Trending Dog Names of 2022

Picking out the perfect name for your furball can be tricky. Dog owners like to pick out names based on ... Read More

Trending Dog Names of 2022

Picking out the perfect name for your furball can be tricky. Dog owners like to pick out names based on the breed and traits of the dog. If you ask us, it is even trickier than picking out human baby names because some pets might not respond to the name you pick out for them.

Here are some suggestions to name your dog that are not only super cute but also really unique and fun.


This cute name is highly suitable for smaller dogs. Dogs seem to reply to this name more as well and it would also get easier for the whole family to remember your puppy’s name.


Blaze is a super cool name best suited for really hyper dogs. This name is perfect for breeds like golden retrievers or Labradors making it a very famous name among dogs.


Perfect for female dogs, we are crushing over this name. It is super cute and we are sure everyone in your family will absolutely love this name. Suitable for dogs with white or light brown colored hair.

Popular Names for Puppys

Tiny and dark-haired dogs can be the perfect bearer of this name. It is so easy to speak and sounds innovative as well. Oreo might not be a new name but it is surely very popular even today. In fact, we have heard about a lot of dogs here in Berkshire named Oreo and we think it’s so cute.


Rio is a fan favourite in 2022 and we do not see any reason why it shouldn’t be. This name would be perfect for small and big dogs as well as both male and female dogs. Enough said.


Benji makes a really cute name for male dogs. It is a unique poppy name that can work for good and naughty pup. We would totally imagine this name with pups that have long hair and big eyes, a name like Benji would make a good impact, wouldn’t it?


An all-time favourite inspired by Disney’s character “Pluto”is an old but still a hit name after all these years. Better suited for dogs that are mid-sized and playful and loves to be active and playful.


Now toast is a name that’s not really heard of, but name your dog toast and all the neighborhood kids are going to love it. We think it’s a great name for brown-colored male dogs and is also really easy to pronounce and call.


Another famous name is inspired by a fish called Dory in the movie “Finding Nemo”. Great for female dogs, not our personal favourite but it sure is a hit in 2022.


Fly can be a really sweet and short name for your furball if he/she is hyperactive and actually likes flying around from one couch to another. We are sure he/she will be the coolest pup at the dog park. What a flex!

Name Ideas for Dogs

Inspired by Elle Wood’s dog in “Legally Blonde”, if you are someone who is in school and want everyone to be obsessed with your pup, look no further. If you like to dress up your dog just like Elle Woods and want nothing but the best for him, this is the perfect name to call your furball.


Shadow is a great name really popular among breeds like huskies. Mostly because huskies are really protective of their owners and family members, shadow sounds like just the right name for your dog.


Super sweet just as the name suggests, we love this name for a Labrador or a golden retriever pup. It is really cute and play-full, we are sure everyone in your family would absolutely adore this name.


Lastly, for cheese lovers, Cheddar is a great option not only for your love of cheese but also because dogs tend to respond really quick to this name. We love this name because it is so unique, we are sure no one in your neighborhood would name their dog cheddar and that is the reason we adore it.

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