What is a sable bernedoodle?

Orie Ward asked a question: What is a sable bernedoodle?
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​Sable is a term to describe the Bernedoodle coat color.

A sable bernedoodle has a coat represented by black-tipped hairs on a background of any solid color, with no particular pattern/location designated for such hairs.

Sable Bernedoodles can be fully Sable or have the white of the Bernese Mountain Dog.


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🐶 What is a sable collie?

A collie who is predominantly brown is known as a sable collie. She may have white markings and black accents such as a saddle or other accents anywhere on her coat… Sable is an accent color on a tricolor collie, usually appearing on the dog's eyebrows, face and on the front of the rear legs.

🐶 What is a sable poodle?

Sable poodles are usually born black or brown and clear (a kind of lightening) with age. Sable dogs will mature to a lighter dog with black tips. When a poodle is groomed you often may see dark markings only on the longer hair such as the tips of the ears… They are a parti colored poodle with phantom markings.

🐶 What is sable dog color?

Sable: Black-tipped hairs overlaid onto a different coloured, lighter background, including grey, silver and gold. Hairless: Some dogs are born without a fur coat.

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Sable female bernedoodle puppy!

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Are sable french bulldogs rare?

Another rare French Bulldog color is sable… There are rare Frenchies with cream or tan sable coats as well.

Are sable german shepherds rare?

Sable German Shepherds are, however, often more rare than other colors of German Shepherds, which can make them more expensive as puppies. The litter size for these pups will normally be 5 and 9 puppies… For the Sable GSD, it is likely you will spend anywhere from $800 to $1500 per puppy.

Are black sable german shepherds rare?

Because the Sable German Shepherd is not a mixed breed and simply a variation of the standard GSD, these dogs carry the same characteristics and temperament. Sable German Shepherds are, however, often more rare than other colors of German Shepherds, which can make them more expensive as puppies.

Are sable german shepherds more aggressive?

They are loyal, affectionate, and loving toward family members, but may be aloof toward strangers. GSDs can also be protective, so it's important to invest time in their training and socialization from a young age. Unfortunately, some studies have found German Shepherds to be more aggressive than other dogs.

Can two sable german shepherds mate?

The most dominant color in the German Shepherd breed is the sable color… A dog cannot carry the sable gene recessively, which means that two black and tan dogs bred together will never produce a sable puppy.

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Bernedoodle puppies sable and tri color How much are sable german shepherds?

A Sable German Shepherd puppy can cost anywhere between $800 and $1500. For a standard German Shepherd, the price is a lot cheaper and is normally between $300 and $700 for a puppy.

What kind of coat does a sable pomchi have?
  • Sable colored coats are another possibility, where dark hues like black, brown and tan are present, but the coat is not spotted or patched. For instance, a black Pomchi is often truly a sable one, where the black shows most prominently, but paler shades may appear from the undercoat in certain light.

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Copper sable bernedoodle What kind of color does a sable poodle have?
  • Sable is relatively common, and produces a wide range of colors and patterns in poodles. A sable dog can be nearly solid cream, or appear agouti. Often, they will be mostly solid cream or apricot with black ears and tail, along with black hairs mixed in on the back. Sable puppies change significantly as they grow.
What kind of dog is a sable german shepherd?
  • If you breed a Sable male dog or Sable female dog, with 2 sable genes the result will be a sable German Shepherd puppy 100% of the time! Many of the pups that become available at Hayes Haus are sable in color and we often have a mix of light sable and dark sable puppies.
What does f1 bernedoodle mean?

F1 Bernedoodles are a first generation cross where the puppy is 50 percent Bernese Mountain Dog and 50 percent poodle.

F1b Bernedoodles are a backcross, puppies are 25 percent Bernese and 75 percent poodle.

F2 Bernedoodles are a second generation cross, which means an F1 Bernedoodle crossed with an F1 Bernedoodle.

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Sable standard f1b bernedoodle female! What is a golden bernedoodle?

A Golden Mountain Doodle is a tri cross between a Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle.

GMD's, like the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle, are intelligent, loving and loyal!! While many of our GMD puppies look like Bernedoodles, we love to have pups in a variety of colors!

What is a merle bernedoodle?

Merle Bernedoodles.

Merle refers to the pattern in the coat and is not a color as such.

Merle is a color combination in dogs' coats.

It is a solid base color (usually red/brown or black) with lighter blue/gray or reddish patches, which gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect.

What is a mini bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodle Breeder & Miniature Puppies for Sale.

The Mini F1 Bernedoodle is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

The Mini F1 Bernedoodle may vary in size, depending on the size of the Dam (Bernese Mountain Dog) and Sire (Toy or Miniature Poodle).

What is a miniature bernedoodle?

Miniature Bernedoodle.

Miniature Bernedoodles are one of the most popular hypoallergenic combination of the Miniature Toy Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are many advantages to crossing these dog breeds, one of which is the decreased shedding based on the presence of the poodle.

What is a phantom bernedoodle?

Phantom coloring is a dog that has one main color, and then has "tips" of another color.

Some of the dogs in pictures are technically a Phantom tricolor but to give you an idea of what a phantom bernedoodle looks like I think it is appropriate to share the pictures.

A true phantom bernedoodle is only black and brown.

What is a standard bernedoodle?

Standard Bernedoodle Breeder & Standard Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale.

The Standard Bernedoodle is a mix between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

F1B Standard Bernedoodle - These Bernedoodles are 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% Poodle.

These pups are from the reproducing of an F1 Bernedoodle and a Poodle.

What is a tiny bernedoodle?

A Tiny Bernedoodle is a F1B Mini Bernedoodle.

That means that a Tiny Bernedoodle is 25% Bernese mountain dog and 75% Mini Poodle.

Some breeders use toy poodles to create Tiny Bernedoodles.

Sometimes the Tiny Bernedoodle is referred to as the Micro Mini Bernedoodle.

What is the bernedoodle lifespan?
  • Short answer: Bernedoodle lifespan is probably around 13-15 years, depending on their breeding, genetics, health condition and care. This is actually an interesting question because no one really knows. This is because Bernedoodles are a fairly newly developed breed and we just don't yet have the statistics for average Bernedoodle lifespan.

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16 bernedoodle newborn puppies!! bernedoodle puppy litter announcement tri color & sable bernedoodle Can german shepherds be all sable coloring?

Some German Shepherds sport rare color variations, including sable, black, white, liver, and blue. Although the “all-black and sable varieties are acceptable according to most standards…, the blue and liver are considered to be serious faults.”

How big do sable german shepherds get?

They are a large breed dog and the males will weigh between 75 to 95 pounds and stand up to 26” tall. The females are always slightly smaller and will weigh anywhere between 55 to 73 pounds and stand no taller than 24”.

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