Top 6 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

The primary factor that keeps the majority of dog lovers from bringing home a furry friend is ‘space.’ People living... The post Top 6 Best Dogs for Apartment Living appeared first on 5m Dogbreak.

Top 6 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

The primary factor that keeps the majority of dog lovers from bringing home a furry friend is ‘space.’ People living in apartments and cramped quarters think that they won’t be doing any justice to their fido friend if they cannot provide them with ample space. While it is true that active dogs like German Shepherd, Husky, Russell Terrier, etc. need enough space to roam around and play, there are dog breeds that would be more than happy to live with you in a tiny apartment.

So, if you always wanted a dog and the thought of less space and apartment living was bugging you, keep them aside because we are going to help you choose the perfect dog that will be a happy apartment dweller.

Let’s get started.

#1 French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

Frenchies top our list as the best apartment dog. Over the years, the popularity of French Bulldogs has skyrocketed, especially among the metropolitan millennials. This is because they like to spend most of their time relaxing on the sofa rather than roaming around the house and being curious about the outside world.

Even a brisk 30-minute walk is enough to keep the Frenchies in shape, and they don’t ask for much. They are fantastic with children, and they don’t often bark (a boon to the neighbors). However, they thrive for human contact all the time. So, they may suffer from separation anxiety if you happen to be not around for a prolonged period.

#2 Pug



A pug has all the attributes to be a perfect apartment dog. From the size to temperament and exercise needs, they will just sit around and watch the birds through the window. As long as you provide them with delicious food, they won’t bug you much. They are basically four-legged couch potatoes. They love eating food.

However, they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. So, whether it is hot or cold, make sure the temperature is managed. Please bear in mind that like Frenchies, pugs are also very social. They like to meet new dogs and humans. So, if you want to bring home a pug, be prepared for the daily walks at the dog park.

#3 Greyhound



Surprised? You may be thinking, why’s the fastest dog in the world listed as one of the best apartment dogs. Well, as energetic and agile they sound, greyhounds truly like to lounge most of the day. While they do love running at warp speed, their favorite hobby is sleeping.

A good exercise session at the dog park and they are done for the rest of the day. You will most likely find them snuggled up on their dog bed watching you or the TV. This makes them perfect for apartment living. And the best part is that they don’t eat much. But it is necessary to provide them with nutrient-dense dog food that supports their muscles and bones.

#4 Dachshund



Dachshunds are excellent family companions. Their small size and not-so-bigger needs make them perfect for apartment living. They are active both indoors and outdoors and will keep themselves engaged for the most part of the day, exploring the house, watching over the window, and snuggling you on the bed.

Since they belong to the hunting breed, they do love some activities that involve other dogs or toys. So, taking them to the park is a must and also invest in some quality chew toys for them to play with. Most importantly, make sure that they have their separate space in your house, like a crate or a dog bed. They do love their personal space.

#5 Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

If you have allergies, there is a hypoallergenic dog for you – Bichon Frise. These hypoallergenic dogs are utterly charming and often mistaken for poodles. If you live in an apartment with not that much space, this is an ideal dog breed for you. They are also show dogs as you can groom them into desired looks. They have a great temperament, are excellent around kids, and won’t ask for much.

You can train them with ease. This breed is highly intelligent and will only take up a little space on your couch. They love to be a part of everything you do inside or outside the house. Bichon Frises are incredibly curious. So, they might feel left alone if you do not make them take part in activities. A daily walk to the dog park is a must.

#6 British Bulldog

British Bulldog

While they look all muscular and grumpy, bulldogs are lazy loungers. They don’t ask for much and are loyal. They don’t love exercise either, but you have to be vigilant when it comes to ensuring they move their joints and muscles thoroughly.

A half-an-hour stroll in the park will do the trick. Exercise is important for dogs, especially for bulldogs. This is because they are prone to joint diseases and diabetes if they lack enough activities. So, only bring them in if you can take them out for a good exercise.

Tips for raising a dog in an apartment

First and foremost, make sure that the dog is raised in the apartment. Don’t be careless and leave the door open. They can easily get lost and find it hard to get back home. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when raising a pup in the apartment.

  • Research the breed before bringing in
  • Exercise often – if you cannot take them out, hire a dog walker
  • Provide them with their own little space like a crate where they can feel relaxed
  • Make training a priority
  • Invest in some extra chew toys and other dog toys
  • Add a balcony potty

Closing Thoughts:

So now you don’t need to worry about getting a furry friend while living in an apartment. The above-mentioned were a few dog breeds who are just the best for small spaces. You can choose any one of them. Also, the given tips will help you in raising your new companion without any hassle.

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