What can i do about my dog barking in an apartment?

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Here's how to stop dog barking in your apartment:

  1. Block Their View. Most often, dogs don't bark simply to make noise (although some breeds actually do).
  2. Control the Noise.
  3. Give Them Some Exercise.
  4. Provide Entertainment.
  5. Use Positive Reinforcement.
  6. Get Fido Trained.
  7. Visit Your Vet.
  8. Hire a Pet Sitter.

Explain that the dog is barking constantly and ask if something can be done about it.

The dog likely is barking when it is left alone and becomes bored.

Ask your other neighbors to also complain if they, too, are bothered by the barking.

A little barking is reasonable; four to six hours a day, every day, is not.


Here's a list of some great ideas for how to get your dog to stop barking.

  1. Block the view. Most often, dogs don't bark simply to make noise (although some breeds actually do)…
  2. Control the noise…
  3. Give them some exercise…
  4. Provide entertainment…
  5. Use positive reinforcement…
  6. Training…
  7. Visit your vet…
  8. Hire a pet sitter.

Here are the steps to take when you're losing patience (or sleep) over a neighbor's noisy dog:

  • Ask your neighbor to keep the dog quiet.
  • Try mediation.
  • Look up the law.
  • Ask animal control authorities to enforce local noise laws.
  • Call the police, if you think a criminal law is being violated.

Barking dogs are the most common animal noise complaint Council receives. If your dog is barking excessively, you can try:

  • filling in gaps and cracks in the fence.
  • blocking the dog's view of people passing by.
  • keeping the dog inside or in an enclosed area if the dog barks at regular disturbances such as rubbish trucks.

Once your dog can reliably bark on command, teach him the "quiet" command.

In a calm environment with no distractions, tell him to "speak." When he starts barking, say "quiet" and stick a treat in front of his nose.

Praise him for being quiet and give him the treat.


exercise—an active dog barks less when it gets regular exercise. company. stimulation—a bored dog will bark to attract attention. fence design—restrict your dog's view to what's going on outside the fence.

Reasons for excessive barking include:

  • boredom.
  • separation anxiety.
  • fear.
  • territorial behaviour.
  • communication.

Dogs bark naturally, but the constant barking or whining of a dog can be very disturbing or annoying for your neighbours.

In law, a barking dog can be a "statutory noise nuisance".

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 you (as the owner) could be taken to court if you do nothing to stop the nuisance.

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