Commission on 12 December 1996.

What does dog mean?

Verb. (third-person singular simple present dogs it, present participle dogging it, simple past and past participle dogged it) (idiomatic) To underperform; to lag behind; to fail to exert effort.

What does 👐 emoji mean?

👐 Open Hands. Two open hands, representing openness. Sometimes used as a hug, or as a display of jazz hands. Open Hands was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Open Hands Sign” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

What Taurus means?

Taurus (Greek for Ταύρος (Tavros) (Latin for "The Bull") is the second astrological sign in the present zodiac. It is a Venus-ruled sign just like Libra. It is the sign where the Moon has its exaltation at exactly 3°. The Sun transits in the sign of Taurus from approximately April 21 until May 21 in western astrology.

What does Ferrell mean?

Ferrell is a surname of Irish origin which comes from the Irish Ó Fearghail. Although there is some speculation of the exact definition, the original Irish Gaelic spelling is Ó Fearghail, and is most commonly believed to mean "Man of Valor."

What does 2d10 mean?

For example, 1d6×5 or 5×d6 means "roll one 6-sided die, and multiply the result by 5." 3d6×10+3 means "roll three 6-sided dice, add them together, multiply the result by 10, and then add 3."

How do you call your girlfriend in a cute name in English?

List of Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend Doll- If she is as perfect as a doll in your eyes. Queen- If she is the queen of your heart. Juliet- If she is the heroine to your tale. Daisy- If she is delicate like a flower. Happiness- If she is the reason of your happiness. Kitten- If she is adorable like a kitten.

What pet insurance means?

Pet insurance is an insurance policy bought by a pet owner which helps to lessen the overall costs of expensive veterinary bills. This coverage is similar to health insurance policies for humans. As with human health insurance, there is usually a deductible which is an out-of-pocket expense before the coverage begins.

What does hemostatic mean?

Hemostasis or haemostasis is a process which causes bleeding to stop, meaning to keep blood within a damaged blood vessel (the opposite of hemostasis is hemorrhage). It is the first stage of wound healing. This involves coagulation, blood changing from a liquid to a gel.

What does Asthenopia mean?

Eye strain, also known as asthenopia (from Greek asthen-opia, ἀσθεν-ωπία, "weak-eye-condition"), is an eye condition that manifests through nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache, and occasional double vision.

What does Cynophilist mean?

Definition of cynophilist. : a dog fancier : one that is favorably disposed toward dogs.

What does Thalassophile mean?

Thalassophile is the term for that personality. Print Details: 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 size prints are on high quality Epson Matte with archival ink. Watermark will not appear on your print.

What does sinophile mean?

A Sinophile or a Chinophile is a person who demonstrates a strong interest and love for Chinese culture or its people.

What does megaloblastic mean?

Megaloblastic anemia is an anemia (of macrocytic classification) that results from inhibition of DNA synthesis during red blood cell production. The defect in red cell DNA synthesis is most often due to hypovitaminosis, specifically vitamin B12 deficiency or folate deficiency.

What does Freya mean?

Origin of the name Freya: Feminine form of Frey (lord, he who is foremost), Freya has the definition "lady, mistress, noblewoman." In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of fertility. A daughter of Njord and a sister of Frey, Freya was the most beautiful of the goddesses.