Top 10 Best harness for australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is an active dog that needs a harness to help it move around safely. They are very energetic and love playing with their owners or other dogs. With the right harness, you will be able to keep your Aussie safe from getting

Top 10 Best harness for australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is an active dog that needs a harness to help it move around safely. They are very energetic and love playing with their owners or other dogs.

With the right harness, you will be able to keep your Aussie safe from getting injured while playing or running around in the house.

Australian Shepherds have a muscular body and they have been known for their intelligence, agility, and loyalty.

They are also very protective of their owners which makes them great guard dogs as well.

This guide will provide you with a list of the best harnesses for Australian Shepherds that we have found on Amazon.

We will also give you some tips on how to choose the right one for your pet before purchasing one from Amazon or any other online store.

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List of 10 Best Harness for Australian Shepherds

Harness ModelsMaterialProduct WeightFor More
Blueberry Pet 10+ Colors Reflective Padded Dog HarnessPolyester8.47 OuncesView on Amazon
unho Dog Body HarnessNylon, Cotton11.22 OuncesView on Amazon
Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest HarnessNylon5.64 OuncesView on Amazon
Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest HarnessPolyester5.12 OuncesView on Amazon
Embark Adventure Dog HarnessRip-Stop Nylon15.2 OuncesView on Amazon
Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog HarnessMesh4.8 OuncesView on Amazon
Voyager Step-In Air Dog HarnessBreathable mesh fabric2.08 OuncesView on Amazon
Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog HarnessN/A0.35 PoundsView on Amazon
Rabbitgoo Dog HarnessPolyester, Nylon4.16 OuncesView on Amazon
Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Explorer No-Pull Dog HarnessNylon, Zinc2.4 OuncesView on Amazon

The 10 Best Harness for Australian Shepherds

We selected these ten harnesses for Australian Shepherds based on feedback from dog owners and experts.

Blueberry Pet Reflective Padded Dog Harness – Best Harness for Australian Shepherds

The Blueberry Pet 10+ Colors Reflective Padded Dog Harness is a good choice for owners of Australian Shepherds looking for harnesses. This harness has all the features you’d expect from a quality harness: it’s soft, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. It’s also easy to put on and take off and comes in a variety of colors.

This particular model is made with optimal mesh, oxford, and polyester materials, ensuring that your dog will be comfortable while staying safe in case of emergencies such as car accidents or getting lost. The buckles are made from eco-friendly plastic, and the metal D ring is matt grey coated to add durability.

You can rest assured that this harness is made with high-quality materials that will hold up well over time since it’s been tested on hundreds of dogs before being approved for sale.

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What We Like

  • The harness is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.
  • It is easy to put on and adjust.
  • The color is olive green and blue-gray, which is perfect for the Australian Shepherd’s coloring.
  • The metal D ring is matt grey coated to add durability.
  • The material is polyester, which keeps your dog cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

What We Don’t Like

  • The buckle is not adjustable, so it’s important to make sure that you get the right size for your dog.

unho Dog Body Harness – Harness for Australian Shepherds

The unho Dog Body Harness is a lightweight, easy-to-use harness that’s made from nylon and cotton. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This model is great for rabbits, squirrels, dogs, and other small animals.

The harness is equipped with two D-rings at either end of the body strap. These can be used to connect your pet’s leash if you have one or to connect additional equipment and accessories (such as a collar). The chest strap can also be adjusted for a better fit around the neck area of your pet.

The top D-ring has an adjustable buckle that allows you to secure it tightly around your dog’s neck for extra security. The chest strap has four rows of durable stitching that helps keep it in place during rigorous activity with your dog.

This harness comes in three sizes: small (up to 14 inches), medium (up to 20 inches), and large (up to 28 inches). It can hold up to 10 pounds of weight per size depending on which one you choose! The manufacturer recommends washing this item by hand only.

What We Like

  • The unho Dog Body Harness is made with a nylon and cotton blend, so it’s soft and easy on your dog’s skin.
  • This harness has buckles on both sides of the chest, so you can easily adjust the fit to fit any size or shape of a dog.
  • It also has three different sizes available so that you can find a fit for any size or shape of a dog.

What We Don’t Like

  • Nylon is not as durable as other materials, so it will wear out faster than other types of materials.

Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness – Best leash for Australian Shepherd Puppy

Didog is a company that makes a variety of dog products, including harnesses. The Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness is one of their more popular products, and it’s easy to see why!

This harness is designed with the Australian Shepherd in mind. It features a front D-ring welded to a link leash, which makes it effective at reducing pulling and choking. It also features quick-release buckles for easy on/off and a lightweight design for faster walks.

The material used to make this harness is nylon, which means that it can withstand elements like rain or snow without losing its effectiveness over time or wearing down quickly from wear and tear.

The seams are well-sewn and strong enough to hold up under even heavy use by your furry friend without weakening or tearing apart easily. The materials used in construction are durable as well, so you don’t have to worry about this harness breaking down on you if you’re walking your dog regularly outdoors instead of inside at home all day long!

What We Like

  • Good quality material and well-constructed
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Lightweight and durable, easy drying, and good for long-lasting use.
  • No choking issue caused by a sudden pull

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no option to adjust the neck size or add more padding

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness – Best harness for Australian Cattle Dog

This harness is made of polyester and oxford fabric, which makes it lightweight and durable. It comes in a pattern of Lake blue. 

The vest harness has an adjustable chest plate that fits most dogs. The shoulder straps are padded to ensure comfort for both the dog and its owner. It also includes a stainless steel snap hook on both sides so that you can easily attach it to your retractable leash or seat belt. 

This product is very practical in use. You can use it as a seat belt if you need to, or remove it if you don’t want to use it as one (which is convenient because then you can attach it to your retractable leash). This way, your dog will be safer on the road than they would be if they were wearing a regular seat belt alone!

What We Like

  • The Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is made of oxford fabric, 100% polyester, and a broad sponge padded chest plate.
  • The Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness has an industry-standard premium stainless steel snap hook.
  • The Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is lightweight and well-made with no burden on your pets. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Some owners said that the harness has not been very durable yet (over time).

Embark Adventure Dog Harness – Best harness for mini American Shepherd

If you’re looking for an adventure dog harness that can handle anything, then look no further than the Embark Adventure Dog Harness. This vest harness is perfect for dogs who love to go hiking or camping in the wilderness, but also want a harness that can stand up to an active lifestyle.

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is made from strong military-grade nylon that exceeds the national pulling strength guidelines by at least 130 LBS! Since the first version of this harness, we’ve reinforced and tripled the strength of the front metal D-Ring and buckles for increased safety & durability.

You can keep your pet safe and comfortable with its highly adjustable straps and extra space for finding a snug fit. The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is also designed to make it easy for you to put on and take off with just one hand. Fits most large breeds, such as Great Danes, both male, and female, and comes with a long leash attachment!

What We Like

  • The harness has a high level of adjustability, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your dog.
  • It is made from strong military-grade nylon, so it will stand up to wear and tear from active use.
  • The harness is water resistant and completely washable, making it easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • The harness does not come in any other colors besides orange.

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness – Australian shepherd harness

The Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness is the perfect harness for Australian Shepherds.

The size X-large is good for dogs up to 110 pounds, and it accommodates 28-36.5 inches in chest size and 23-28 inches in neck size. It’s made of high-quality breathable mesh material to keep your dog nice and cool while giving you control over them. The extra handle on top makes it easy for you to reach down and control your dog even easier if they are stubbornly pulling on a leash.

The harness itself has no pull effect with a comfortable sponge filling, making it ideal for dogs that pull with a sponge filling. It’s also comfortably luxurious so your dog will be comfortable walking and jogging in it as well as training in it. This makes it an ideal solution for dogs that pull but don’t like wearing choke collars or prong collars during training sessions or walks, and it comes at a great price point!

What We Like

  • The size is perfect for Australian Shepherds.
  • It is adjustable, and you can adjust it to fit your dog perfectly.
  • It is a reflective color, so your dog will not be lost easily if he gets away from you.
  • The material is comfortable on the skin of your dog’s neck and chest, which means that it does not hurt him or cause any irritation to his skin at all.
  • Its reflective nature means that it will not get dirty easily, which means that you can clean it with just water and soap if needed!
  • It is easy to put on and take off quickly without having to take too much time doing so.

What We Don’t Like

  • This harness does not come in sizes small enough for small dogs; however, there are other products available on Amazon that do come in smaller sizes than this one does!

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness – Best harness for mini Australian shepherd

This harness is an excellent choice for Australian Shepherds. It’s made of breathable mesh fabric and has a strong Velcro closure and heavy-duty metal D-rings, so it will keep your dog safe from the elements. The size S (chest: 14.5 – 16″) is perfect for dogs up to 43 pounds, so you can use it for any sized dog!

The pattern is solid, so it won’t get dirty or stained easily, but it still looks nice enough for everyday wear. The reflective bands are great for keeping your pup safe at night or during early morning walks.

All in all, this harness seems like it will last a long time with proper care and maintenance, which we know you love

What We Like

  • The size is perfect for dogs under 15 lbs. 
  • The reflective bands make him visible when we’re out at night.
  • It’s breathable, which means that he doesn’t get overheated on walks in the summer or too cold in winter.

What We Don’t Like

  • The material is a little stiff and doesn’t feel like it’s designed to be comfortable on your pet. It feels more like it would be better suited for someone who’s wearing it than a dog.

Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness

This harness is perfect for active dogs who love being outdoors. It’s not just for running or hiking, it can be used for camping and walking, too. The design of the harness provides freedom of movement to your dog when running around without straining its neck or chest.

The padded chest plate provides extra comfort while still allowing your dog to have a wide range of motion. Four adjustment points provide a near custom fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

This harness has an all-steel nesting buckle system designed after harnesses for rock climbers to ensure strength and durability. It also features a back handle for better control over your dog or to assist it over obstacles.

What We Like

  • The Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness is made of mesh fabric, which makes the harness lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for your dog.
  • It also has a padded chest plate to prevent chafing and rubbing while running or hiking. 
  • There are four adjustment points so you can fit this harness perfectly to your dog’s body type.

What We Don’t Like

  • The Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness is only available in one color (blue).

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

This harness is a great choice for Australian Shepherds. I have a Husky and it is not always easy to find a harness that fits him. He has a very broad chest and, unfortunately, many of the available harnesses are not made for dogs with broad chests. The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is one of the few that does fit him properly.

I like the fact that this harness has two metal leash rings and two fast-release buckles. I can use the chest attachment clip to stop my Husky from pulling on walks; it’s perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc.

The material used in this product is polyester and nylon which makes it lightweight but still durable enough to hold up against daily wear and tear without getting damaged quickly or easily falling apart while being worn by your dog every day whether they’re just running around in the yard playing fetch with you or walking around town doing errands together!

What We Like

  • Comfortable for your dog to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Durable construction
  • A variety of sizes available
  • The harness is made of polyester and nylon, which are both strong materials that won’t rip or tear easily
  • This harness is designed to be used with dogs of all sizes (for small dogs), so you don’t have to worry about getting a harness that’s too small or too big for your pet
  • The harness has two metal leash rings, so you can attach your leash in multiple places on the harness if you want (a potential benefit for agility training)

What We Don’t Like

  • The straps are too short and don’t allow for a snug fit

Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Explorer No-Pull Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Explorer No-Pull Dog Harness is a great purchase if you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight harness that has multiple leash attachment points and looks stylish.

The harness is available in five sizes: XS (1.5 lb), S (4.6 lb), M (8.8 lb), L (13.2 lb), XL (18.3 lb). The XS size is recommended for dogs weighing up to 1.5 lbs, while the XL size can fit dogs weighing up to 18.3 lbs.

The harness is made from nylon and zinc alloy, so it’s both durable and scratch resistant. It has a large loading capacity, which greatly improves its strength and dispersion, meaning that it won’t snap under pressure or cause your dog to choke while wearing it!

Adjustable straps make it easy to customize the fit of this harness for your pet pooch or service dog, while soft sponge padding makes it comfortable for them too!

What We Like

  • This harness is adjustable, so it can be used for a variety of dogs.
  • The harness has a comfortable mesh lining, which makes it more comfortable for your dog to wear.
  • The buckles are made from zinc alloy and are durable, making them less likely to break than plastic buckles.

What We Don’t Like

  • This harness is not as sturdy as some other options out there, if you have an aggressive dog who likes to pull, this might not be the best choice for you.

What to Look for in a Harness for Australian Shepherds? (Buyer Guide)

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds, and it’s easy to see why. They’re energetic and fun, with a unique coat that keeps them looking great no matter what they get into. But there are still some things you should know about this breed before you get an Australian Shepherd.


If you’re trying to decide what size harness to buy, look at the size of your dog. A harness that is too large can restrict movement, but one that is too small will not provide the protection you need. You should also consider your Australian Shepherd’s body type.

If they have a long torso and short legs, for example, you’ll want to make sure the harness fits their overall body length rather than just their neck and chest (as with most other breeds).

Lastly, think about how active your breed is going to be when wearing a harness. If he or she is an energetic dog who loves being outdoors then look for something breathable with plenty of ventilation that won’t wear out quickly even under harsh conditions!


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a harness. A good quality harness should last longer than one or two seasons, and it’s also usually made with high-quality materials that won’t wear down as quickly as others.

If you plan on buying more than one harness for your Aussie, it makes sense to invest in one that will last the life of your dog rather than having to spend money on a new one each year or two.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a harness is the material. You want to look for a material that is comfortable and breathable. It should also be durable so it can withstand rough use. Another important feature is that it should be easy to clean and maintain, so it doesn’t get smelly or damaged in any way.

Finally, you’ll want to find one that’s easy to repair if there are issues with how well it wears over time!


When looking for a harness, it is important to keep comfort in mind. Your dog will be wearing the harness throughout the day and possibly all night. A poorly fitted or uncomfortable harness can cause chafing, rubbing, irritation and discomfort. If you notice any of these issues with your Australian Shepherd’s harness then you should consider getting another one that fits better.


Adjustability is important for a harness, as it allows you to secure the fit around your dog’s body and prevent him from slipping out of the harness. All of our recommended products have adjustable straps or are stretchable enough to fit over your dog’s head without being too tight.

If you have an Australian Shepherd who has grown quickly and needs a new harness, adjustable straps will allow you to make sure that he stays safe while he is running around at his new size.

Fixed-width models are not as adjustable, and therefore don’t accommodate larger breeds. If you have an Australian Shepherd or another large breed dog, we recommend getting a harness that will grow with your pet so he can wear it throughout his life!


As you’re looking for a harness, keep in mind the style. Does it match your dog’s personality? Does it match its breed? Does it match its size? And does it match its color as well? You’ll want to find something that not only looks good but that also fits your Australian Shepherd properly.


There are many brands available for harnesses, so it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your dog. It’s useful to know that some brands are more popular than others, and this popularity can often indicate quality, fit, style and price.

The best way to find a good quality brand is by researching online reviews from users who have already bought harnesses from different companies. You should also look up information about each company and see if they have any awards or recognitions for their products.

If you have time then you could also go into stores that sell dog supplies in person so that you can try on different styles before buying one online or over phone order service (in case there’s no store near where you live).

Safety Features

A harness for Australian Shepherds should have a breakaway feature and be made of durable material that will last. Most harnesses are made of nylon or leather, but some can be found in other materials such as mesh, cotton, or polyester. You also want to check the chest strap and handle on the harness to make sure they’re strong enough to hold up against your dog’s strength and size.

The chest strap is important because it helps distribute pressure evenly across your dog’s body so they won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing their new accessory. The handle is also vital since it provides you with leverage if your pup pulls too hard on it – or if he just wants attention!

Finally, there are several safety features that many Aussie owners look for in a good harness: reflective strips for night visibility; D-rings where leashes can attach; quick release clips so that removing the harness from your pup is easy; safety clips (so no one gets hurt) and padded chest straps (to prevent chafing).

Why do you need Best Harness for Australian Shepherd?

A harness can be a great tool for owners of Australian Shepherds. There are many benefits to having one of these accessories, but you should make sure that you’re getting the right type for your dog.

Best Harness for Australian Shepherd

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting one:

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It is Better than a Collar

Harnesses are the best option for training and walking. Harnesses are more comfortable than a collar because they don’t pull on your dog’s neck like a collar. This is good for Australian Shepherds, as their necks are very sensitive and will hurt if left out in cold weather.

Harnesses can also be used for pulling, protecting dogs from injury when they’re attached to a leash or car seat belt, and attaching leashes to dogs that pull hard on the leash when they run around while wearing it (to protect them from getting injured by running into things).

Prevents Trachea Problems

The main benefit of using a harness for your dog is that it prevents injury. A collar is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can also cause problems like choked, pulled, or twisted trachea.

A harness will keep the dog from pulling on its leash too hard and causing pain and injury to itself or you. It’s easy to see how this would be helpful if you’re walking your pet around town or on trails where there are other people and animals around – if they get into something they shouldn’t have!

Avoids Cervical Problems

Cervical problems are one of the most common reasons dogs are euthanized, and they can occur in any breed.

Cervical problems can lead to neck pain, spinal problems, and paralysis. In extreme cases, cervical injuries can cause death. A harness can help you avoid these issues by keeping your Australian shepherd safe from a slipping collar and protecting his neck muscles from injury.

Very Comfortable for Daily Use

A harness is not only very comfortable to wear but it’s easy to put on. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting tangled up in a collar and choking themselves. Additionally, they can be used for a variety of activities such as walking and running. The adjustable straps allow you to find the perfect fit for your dog no matter their size or breed!

Allows for a lot of Flexibility

A harness can help your Australian Shepherd have better flexibility and movement, which is beneficial for the dog’s health. A harness will also allow you to have better control over your dog, which means that it is safer for both yourself and the animal.

A harness will keep your pet comfortable as well as make them more secure when out in public places like parks or beaches where there are many distractions. In addition to this, a harness is much easier to clean than collars because you don’t need to worry about getting soap in their eyes or mouth when bathing them after walks! Using a collar instead of a harness makes things much messier if you decide that it’s time for some bathtime fun with Fido!

How Does a Harness Work for an Australian Shepherd?

A harness works for an Australian Shepherd by attaching to the dog’s chest, which allows for better control when walking or pulling. A harness also distributes pressure across the body so that it does not place stress on specific areas, such as the neck or spine.

Dogs who pull on their leashes can be dangerous for both the dog and the handler. The act of pulling can strain muscles and cause injuries to joints and ligaments, particularly in large dogs with strong necks. A harness helps to minimize these risks by helping to distribute the force of pulling over a larger surface area.

In addition, a harness allows you to use your dog’s natural instincts against it: dogs naturally want to follow their leader and run ahead of their human companions, but harnesses help keep them in line so they stay close enough for you to guide them around obstacles or away from danger.

What are the Benefits of Having the Best Harness for an Australian Shepherd?

The benefits of having the harness of an Australian shepherd include:

  • The harness is made of durable, high-quality material that is comfortable and easy to wear.
  • The harness features strong buckles that make it easy to put on and take off.
  • The harness comes in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the one that best suits your dog’s needs.
  • This harness is lightweight, making it easy to carry around when not in use.
  • The harness features reflective stitching for enhanced visibility at night or in dim lighting conditions (such as heavy fog).
  • This harness is great for dogs who are new to wearing a collar or leash because it keeps their head up high so they can see where they’re going instead of having their neck bent down over their chest like other types of collars do; this helps prevent injuries from occurring during walks such as pulling too hard against their lead (i.e., choking).
  • This harness has an adjustable strap that tightens around your dog’s neck if needed (i.e., if he tries pulling against his lead too much). This feature makes it safer than using just a collar.

What are the Different Types of Harness?

There are many different types of harnesses, but the most common ones are:

Front-clip harnesses are designed to keep the dog’s body from moving forward when it pulls. These harnesses have a leash attachment point that is positioned in front of the dog’s shoulders.

Vest harnesses are designed to keep the dog’s body from moving forward when it pulls. These harnesses consist of an adjustable vest that covers the dog’s chest and back, with one or two straps extending down each side to attach to the dog’s girth.

H-style harnesses are designed to keep both the dog’s body and its head from moving forward when it pulls (though they do not stop movement sideways). The H-style harness has two straps extending from a central point on either side of the neck up over each shoulder.

Best Harness for Australian Shepherd

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some answers to some common questions about buying a harness for Australian Shepherds.

What size harness fits an Australian Shepherd?

The size of a harness depends on the dog’s weight. The best way to find out what size you need is to measure your dog’s girth, which is the widest part of their chest and rib cage.

If your dog weighs less than 20 lbs., you should get a small harness. If they weigh between 20 and 50 lbs., get an extra-small harness. If they weigh over 50 lbs., get an extra-large harness.

What collar is best for an Australian Shepherd?

The best collar for an Australian Shepherd is a martingale collar. This type of collar has a limited closure feature that works well for dogs with large heads and necks, like Aussies. It is also adjustable, so you can make it smaller if your dog loses weight or grows taller.

Can Australian Shepherds go off leash?

Yes. Australian Shepherds can go off-leash, but you should make sure that you have a solid recall before letting them do so. They are very intelligent and driven dogs, so they will want to chase anything that moves if they are not trained properly.

How do you leash train an Australian shepherd?

Leashing an Australian shepherd can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible! The key is to start young. If you have a puppy, get them a collar and leash as soon as possible so they can get used to the feel of it.

Start by putting the collar on your dog and letting them walk around for a bit. Then, once they’re comfortable with that step, hold their leash and let them walk around with it on. After that, try taking short walks with your dog wearing the collar and leash, but don’t let them pull on it yet, just let them walk at their own pace.

Once they seem okay with those steps, start taking more walks together where you encourage your dog to walk at your pace by rewarding him or her when they do so. You can also try walking backward from time to time so that your dog has to listen carefully in order to keep up!

What size is an Australian shepherd’s neck?

An Australian shepherd’s neck is of a medium length and is not too narrow or wide. The neck is usually proportional to the dog’s body. The fur on the neck can be long, short, or medium.

At what age do Australian Shepherds calm down?

Australian Shepherds are generally known as very energetic and active dogs, but they do calm down over time. The average age at which they reach maturity is around 18 months, but the age at which they stop being rambunctious can vary depending on the individual dog.

Should I use a harness on my Australian Shepherd?

Yes, you should use a harness on your Australian Shepherd.

A harness is much safer than a collar for dogs because it distributes the force of pulling over your dog’s entire body, rather than putting pressure on their neck. Additionally, it can be used to attach a leash, so you don’t have to carry one around all the time.

Can a harness hurt my dog?

Yes, a harness can hurt your dog if it is not properly fitted. If the harness is too tight, it can cut into the dog’s skin and cause sores to develop. If the harness is too loose, it may slip off or allow your dog to escape by slipping out of it.

Are harnesses suitable for running?

Yes, harnesses are suitable for running.

Harnesses are a great way to keep your dog safe while you run. The harness will help prevent any injuries from the leash pulling on their neck or throat, and it’s also a great way for you to stay connected to your pup in case something happens (like if they run into the street).


We understand that finding the best harness can be a very difficult task. This is because there are so many different things you have to look into, the material, the size, if it matches your Australian Shepherd, etc. 

However, after a lot of testing and scrutiny from dog experts, we have found ten of the most reliable and comfortable harnesses for Australian Shepherds.

All you need to do is simply buy one for your dog, which we are sure will bring lots of excitement for them.