The dog that can kill a lion

Lion is King of Jungle, and you’ll probably be in awe when you see one. They are so strong and have the confidence that no one can beat them. Do you think your dog can kill a lion or not? Even if you are far from these animals, you would still be in fear because […] The post The dog that can kill a lion appeared first on Dogfooditems.

The dog that can kill a lion

Lion is King of Jungle, and you’ll probably be in awe when you see one. They are so strong and have the confidence that no one can beat them. Do you think your dog can kill a lion or not? Even if you are far from these animals, you would still be in fear because when they get mad, you’ll instantly be killed. It is easy that you can beat one when you have a weapon with you but what if you only have your pet alongside you?

The big difference between a lion and a dog is the size and weight, your dog can beat the lion. The face fact is that the lion has a huge mouth and sharp teeth with a strong build that no dog can beat. A few dogs can fight a lion but they can’t beat it. Some dogs have the ability, robust body, and will to fight.

Which dog can kill the lion

Domiciliary dogs are the only popular dog breeds today. But some people know that there are dogs that are still used for hunting. A few top-listed dogs that can fight and battle with a lion. We should discuss these dogs that have a chance to kill a lion because of their toughness.


Rottweilers are substantially used as rescue and search puppies. they may be additionally considered to be police and guard dogs because of their capability to protect their proprietors. Rottweilers are hate strangers and are very aloof to human beings. They have been the primary dogs considered in the police and navy served. Rottweilers are subservient, brave, and alert dogs. this is why those puppies good guards for homes.


Rottweilers can grow up to 23 to 27 inches in height for males and 22 to 25 inches for females.They can grow in weight up to 90 to 130 pounds in males and 80 to 120 in females. Rottweiler dog breeds have a powerful bite. This dog breed is accoutered with great energy and aggressiveness to be able to fight with animals. In their Training, they have a sense of eagerness to work. They are absorbed and alert to their surroundings.

However, the probability is low Rottweilers have a chance to take down a lion one on one. But  If multiple Rottweilers will fight one lion, they have an increased chance of killing the lion. They are sturdy dogs but not enough power to take a lion in a one-on-one fight.

  1. Wolf dogs

Wolf dogs are strong, intelligent, and independent breeds of dogs. These dogs are not an easy breed. In especially in-home settings they are quite aggressive and difficult to handle.In comparison with other dogs, wolf dogs are more assertive and intelligent. They are well equippe with sharp canine teeth which help them for an attack. The average height of wolf dogs is 22 to 32 inches while its weight can be around 50 to 120 pounds.

They have wolf-like attitudes. It is not ideal for them to be house pets due to their aggressiveness and fertility. Wolf is not a great pet for novice dog owners. Wolf are not good pets for families because they are very aggressive. Wolfs are pack hunters and they prey on large animals in their natural habitat, Thus a wolf dog can challenge a lion in its agility and strength.

The Wolf dogs have a high chance of killing a lion because of their attitude and aggressiveness. However, they can’t do it alone. But more than one wolf-dog can kill a lion. Wolf dogs can be dangerous because they are hybrid dogs.

3.Boerboel Dogs

Boerboel dogs are confident, intelligent, and territorial like other dogs. They are include in the list of good guard dogs because of their territorial attitudes. Boerboel dogs are also good family dogs because they are protective of their family.

They are known to be farmer’s dogs. They are use for the protection against dangerous animals. In South Africa, Boerboel dogs defend their homesteads from lions and other wild animals.

They are one of the most fighting dogs. This large, muscular dog’s primary hunting function is to fight powerful animals such as lions. They can fight a leopard without companions but Boerboels have no chance to fight a lion alone. In simple words, Boerboels need companions to slaughter the king of the jungle.

  1. Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a gentle quiet and protective dog. They are more overprotective of their family than other dogs. These dogs are also confident and have a more robust sight of their target. They are devote companions and powerful guards dogs. It has massive size, a great strength that works as a guardian for centuries.

Its wide mouth may scare other animals and be terrible when provoked. They are very strong fighting dogs. They are strangers and can be aggressive to other dogs. Usually, Neapolitan Mastiffs are smaller but some grow taller because of the nutrients they intake. Because they are smaller than lions they cannot kill a lion. They need a companion to overcome the king of the jungle.

  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback is a breed of confident and strong-willed hunting dog. They are tolerant and excellent companions. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great for children and houses, but be careful. They are very famous for their speed and muscular body with excellent scent tracking ability. They can run fast as an athlete therefore, they are consider to be one of the best guard dogs. Their skills are better than a guard dog.

Rhodesian ridgeback is a confident and strong-willed hunting dog. They can still be loyal to their owner, depending on the situation. This dog breed fight against a lion is its strength, courage, and agility. They have excellent scent tracking skills and they are strong enough to fight a lion. Their speed can be an advantage to the mountain lions when they see one. Rhodesian ridgeback is very strong but they can not beet a lion. They can do this with companions to have a better chance of winning.

  1.  Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are affectionate, stubborn, and have exceptional scent trail skills. They were able to track boar and deer people. It is used by law enforcement and police for them to track prisoners and missing animals and humans due to their high-level scent tracking. Do you think this type of dog can kill a lion or not?

They are very aggressive and overprotective. It can smell a lion far away and that is an advantage for this large breed. They do not kill a lion directly, but they can overcome a lion in the form of a group.


Which dog can fight a lion?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large-size dogs bred bred in the South Africa and European region.

Which dog is powerful as the lion?

There are few breeds are noted for their ability to catch and kill wild ones. Rottweiler, wolf dogs, Boerboel dogs, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Bloodhounds.

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