What is trancing in dogs?

Yasmin Smith asked a question: What is trancing in dogs?
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🐶 What does trancing mean in dogs?

Dog trancing is the phenomenon when a dog walks slowly beneath something that lightly touches his back — usually leaves or draperies — and it puts him in a "trance-like" state.

🐶 What causes dog trancing?

Trancing: The Weird Dog Habit You Have to See to Believe.

Trancing, also known as ghost walking, is an odd behavior some dogs seem to seek out and enjoy.

In a trance, dogs will slip into super-slow motion as they let a plant, table cloth, or curtain gently tickle their back.

They may or may not easily snap out of it.

🐶 What is bull terrier trancing?

Trancing, also known as ghost walking, is an odd behavior some dogs seem to seek out and enjoy.

Bull terriers and greyhounds are the breeds most known for this funny habit, although any dog can experience a trance.

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Trancing is when a dog will gingerly and very slowly walk under overhanging foliage, tablecloths, curtains, etc. such that whatever they are walking under just barely touches them. If you have never seen it before and your dog starts doing it at home, it can be a bit unnerving to watch.

You may have witnessed it before: If your dog has ever seemed transfixed by an object, be it overhanging foliage, a tablecloth, or curtains, and walked toward it in very slow motion, then you have seen your dog exhibiting a curious behavior called trancing.

Trancing in Dogs Also known as ghost walking or weed walking, trancing occurs when dogs move slowly in a trance-like fashion as they walk under low-hanging leaves, a bush, a Christmas tree, a long table cloth or under clothes hanging. What seems to trigger this odd behavior is the slight touch of something gently making contact with their skin.

BeWell > Wellness > What Is Trancing? It’s called trancing, ghost-walking, weed-walking or slo-mo dogging, and it’s yet to be explained. But for some reason, some dogs creep as in slow motion, in an almost trance-like manner, when they walk beneath hanging leaves, table clothes or clothes that just lightly touch the dog’s back.

In fact, experts say that Trance-like Syndrome (TLS)—also referred to as “ghost-walking,” “weed-walking” or simply “trancing”—is usually a benign canine quirk. Though most common in Bull Terriers and sighthounds (such as Greyhounds and Salukis), TLS has been observed in multiple breeds and mixes.

Also called “ghost-walking” or “weed-walking,” trancing (is that even a word?) refers to a behavior in which some dogs walk — no, creep — excruciatingly slowly, in an almost trance-like manner,...

Some experts consider trancing to be a form of canine compulsive disorder, as many dogs who exhibit TLS are prone to other neurotic behaviors. There’s no conclusive evidence, however, that trancing is connected to a neurological issue.

What is Trancing? Trancing is when a dog walks cautiously and very slowly under foliage, tablecloths, curtains, etc. so that whatever he is walking is barely touching them. If you've never seen it before and your dog is starting to make it at home, it can be a bit disconcerting to watch.

Dog trancing is the phenomenon when a dog walks slowly beneath something that lightly touches his back — usually leaves or draperies — and it puts him in a "trance-like" state.

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