What happened to jake the dog?

Laisha Corkery asked a question: What happened to jake the dog?
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Video answer: What happened to jake in adventure time: distant lands

What happened to jake in adventure time: distant lands

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The comic panel, which is clearly shown in the above YouTube video, depicts Jake's death and funeral. The old dog closes his eyes and collapses to the ground… She drops Jake's body in the hole, where it continues to grow, and it fills up the chunk of earth.


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The cause of death is unknown. In "Dad's Dungeon," the hologram video shows Joshua being attacked by an Evil Monster, this may have happened while Jake was still a baby, since the last hologram shows him telling Finn he finished the dungeon.

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- Former reality television star Jake Gardner from Animal Planet's "Pit Bull & Parolees" has started his own pit bull rescue center in Asheboro.

Gardner left after four seasons on the show as a part of Villalobos Rescue Center, which gave second chances to rescued pit bulls and parolees that help to rehabilitate them.

🐶 What breed is jake the dog?


He's a bulldog. Pug faces are more squished in, heh. I would say for the relative size to Finn, the jowls and his behavior of being lazy but willing to fight he's in the bulldog family for sure.

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Adventure time's true ending explained!

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Jake the dog's death teased by cartoon network What happened to charlie dog?

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Did jake die in adventure time distant lands: obsidian? What happened to dogs brother?

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Adventure time: jake the dog's death What happened to dogs wife?

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Adventure time's "together again" destroyed me. What happened to kails dog?

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107 jake the dog facts you should know