What is a blue german shepherd dog?

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A blue German Shepherd is simply one color variation of the German Shepherd Dog breed.

They are distinctive as their coats are a blue/gray color and they also have blue eyes.

This breed of dog has two types of genes that dictate the color and appearance of a dog.

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From a reputable breeder a blue German Shepherd will cost, on average, no more than a traditional GSD. This cost is usually around $1,500 and up. Because their color is more on the rare side, you may end up paying a slightly higher premium for this color of the breed.
Blue German Shepherd are similar to Liver German Shepherds, but different to the White German Shepherds and Black German Shepherds, in the way that their coloring develops. White and Black German Shepherds receive their coloring when the recessive white or black color gene is passed down to the puppy from a parent.
From light brown to dark brown, from hazel to golden yellow, they can acquire various shades within this time. It is also quite normal for German Shepherd puppies to have blue eyes, but once they grow up, this blue color changes to another shade. It all depends on what kind of genes they are carrying.
There are some concerns with blue dogs that they will develop blue dog alopecia. However, the coat type of the GSD means that this is rare. Instead, owners should look out for the typical issues such joint dysplasia. It could also help to buy an Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

The History of the Czech German Shepherd.

The dogs were mainly bred from DDR German Shepherds (also known as East German Shepherds) with characteristics of strong nerves, masculinity, working potential, loyalty, intelligence, and dark coloration.


The popularity of DDR German Shepherds, also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik German Shepherds, has been growing for many years now.

The DDR dogs were trained to out-perform the West German Shepherd dogs by scaling straight six-foot walls, endure long patrols in harsh weather conditions and much more.


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