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👉 Why do they call airplane fights dog fights?

The term originated during World War I, and probably derives from the preferred fighter tactic of positioning one's aircraft behind the enemy aircraft.

When two fighter aircraft circled each other trying to achieve this position, it resembles two dogs chasing each other's tails.

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👉 Are dog fights illegal?

As of 2008, dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.

Virgin Islands. In most states, the possession of dogs for the purpose of fighting is also a felony offense.

Being a spectator at a dogfight is illegal in all states except Montana and Hawaii.

👉 What causes dog fights?

Multiple dogs of the same sex that live in the same house (all female or all male) may be at a higher risk of fighting.

This is due to a constant desire to maintain a hierarchy.

The risk for fighting is increased in dogs that are not spayed and neutered.

Food and toys are common triggers for fights.

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👉 Are there still dog fights?

Dog Fighting Is Still A Huge National Problem, But You Might Be Able To Help.

But animal welfare groups like the ASPCA estimate that tens of thousands of people are involved with dogfighting — and that the activity may not only be growing, but going deeper underground.

👉 Why are dog fights illegal?

As of 2008, dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.

Virgin Islands. In most states, the possession of dogs for the purpose of fighting is also a felony offense.

Being a spectator at a dogfight is illegal in all states except Montana and Hawaii.

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Video answer: A "dog eat dog world"

A "dog eat dog world"

Video answer: It's a dog eat dog world...

It's a dog eat dog world...

Video answer: A dog eat dog world out here

A dog eat dog world out here

Video answer: Dog eat dog world

Dog eat dog world

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What happens to dogs who lose dog fights?

sadly, many of them die or are killed.

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Why have pitbull fights?

It is a way to make money and for people to show how much they don't care about their dog(s).

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Do dogs remember fights?

Dogs that have been friends for a while are generally easier to reintroduce than two Dogs that tolerate each other and then fight as a result of built-up tension.

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How do humans treat their dogs after dog fights?

depends on if they won or not...

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How much money do you make for dog fights?

However much you want to make. But ill get more money than u anyday bruv

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What are the age ranges of dogs in dog fights?

no why would you fight dogs

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Why do little dogs pick fights with larger dog breeds?

The saying “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog” perfectly captures the temperament of many terriers. Of course, the Chihuahua is not a terrier, but it’s a tough little dog long prized — or at least tolerated — for having its own big dog ’tude. Pet Parents Should Know Better

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Why does my dog always pick fights with larger dogs?

These dogs were developed to keep homes and barns free of rodents, and that’s a job that requires some serious attitude, which may translate into fearlessly (and foolishly) taking on a much larger canine at the dog park. The saying “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog” perfectly captures the temperament of many terriers.

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What do you do if your dog fights a raccoon?

Consult your veterinarian about vaccination or farm animals. If your dog or cat fights with a raccoon or any other rabies carrier, saliva with the virus could be present in the wound or in the coat of your pet.

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How many dogs are killed each year in dog fights?

Our beloved dogs are being killed daily for entertainment.

Dog Fighting is making a comeback in a big way in the U.S.

It is estimated by some government sources that there are on average about 16,000 dogs killed each year in organized dog fights and that number continues to grow.

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Do dogs that have been in dog fights have another chance?

Well, if they are taken to an animal shelter in time, the staff test the dog to see if it is aggressive. Most of them are and therefore euthanized, unfortunately. The ones that show no aggression are put up for adoption.

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What to do if a dog fights with a rabid raccoon?

The dog would need to see a vet urgently.

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How many dogs are killed each year in professional dog fights?

More than 20,000 Dogs were killed:(

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What dog strikes out when it fights with its front paw?

german shepherd

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Why do little dogs pick fights with big dogs?

So why do some small dogs pick fights with larger dogs? One theory posed by vets is that a lot of small dogs tend to spend more time in their owners arms, giving them a higher position where they can view a larger dog from above.

Like larger dog breeds, small breeds were bred to do a specific job.

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Why do dogs like to break up cat fights?

Dogs fight for many reasons including resource guarding of territory, toys, or food. Or they might react out of fear. Some dogs go on the offensive when they feel threatened hoping to scare the...

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If a dog has been in dog fights before and kills another dog and mutilates it will he be more likely to do it again?

All dogs will fight with one another but an average dog will quit when the other dog surrenders or submits. A dog that continues to fight until the other dog is killed is overly animal aggressive and will continue to fight and kill no matter what training or conditioning is given. it is in his genes and can not be altered out. This dog can never be trusted with another animal.YES!!!

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Aggressive dog, sick dog, any dog?

If a dog that has never shown any sign of aggression suddenly begins growling, snapping, or biting, it may be caused by a disease or illness. Pain is an especially common cause of aggression in dogs. 1 Your suddenly aggressive dog may have an injury or an illness that's causing major discomfort and stress.

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Does dog eat dog?

Yes, dogs will eat the flesh of another dead dog; they will also eat the feces of dog- and cat, squirrel, even rabbit- although not, usually, their own feces, just a strange dog's poop.

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Why is dog dog?

They have just evolved like that. I like dogs.

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Tired dog =/= good dog?

There is an old saying that couldn't be truer: "A tired dog is a good dog." Just like with people, when dogs receive a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy and well-adjusted… If your dog loves to run, then make sure you give him or her plenty of time to let out that physical energy.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a mcnab dog?

The Dog Scanner app will identify your dog's breed reliably in just a few seconds! Besides taking a picture, you can also record a video or upload an image from your gallery. Got a mixed breed? No problem, the Dog Scanner app also recognizes mixed breeds! We provide you with detailed data and interesting facts about the different breeds of your ...

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Beware of a dog / the dog/ or dog?

Both are correct. Beware of the dog refers to a specific dog. Beware of dog is just a general warning that a dog (or dogs) are present.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a taiwan dog?

Taiwan has some really great dogs. This one was so cute, he almost made me a dognapper. Be aware that if you get a dog from a vet or pet store or other formal entity, the animal will have a chip implanted in it with your ID number. If it is later found loose by Animal Patrol, they will run scanner over it and you will be fined.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a canaan dog?

Overview of all dog breeds. The database of our Dog Scanner app provides useful and interesting information about 580 individual dog breeds. You can even use the app to automatically determine the breed of your dog. We're supporting all official FCI breeds as well as some more.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a kaikadi dog?

You can use our Dog Scanner app to find out whether your dog is a ヒマラヤン・シープドッグ / Gaddi Kutta. この品種は、Bhote Kukkur / Gaddi Kutta, Bhotia Dog / Gaddi Kutta, Gaddi Dog / Gaddi Kutta, Gaddi Kutta, Himalayan Mastiff / Gaddi Kutta, Himalayan Sheepdog / Gaddi Kutta, Kumaun Mastiff / Gaddi Kuttaだけでなく、ヒマラヤン・シープドッグ / Gaddi Kuttaとも呼ばれています。

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Is the kanni dog a dog friendly dog?

  • Kannis are dog-friendly dogs. If you want more dogs in your family or you'd like to join dog meetups, the Kanni can be a great choice.

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A totally customized box of themed toys and treats for your pup - every month

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Cesar dog food dog breed?

West highland Terrier, or Westie

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Who hosted dog eat dog?

It was hosted by Brooke Burns, and had contestants compete against each other in physical competitions, trivia, and other assorted games for a prize of $25,000....Dog Eat Dog (American game show)

Dog Eat Dog
Presented byBrooke Burns
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2

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Is my dog a dog?

As long as it is not a female dog it is. Male dogs are called "Dogs". Female dogs are called "Bitches". See the related questions "What is a dog when it's not a dog?" and "Is my dog a dog?" for more information on these interesting questions.

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A dog any old dog?

It can be difficult to tell how old a dog is but in this video I'll share some ways you can figure how to tell a dog's age. The breed, size, lifestyle, and b...

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Hunting dog or house dog?

When a hunting dog is also a house dog he is considered valuable to the family and his desire to please you is increased. He wants to deliver the best possible outcome in every situation and because he trusts you he will go well beyond the call of duty to get the task, whether it is a hunting task or any other task, done.

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Is dog compatible with dog?

Dog and Dog Compatibility.

Two Dogs can have lots of fun together, since they both have high energy and know they can trust one another.

This is a generally affable and diplomatic sign; Dogs are subject to occasional moodiness and, when it strikes, often need to spend time alone in order to recuperate.

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Is dog mountain dog friendly?

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Dog Mountain Trail is a 6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Underwood, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers.

Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Is a dog a dog?

Yes. . . unless it's not. . . See the related question "What is a dog when it's not a dog?" and "Is my dog a dog?" for more information on these interesting questions.

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A dog eat dog world?

This expression refers to a place or situation that is highly competitive. In a dog-eat-dog world, people will do whatever it takes to be successful, even if that means harming others. Here's an example: “The music industry is dog-eat-dog; one day you're on top and the next, everyone forgot you!”

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Why your dog eats dog?

That is just an expression meaning life is rough.

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Is prarie dog a dog?

No, because its in the class of a rodent. If you ever go though a list of dog breeds, see if you can see a prairie dog in their.

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Younger dog attacking older dog..?

Dogs have a natural leader hierarchy… When a younger dog attacks an older dog, it might be their natural instinct to claim their spot as the new alpha. Most of the time, the older dog will back down and accept the younger dog as the new pack leader.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a moscow water dog?

The Moscow Water Dog: Key Takeaways. The Moscow water dog is an extinct breed that was originally developed for the Russian navy. Because the breed is no longer around and it was created a military project, there are still a ton of things we don’t know about these dogs. Moscow water dogs were created by combining a few different dog breeds.

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Is it dog eat dog or doggy dog world?

Unless you're referring to the song from Snoop Dogg's landmark 1993 album "Doggystyle," you probably mean "dog-eat-dog world." But maybe the confusion developed because dogs aren't cannibals.

The saying is actually a corruption of the Latin phrase canis caninam non est, which states that dogs do not eat each other.

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Dog scanner - is your dog a kangal shepherd dog?

The Dog Scanner app does provide a lot more information about the Kangal Shepherd Dog breed as well as many more. Also known as This breed is also called Anadolu Kangalı , Kangal (Anatolian , Kangal Dog , Kangal Shepherd , Kangal Shepherd Dog , Karabaş / Kangal Shepherd Dog , Karayaka) , Turkish Dog as well as Turkish Kangal .

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Would dog shampoo stop a dog from mating another dog?

NO! You have to spay or neuter.

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Can a dog eat dog treats instead of dog food?

If it is canned food, try heating it up, which can release the food's aroma. If it is dry food, try adding a small amount of water or chicken broth to make it more appealing. If that doesn't work, you can try feeding them treats. If your dog enjoys treats, crumble them into their dog food to inspire ingestion.

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Can dog aggressive dog be trained to be dog friendly?

As such, it will produce better results with the re-training of dogs. With the right aggressive dog training techniques, it is possible to train your dog to control its aggression. Once your dog stops its aggressive behavior, you will find that it is indeed a loving companion, and you can spend valuable time with it.

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What are male dog female dog and young dog called?

They are called dog, bitch and pup.

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Is the dog bernese mountain dog or bermese mountain dog?

it is Bernese mt. dog I have just bought a husky cross bernese mountain dog, bonnie, she is 10 weeks old, has the colouring of the mt dog and the eyes of the husky. What is she known as,? Bernsky....Husknese? And has any one got any pics of their own to see what she will look like in the future??

The Bernese Mountain dog is the breed that looks like a black bear with brown and white markngs and is recognized by the AKC however there is another COMPLETELY different breed of dog known as the Burmese Mountain dog that looks more like a German Shepard. Burmese Mountain dogs were bred to guard temples in Burma - Bernese Mountain dogs are a Swiss breed of dog bred to pull carts and protect herds.

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Dog mom: are you a 'dog mom' or 'dog dad?

If your dog has their own side or corner of your bed – you’re probably a dog mom. If your spouse sleeps downstairs on the couch because there is no room for all of the dogs and them – you’re probably a dog mom. 18. Your dog has your last name

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What kind of dog is the cesar dog food dog?

West Highland White Terrier breed

The breed is used as the mascot of the Cesar brand of dog food. The Australian dog food manufacturer Mars Incorporated uses the West Highland White Terrier breed as the face of their My Dog brand. The Westie can be seen on My Dog packaging, website, and television and print advertisements.

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