What does red eyes mean on a dog?

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The red discoloration of your dog's eye(s) is due to the infiltration of blood vessels to either a small, irritated part of the eye or a more generalized condition. It is important to continually monitor your pet for development of redness on the whites of his or her eyes and/or within the eyes themselves.

If your dog's eyes are wide open, it means your dog feels ready to play.

When a dog breaks eye contact it means a dog is avoiding confrontation and being polite.

If your dog has wide, upturned eyes it's a signal that the dog is feeling nervous or unsure.

Narrowed eyes usually mean your dog is feeling aggressive.


A puppy face or a puppy dog face is a facial expression that humans make that is based on canine expressions.

In dogs and other animals, the look is expressed when the head is tilted down and the eyes are looking up.

It can be a lighthearted expression for begging or an attempt to persuade someone.

In dogs, proptosis usually results from blunt trauma. However, in certain breeds, proptosis can occur if the facial skin is accidentally pulled too hard. Brachiocephalic breeds, such as Pugs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, and Lhasa Apso, are predisposed to proptosis due to their shallow orbits.
Your pup can get red eyes for various reasons, including an injury, a foreign object in the eye, allergies, and a host of eye conditions like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and dry eye. If your dog has red eyes, you can take care of some issues at home, while others need to be addressed at a veterinary clinic.

The merle gene typically causes a lightening of pigment in the coat as well as in the dog's irises.

Dogs who have blue irises have less pigment.

Therefore, blue eyes can be a sign of a dog carrying merle genes.

Blue eye color, however, does not automatically mean the dog will develop eye problems.


If they appear red or bloodshot, it can be a sign of many different eye problems, ranging in severity from mild allergies to something as serious as glaucoma, which can cause blindness.

If you notice red or bloodshot eyes in your pet you should take him into see a veterinarian as soon as possible.


5 Diseases That Cause Blue Eyes in Dogs.

1. Nuclear sclerosis.

Nuclear sclerosis, also called lenticular sclerosis, can cause the pupils of your dog's eyes to take on a cloudy bluish-gray appearance.

The condition is also seen in humans and horses.

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